Healed from Asthma

Martin - Abernethy, Scotland

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Hi everybody!

I’m Martin and I come from Abernethy, Scotland.

Since I was five years old I had problems with allergies to flowers and trees and I would have asthma attacks in spring and summer. I had a lot of problems breathing normally so my parents took me to a doctor and he told me that I should get therapy to treat these allergies. Every 2 weeks I had to go to the doctors for an injection. Things improved a little, but it was still very often difficult to breathe.

I received prayer for the asthma, which helped me more than all the previous treatments. At roughly the same time our assembly learned about the food laws in the Bible and the dangerous E-additives in our food. We discovered that some of the E-stuff could be especially dangerous for people like me.

I decided to remove all food that included bad E-additives. Some weeks later I discovered that I had virtually no problems breathing. The next time the doctor asked me if I still had problems with asthma (many people have problems in the summer because of the high pollen level in the air), he was very surprised to hear about my improved condition and that I had no breathing problems.

Through prayer and eating correctly I was completely healed. I do not take medication any more and I no longer have any of those terrible asthma attacks. Praise the Lord, that we now eat healthy food, and that the Lord healed me, and that God has already taught us in His word which food is good or bad for our bodies.



I see a testimony on your web of healing after getting off E additives. What are E additives as I pray to get off them also for health. blessing in the Lord's name ... Marie in USA reading your cai web site testimonies/healing

Thank God for His Healing power can you please email me your change of diet

thank God for His mercy. please can you tell me more about food laws in the Bible and the dangerous E-additives in our food.please sent it to the above email address. thanks

I say the same thing as this person: I thank God for His mercy. Please can you tell me more about food laws in the Bible and the dangerous E-additives in our food. Please sent it to the above email address. & if Martin CD please tell me of his diet now what he eats for breakfast lunch dinner & what he took out of his diet. Myself, my daughter, My grandson (horrible asthma from 5 yrs old till now) 21 years old, granddaughter 12, and now my little great grandson 2 years old (the son of the 21-year old) has suffered with ear infections, sinus infections, asthma (both using the nebulizer) and allergies especially now POLLEN SEASON. We all suffer with this horrible thing, as MARTIN did. This is A WONDERFUL ANSWER TO PRAYER) THAT GOD MOST ASSUREDLY HAS TAKEN ME TO THE ANSWER SEEMING BY COINCIDENCE BUT HE IS AN "ALL GOOD GOD WHO LOVES SO." PLEASE SEND ME EVERYTHING YOU HAVE FROM MARTIN, ETC. THANK U & GOD BLESS U. I LOOK FORWARD TO EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. THIS WILL MAKE IT EASIER FOR ME TO USE IF I CD TAKE MARTIN'S DIET & KNOWLEDGE & (RESULTS OF HIS EXPERIENCE) WISDOM, WE CAN ENJOY LIFE & THE BABY & MY 12 YEAR OLD GRANDDAUGHTER AS WELL WE CAN ENJOY LIFE. THANK GOD & U MARTIN. (I AM 68 YEARS OLD) & WE LIVE IN AMERICA (GEORGIA). GOD BLESS U

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