Hips Healed through God’s Power

Wolfy - Sydney, Australia

Photo of Wolfy

Hi, I'm Wolfy. I live with my family in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. We moved to Australia to spread the Word of God and to follow Christ's command to “go into all the world and preach the gospel” MARK 16:15.

Some years ago, when we were still living in Germany, we attended the Annual General Meeting of our church. One night during this meeting, which lasted nearly two weeks, we had a prayer night, where people could receive prayer for all infirmities and illnesses. During the course of the evening, the Lord manifested His power and many people were healed from different sicknesses.

I had the opportunity to pray for a girl who had problems with her hips. They were turned to the outside and she could not straighten her legs fully. I laid hands on her, as described in the Bible, and prayed that the Lord would put her hips into the right position and heal her completely.

From the moment we both said “Amen”, my hands, which were placed on her hips, moved with them into the correct position! We were both astonished that this happened. She started walking and all the difficulties she had before were gone. She was completely healed! The girl was very happy about this healing. Praise the Lord.

Later, some people told me that there is no medical cure for such a hip problem and that I indeed had experienced an amazing miracle!

"With God all things are possible" MARK 10:27.


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