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Gerhard - St. Petersburg, Russia

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Hello everyone,

My name is Gerhard, and I live in St. Petersburg, in North-Western Russia. St. Petersburg is well known for its beautiful architecture and historical sites, but also for its very tough, damp climate. People who live here are ill quite frequently, and flu epidemics are common; of course, this is also due to the mass of people living so close together in one place. A ride on any kind of public transport during times of flu epidemics gives you a very good chance of getting sick!

Besides flu there are quite a number of other nasty illnesses you can catch here very easily, and one of them is sinusitis (inflammation of the sinus). I am not quite sure what doctors do about it in the West, but here they don't mess around for too long; if they see you have it, they take a long needle and ram it up your nose to release the pus which has been building up in your sinuses. Of course, they also prescribe you antibiotics to kill off the attacking germs.

They went inside a room, and two minutes later you could hear them screaming with pain.

Once I took my wife, who was suffering with symptoms of sinusitis, to a clinic for treatment and we ended up in a big queue of people who were all treated in the same way. They went inside a room, and two minutes later you could hear them screaming with pain. Three minutes later they were released, with handfuls of antibiotics to take over the next couple of days.

My wife had experienced this procedure in the past; she suffered sinusitis a couple of times, and once, when the pus was not released in time, she even suffered meningitis - a life-threatening illness! Praise the Lord, my wife was healed from all her illnesses when she became a born-again Christian and the doctors still can't believe that she is completely healthy.

One day I caught the bug, and started to feel enormous pressure around my nose and in my forehead. Blowing my nose would not release any mucus or puss, so we knew it was sinusitis! I definitely did not want to suffer this procedure with the needle, so I prayed, but the pressure did not decrease!

Of course, the longer you wait the more mucus builds up, and you run the risk of developing meningitis. So ‘my back was against the wall', and I can tell you, I was praying fervently! During this time of prayer I remembered a book I had read, which we have in our church library. The book is in two parts, “How To Heal The Sick” and “Handbook For Healing”, and is by Charles and Frances Hunter, a couple who have been mightily used by the Lord in healing ministries for many years. One of the main messages in their books is that you need to pray specifically according to the sickness you are suffering from. “Handbook For Healing” contains a list of all the main sicknesses, and how to pray specifically to get rid of them. So I took that book, found “sinusitis” in the list, and asked a Christian friend in our Assembly to pray as it was explained there, namely:

Rebuke the infection of the sinuses.
Lay hands on your face and order the sinuses to open, and the pus to flow out. Order the sinuses to heal.
Pray for the arms to become the same length (this corrects any twists in the spine) and order the swelling of the sinuses to disappear.
Avoid nicotine (no problem after I became a Christian) and caffeine.
Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will help.
A few hours after this prayer and drinking lots of water, the pus started to stream down my nose and the pressure was released! Praise the Lord - He did it without any needles!

Since having become a Christian several years ago I have experienced many testimonies and miracles of people being healed from very serious illnesses, drug addictions, etc. You can read many of them on this website! They will give you faith and lead you to the Healer and Physician, Jesus, Who can “…heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.MATTHEW 4:23

Getting healed by God is great, but what you really have to worry about is getting your soul healed, freed from sin, and prepared for eternity! Start reading the Bible NOW and you will find the answers there; it is a handbook for salvation and healing!

MARK 16:15-20 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.”

Love in the Lord, Gerhard


Please pray for my chronic sinus infection. Been Going on for years. Now my left eye is going blurry. I have neck/shoulder pain on same side. Also sciatica on same side. I think could be all connected. I avoid doctors and only trust The Great physician. I am 46 years young and Mother to 2 beautiful children that need their Mother as they have no family that cares for them (apart from their Father who works away a lot) God bless you brother

Dear sister!
Thanks for leaving this prayer request on our website! Great that you trust God, our Great Physician for your healing. I am convinced the healing is on the way and yes, I and my family will support you with prayer for your full recovery! God bless you and your family!

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I have been battling with sinusitis for several months now and it caused fluid to build up in my ears so strongly that I can't hear anymore. I pray every day for healing. Will you guys help praying for my healing please? I would like to enjoy my life again. I am 25 years old and a teacher at a Christian school. Many thanks.

Dear friend!
Thanks for your lines to my healing testimony! The fact that you wrote them proves you have faith in God's healing power. Of course I will pray for your healing, and I would recommend you instead of praying for it every day, rather thank God for your healing, which is on its way, already now, although you physically cannot feel it yet!
God bless you!

Dear friend,
I think I have sinusitis. It's embarrassing and very disturbing. I have prayed about it, but it seems God and forgotten about me... I am cast down. Please pray for me. I still believe God can and will heal me.

Dear friend!
I am sure God has not forgotten you, but the healing is on the way! Keep expecting and praising God for your healing, even if you cannot see it yet! I will pray for you!
God bless you!

Hi. Please heal me of my sinuses and excessive white mucus production day and night. I have been having this problem for over three months now.Please please heal me.

Good Evening. My twin sister have a bad sinus infection. She had 4 surgeries. I would like prayer for her.God bless. Thanks.


Thank you for sharing your testimony.
I will shortly after this post start praying like you learned to pray for sinus infection. Could you please stand with me against this illness and help me out in prayer? I have a newborn baby and o do not want to take antibiotics that will be passed to her during breastfeeding. She is too young and her flora is not yet fully developed, so I do not want to risk harming my baby by taking antibiotics. Thank you and God bless you.

Thank you for your lines! Of course will I pray for you and most of all will I pray that my testimony will give you faith for the healing you need.
God bless you and your baby girl!
PS: if you would tell me your name, it would be easier to pray, and more personal!)


