Testimonies about Miracle Babies

Miraculously Healed from Pregnancy Complications!

Photo of Jo-Anne

Jo-Anne - Coffs Harbour, Australia

The ultrasound showed that I had a serious condition called Placenta Praevia. In layman’s terms that means the placenta was sitting in the wrong position, at the bottom of my womb. In the early stages of pregnancy this is relatively harmless, but as the baby grows heavier it becomes more serious and the mother must have complete rest if a life-threatening haemorrhage is to be avoided. It can be very dangerous for both the mother and child...

Miraculous Pre-Mature Birth of our Daughter.

Photo of Stefanie

Stefanie - Brisbane, Australia

From the scans one could see that there was hardly any fluid around the baby and the doctor repeatedly told me that the baby only had a slim chance of survival. There were two other serious risks for the baby: if she were born prematurely her kidneys and her lungs would not be fully mature... 

Pregnant - Healthy Baby Against All Odds

Photo of Stevie

Stevie - Rome, Italy

My name is Stevie and I’m married to Marjolaine. We were married in 2011 and were both keen on starting a family fairly quickly. However, having children doesn’t always happen when you want it to, and there were also certain problems from the past for both of us...

Dead Baby brought back to Life

Photo of Annette

Annette - Tillicoultry, Scotland

I looked up and saw the little baby hanging lifeless in the arms of a nurse, who rushed him out of the room to get to the neonatal reanimation table (as it is called). When she passed by me to leave the room I managed to touch the baby and prayed to God that He would give the life back into his body...