Healed of Pollen Allergy and Warts!

Hannah - Vienna, Austria

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Hi everyone all over the world,

My name is Hannah and I just want to tell you about two miracles which I experienced while I was reading the book "There is a Miracle in Your Mouth".

I had a severe pollen allergy which effected my eyes so much during spring, that they were always swollen and I could hardly see. When the sun came out and the pollen flew around, I couldn't go outside. I loved to help my granny in the garden and cut the lawn, but at this time of year it was not possible for me. Through reading the book, I learned that I have to confess that I am healed, so I did. One evening I really thought to myself how much I want to get rid of this allergy. I went to bed and confessed, that I am healed. The next day I woke up and my eyes were totally clear and the allergy was gone.

From that day on, I never had any problems with my eyes and I am able to cut the lawn. I really want to praise the Lord for this miracle.

Shortly after this answer to prayer I got the thought that since God has healed my eyes, He can also remove my warts. I had a lot of them on my legs and on my feet as well. So I confessed that God will take my warts away and within a few days they were all gone. He cares for me and loves me.

Praise the Lord,

Love in Christ, Hannah


Can you please pray for me ? I have nose rhinitis
And pray for my lungs too ,all for complete healing and no allergy in my body please please
Is it possible you email me so we can pray together please?

Hi, Hannah. This testimony of yours serves as an inspiration to me. Truly that God is our Great Healer and there's a power in our words if we confess it by faith.

Please pray for my left arm for it has allergy as well and it got worse this past few days because of the wrong practice of giving relief. But I already got an assistance from our company's med rep to apply first aid that suites to this.

Thank you so much and God bless you even more!

Please pray for me. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. In December 2017, I lost significant vision in my left eye, and was diagnosed with CRVO. I was told that I have a blockage in my central retinal vein. The stress and trauma from this caused me to have tinnitus, which resulted in a non-stop ringing in my head. The ringing makes it difficult for me to sleep at night. The blindness, the noise in my head, the sleepless nights, and the struggles that I have had finding a job is more than I can handle in my own strength. I need healing in so many areas of my life: emotional, mental, visual, and financial. Please lift me in prayer because I feel like I'm falling apart. Thanks so much!!

I am suffering from hive allergic reaction. Please do pray for me.

Can someone please pray for me? I was let go of my job in October 2015, and my unemployment insurance is coming to an end. I still cannot find a job. To make matters worse, I have been hit with all sorts of ailments due to stress, from anxiety, back pain, insomnia, even allergies, which I never even suffered from! You name it. Someone please pray for me so that all this bad stuff will leave now, and that I would find a good job to take care of my wife and two babies. God bless.

Thank you for your comment! I will keep you job, health and family in my prayers. I encourage you seek the Lord in prayer and in His Word. He is powerful to turn your situation around.
God bless, Hannah

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