God Is My Orthopaedic and Neurologist Specialist Physician! Healed of Genitofemoral Neuralgia

Jason - Melbourne, Australia

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Today, 15th August 2015, I was healed. Praise the Lord! “He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” (PSALM 107:20). Let me tell you what Jesus has done for me. Having quite a sedentary job, we, that is, my family and myself, were looking forward to our first ski holiday in many years. Since March 2015, we had prayed for snow at Mount Baw Baw, Australia. And the Lord supplied! On the first day of our arrival, temperatures were below zero and we had a small snow storm. Soon afterwards we had beautiful powder snow and which allowed for excellent skiing. I coached my family, frequently carried and attached the ski equipment and often had to bend down, flexing my lumbar region and stretching my upper torso. After two days it started raining, but I eagerly continued skiing. My clothing was soaked. When building a big snowman and having snowball fights in the slush, I also needed to bend over to collect snow, wearing my heavy ski boots.

Then something happened to my lower back. At first I thought I had some muscle ache, which I usually tolerate very well. However, the pain quickly became unbearable in both thighs. It felt as if my thigh had exploded! Then, my knee became numb. I also thought I had torn something in my groin, and there was this additional sharp stabbing pain on the inside of my knee. The pain seemed to “scream” in my mind, and I cried in my heart to the Lord for help. These were the symptoms of an injury to the genitofemoral nerve.

In the meanwhile, the weather had become sunny with powder snow again, but I could not ski anymore. In my struggle and cries to Jesus for my genito-femoral nerves and some other injured components of the lumbar plexus, I received an answer in my mind; namely “squatting” in the sense of “stooping down” (JOHN 8:6). Squatting or stooping down appeared to be the only means to achieve some pain relief. No other position, warmth, cold, massage, movement or hanging from a horizontal bar could do the trick, but made it worse instead. When I was lying on my side in the bed pressing my legs together because of the sharp pain, I focused on the Scriptures of how Ezekiel had to lie on his left side for 390 days and on his right side for 40 days because of the nations’ sins (EZEKIEL 4:4-6). I also remembered suffering Job in the Bible.

Having arrived home from our ski holidays, I first asked the Lord for not having to be “ashamed” at work and in public because of thisridiculous condition but rather have the strength to bear the pain. God revealed to me the Scripture in ISAIAH 54:4, “Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed: neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame.” At night, I could not find a proper position to rest, so I wrote a message to our helpful Prayer Team who have shown so many great results in their prayer requests to our precious Lord. Gratefully, I received assurance that they would be going to pray for me. The next day, I fasted and prayed myself. Although my faith for healing was very low, I had the assurance that I would not be “put to shame”. I tried to establish positional, behavioural and movement strategies to cope with everything and was somehow able to get on with my life. However, the pain became more and more severe. After the following two days of having meals, I decided to fast and pray again in order to gain the Lord’s faith for healing (MARK 11:22). I was aware that something substantial may have occurred to my spine possibly involving a disc around L1-L3. I bought a lot of painkillers, but did not use them. I continued prayer and fasting instead seeking God for an answer.

At night, I had a phone call with one brother in the Lord, who lived overseas and may have a gift of healing (1 CORNTHIANS 12:9). He prayed for me over the phone. By then, I had become acquainted with PSALM 25, in particular verse 18, “Look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins.” I examined myself for sins and hidden sins (PSALM 139:23-24), and thought of hell, pondering that if my pain was so severe and unbearable, how much more pain would sinners have to suffer in hell (REVELATIONS 20:10,15)? I had also examined some adverbs and clues regarding timing in the Bible, that is, the Scriptures of God as to the Words “speedily” (LUKE 18:8; ISAIAH 58:8; PSALM 143:7; PSALM 31:2), “now” (HEBREWS 11:1), “make haste” (PSALM 70) and “shortly” (ROMANS 16:20). However, interestingly, God gave me another Scripture during my fast, that is “tomorrow” (2 CHRONICLES 20:17). Having received a little revelation of the following Scripture, “Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you, I told my brother in the Lord that I will be healed “tomorrow”.

The next day, that is, on 15/08/2015, God showed me the Word “hanging” (EXODUS 26:36) as answer to my prayer when I had asked “what way I should go” (PSALM 143:8). I went to a playground with my kids on this sunny day. On the way, the pain even seemed worse than ever. While the kids were playing, I hung using an overhand grip on a horizontal bar and gently swung. Something happened. I could walk with no pain! My mind still bore the memories of all the different unpleasant sensations, but I realised that my “tormented” nerves were on the mend. Praise the Lord! I am healed, and my recovery is “consolidating”. Altogether, I had fasted for three days (ESTHER 4:16) with prayer to find Jesus for this problem (MATTHEW 17:21). Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

Healed from A Knee Menisc or Cartilage Problem

Let me tell you of more healings I had experienced in a similar context. One could take miracles and healing for granted. As an adolescent, I played much football (soccer). I also jogged 7 km almost every day since the age of 10. At the age of 14, I developed sharp pain in my knee that did not allow for me to fully extend it. I could run but had to limp while walking. This knee pain lasted for 10 years. I couldn’t do much with respect to this problem, and simply carried on bearing with this pain. In the meanwhile, I got saved by the Lord through the Scriptures in ACTS 2:38 and ACTS 10:44-48. Four years after my salvation, in 1994, we played football in Cornwall. It was then that I could not bear this pain anymore. I asked a brother to pray for me in the name of Jesus Christ which he did. Immediately, a sensation went from my knee into my thigh, and the pain in my knee was gone.

