Knees Healed Completely!

Mary - Alston, England

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During 1987/1988, while I was still living in Austria, I was diagnosed with an incurable cartilage softening process in both my knees. I had pain in my knees all the time, but certain movements became very painful and even impossible. Some specialists in Vienna suggested a major operation involving cutting the thighbone and changing the angle of the bone connecting to the knee. They said that unless I would undergo this operation, I would be in a wheelchair by the age of 30 (I was 23 at the time). The operation they suggested would not cure the problem, but should slow the softening process down and could possibly bring it to a stop.

I received prayer from some spirit-filled friends; they laid hands on me in Feb. 89 and prayed that God would completely restore my knees. I felt how God’s healing power flowed through my legs like a warm stream. I wasn’t healed instantly, but I knew that God was in the process of healing me as His Word promises. A few months later I had the opportunity to go up to a mountain chalet in the Tyrolean Alps. I have not been able to walk in the mountains for many years and I was asking the Lord if I should go. The Lord seemed to say, “Try it out”. I went along and could walk downhill (which had been the biggest problem) down a very steep mountain WITHOUT ANY PAIN.

I kept trying different things, which I hadn’t been able to do for a long time; like skiing, playing badminton, running etc. and I was able to do everything! PRAISE THE LORD – GOD HAD HEALED ME and I did not end up in a wheelchair by the age of 30!!


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Hello Guys. I'm a Soccer player from Nigeria . Well i've always heard people talk about testimonies ,most times i doubt because they sound almost Unbelievable . But Guys as i write this i feel like something new has happened to me and i feel like sharing . I've had this chronic knee pains for years now and i had to stop playing soccer for awhile because it was becoming too bad and unbearable .I heard surgery was the only way out but i believed this time with faith that God can heal me .I was in Church Yesterday when prayers were on, and the pastor asked a few persons who needed healing and strength to come and then i did go out .Immediately after the prayers i felt different , the pains were half way gone ,i felt better wen back home ,it was gradually leaving.I feel better as i write now and I'm praying with faith that this healing will be permanent with more testimonies . Amen

I am a Christian and go to church every Sunday. I have had several friends and Christian ‘s
praying for my Right knee that was replaced in Nov 2011 a month before I was 52 years old.
I do believe that Jesus will heal my knee, which gets more painful as the day goes on.
It is also very very stiff and heavy. I have a good range of movement and a good knee bend.
I can’t walk v far at all due to my knee replacement It often gives way even though I go to the gym to try and strengthen it.
Please please can you pray that my Right operated knee will be healed by Jesus?
Thanks. Jane C.


I am a testimony to other peoples prayers being powerful. June 2013 I suffered a severe stroke, entire left side of my body was dead, no feeling. I couldn't move my left arm, hand, fingers, leg, foot, nor toes. My speech was with a lisp and I kept biting the left side of my tongue do to no feeling there. I am a Christian but my ability to think was effected. Alpl I would pray was God please be with me, help me, forgive me. In Jesus Christ Holy name. I was life flighted to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville Tennessee that very hour of my 911 call. Normal procedure is to go by ambulance to nearest hospital and evaluated most likely treated there. The 3rd night I was in the hospital I felt like electrical surges in my left side especially my leg. Next morning I was healed. The best thing is the head doctor of a team of 5 for my stroke team at Vanderbilt did not try to take Gods glory for himself or the staff. He pronounced in. Front of entire staff that I was healed by God and not by anything they had done. That it would have taken at least 4 months of intensive physical therapy to even begin to be at the level my abilities after the stroke was at with walking etc. The night I was being healed my loved ones were praying plus my daughter had went online and asked our Christian friends and family to pray for me. I am so, so very thankful for those prayers that God answered. Also my hometown doctor said looking at my MRI's, x-rays, Cat scans and all tests from Vanderbilt hospital that all he could say was " God had given me a MIRACULOUS BLESSING." I thank all the people who prayed.

Please pray to God to give me guidance and healing to heal my problems thank you

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