Thank you very much for praying.
I did not get healed overnight, but God gave me grace and each day I got better. In about five days I wasn’t dealing with sinus infection anymore. It had been the case in the past where I would have sinus infection for two weeks and it would not improve unless I took antibiotics. I am well now and I did not have to take antibiotics. My baby is also doing great. God bless you for taking the time to pray!

sir, please pray for me I treat many years by every doctors in everywhere bt my sinus is I HV been sicks 8 years ago.. now I used drugs n trying to kill suicide many times in I always avoiding people's and good things I fell like I'm burning in hill II don't love myself due to this pain so please please pray for me Amen think you

Dear friend!
Although I do not know who you are and where you are, I pray for you and for your difficult situation. Even if you do not love yourself, there is Someone out there who loves you so much though, that He even gave His life for you voluntarily. I talk about Jesus Christ, Who died to save you and me from our sins. All we need to do, is to repent about our sins, get baptized and receive the Holy Spirit and because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross you will saved from your sins and sicknesses and you will start a new clean life in Christ! Please check out this leaflet: http://www.cai.org/bible-studies/jesus-christ-our-peace-god
Praying for you! God bless you! Gerhard

Please pray for me too.. I believe in prayer, I am also suffering from nasal congestion and had a septoplasty surgery 22 days ago. But still I feel am congested but I believe that every bondages and diseases will be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Please remember me in your personal prayers.

Dear friend!
Yes the power of a prayer in faith can move mountains, calm storms, heal the sick, as long as they seek the Healer and not the healing!
I have been praying for you!
God bless,

I have been suffering from very bad sinusitis. I have had it for years. I know that it is going to go away but only through prayer and the touch of the Lord. Please pray for me.

This is Prasad from India. I too suffering from the sinuses severely.
Please pray for me.

Dear Prasad!
I just prayed for you in Jesus' name that this testimony creates the faith in you for your healing! My advice to you is to ask a spirit filled brother in your area to lay hands on you and specifically command the sinusitis and its symptoms to vanish, just like my friend prayed for me when I got healed from it. If you are not a spirit filled Christian yet, you should repent, get baptized and receive the gift of this Holy Spirit (see Acts 2:38!) The blood of Christ will free you from all sins and sicknesses!!
God bless!!

I have been sick for 18 days now which was diagnosed as acute sinus infection and fluid behind my eardrums.I've been to the clinic twice and I have had two shots of Rocephen, one shot of steroids, one six days pack of steroid tablets. Now, today I finished a ten day antibiotics treatment. I am still suffering with symptoms....it gets a bit better then worse again. I have had three spinal injections in my neck since July 25th (treating old herniated disc/fifth and sixth vertebrae). I have been fighting chronic bladder and pelvic floor pain for about eight years or so. I am am spirit filled and speak and rebuke the illnesses continuously. I rebuke the symptoms around the clock. I know that I am already healed and I believe despite what I see or feel. Please agree with me in Jesus' name for the sinuses and ears to open and be healed. I praise You, Lord for healing me now in Jesus' mighty name. Thank you to those who pray in agreement with me to the Lord.

I and my husband are suffering from sinusitis,my daughter gets flu attacks sometimes, mine is a very bad sinus and eyesight has become very weak. I need prayer for me and my family. Let the merciful Lord bring miraculous healing and cure to our illness. Amen

Dear friend! Thanks for reading our website and my testimony! My prayer is that it creates faith in you for your healing and the healing of your husband and daughter. I would advice you to ask a spirit filled brother in your area to lay hands on you and specifically command all your illnesses to vanish, just like my friend prayed for me when I got healed from sinusitis. Even better would be, in case you are not a spirit filled Christian yet, to repent, get baptized and receive the gift of this Holy Spirit, according to Acts 2:38! Regularly, when people receive the gift of the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues, they are not only totally cleaned up spiritually, but also physically, i.e. they experience total healing!
God bless!!

I been having this feces smell coming from my nose when I exhale. Could this be a sinus problem? Please help me

Amen! I am praying for my healing, sinus attack, acid reflux, diabetes & hormonal imbalance. I believe in God

Dear friend,
I have just prayed for you and your different health problems. I want to encourage you to keep seeking the Lord deeply. God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him (Heb 11:6)! May I ask you, have you been saved according to the Word of God (see our FAQ section)?
God bless you, Gerhard

Hi brother,

I am new to healing in the name of Jesus. A friend of mine at work has what I believe is sinusitus. Anyway, I've had some really crazy healing situations the last week. One in particular where a man was walking with a cane and a limp and I stopped my car. Three short prayers and the man was healed. Anyway, I'm excited to heal in Jesus name to increase the faith of believers and to bring unbelievers to the truth in Jesus Christ. I'm working on a website to post testimonies and to point people to that I pray for in the street. Are you praying for strangers for them to get healed in Jesus name? You can.
Blessings to you brother,


Dear Michael,
Thanks for your uplifting and at the same time challenging words! Yes, I occasionally do pray for strangers for them to get healed, but to be honest, sometimes chances are missed out because of distractions from all around or even lack of faith. It’s a matter of building up one’s faith with the Word and with reading testimonies like yours, praying for this limping main. Thanks for sharing it, by the way, what’s the name of your website? Did you pray already for your friend at work who is suffering with sinusitis? I had a work colleague who suffered from malignant brain cancer. The doctors gave up on him after an unsuccessful operation he underwent abroad. As it was not possible to physically lay hands on him and pray for him, our Assembly house group and I prayed over and anointed a handkerchief and sent it to him. Within a couple of days the tumour with the size of a tennis ball disappeared and no traces could be found. Doctors had no explanations! Praise the Lord!
So, let’s keep up the good work of praying for people and spreading the Word, Michael!
Lots of blessings, in Him

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