Later in the prayer meeting, the Lord showed me that He had healed me 95%, but that 5% was still to come. I wondered what this might be. Three months later, I was sitting in an armchair at a brother’s place in Heidelberg. When I wanted to get up, a terrible pain flashed into my knee, and it swelled up massively. I could neither bend nor extend my knee and was taken to hospital where they took X-rays. I asked the Lord why this had happened, and that I thought I had been healed. The Lord reminded me of the 95%, and that the 5% was still to come. Over the next three days, without intervention or medication, the swelling in my knee decreased and the pain stopped for ever. Praise the Lord! His merciful kindness is great toward us (PSALM 117:2).

Healed from Tormented Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic nerve pain and injury is different to genitofemoral neuralgia. My frequent jogging may have caused a severe sciatic pain in my late teenager years so that I stopped jogging at the age of 18. The sciatic pain was so severe at times that I could not turn in my bed because of pain over many months (and years). Walking was very painful. I was even in a hospital for weeks and received intramuscular diclofenac injections twice daily which I appreciated because they gave me temporary relief. After I had got saved by baptism under water (ACTS 8:38) and receiving the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues (ACTS 2:4), I sought the Lord in His Scriptures for my sciatic nerve problem (ISAIAH 55:6). God showed me that my answer was hidden in MARK 16:15-18. I prayed much in tongues. Then, He revealed to me the Scripture, “they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (MARK 16:18), and that I simply had to place my hands on my sore body part. I kept placing my hand on this location whenever possible. When I was lying, I trapped my hand between my hip and the mattress. After two days, in 1992, I was for ever healed from that problem.

Shoulder pain

In 2008, I sustained severe shoulder pain with numbness in my arm and hand. I could not even stretch my arm during swimming. I went with the guys from our assembly to Greece for holidays. We had great fun tubing, being towed by a speedboat. On one ride, I was chucked into the water. The pain in my shoulder was agonising. I asked my brethren to pray for me for healing, and our Pastor prayed in the name of Jesus Christ with laying on of hands (MARK 1:41). I experienced instant relief. Later, I received a massage from a trained medical person (COLOSSIANS 4:14) with particular pressure on a muscle under my shoulder blade. That took the rest of the pain. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, our God! God is my Physician (EXODUS 15:26), and He can also use people to deliver healing!


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Hi, I had an accident some time ago. I had a fracture which has healed partially. Please help praying with me for complete healing. Thank you God bless you

Thanks, I have prayed for you. Please have a look at this series where you can get faith and answers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAAJdz8dOnU Kind regards in Jesus Christ

Hi, please pray for me. There is this sensation on my left breast and pain in both shoulders. Thanks and God bless you.

My dear and brilliant friend, Eamonn, has been diagnosed with the horrendous disease, Motor Neuron. He has some doubt the diagnosis is correct (as do I). I am doing a lot of research on the disease and other possible conditions he might have instead. He is only 42 and has recently obtained a wonderful job. I watched one of my very best friends die of this devastating illness a few years ago - a vibrant, wonderful and beautiful woman vastly deteriorated before my eyes. Not another dear friend, Lord. Please pray for Eamonn constantly. He is using sticks and his mobility is badly affected right now. With great appreciation.
Yvonne (friend)

Please Pray for me, My brain has a spot that's affecting my Neurons and now my hands and legs are super weak, they say if I do brain surgery the strength that I had wouldn't come back! -Thank you!!!

I need serious prayers for healing.I have three young children to care for and I am afraid.I have been diagnosed with PKD.Polysystic kidney disease and it says there is no cure for it.I also have some cysts in my liver.I know and believe that God cures and heals even the most chronic illnesses.I find it hard to pray on my own,Please pray for healing for me.Thank you.

Hi there! Healing is a finished work, just as you receive salvation by faith, you can accept healing as well.
1peter 2:24, by his stripes we WERE healed. Start declaring healing! No need to beg God. I suggest reading healing verses to make it come alive in your heart.

Dear, Friend I have one question on reading healing verses.Can they help us heal? Also please pray for my health I really need God's Amazing healing!Thank You!

I have had injuries to both knees and both shoulders and one hip is bothering me badly. Please pray for my healing. I have passed on any surgery options. Jesus healed all that were sick, maimed, etc... I am not sure why these things happened to me and really hard not to condemn myself while thinking about it. This has been very hard. Please pray. Thank you. Oh and I really like sports and lifting weights so would like to do that again. And basically every other sports :). Thanks so much

Thanks so much for your comment. In the multitude of my problems I realised that God had always a new unique way of healing me, either by clear supernatural interference or by my newly gained wisdom. Certain things can be tackled by food ingredients or supplements, other may relate to your skeletal structure or posture. Doctors or chiropractors can help with their wisdom and give you relief. God can renew cartilage but there may also be foods that can support this. Check out the Bible Scriptures on terms such as bones, cartilage, joints, limbs, shoulders etc. (I personally use the KJV.) I pray for your leading that you find the answer tailored for your needs. Stay strong, and kind regards in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for my knees, shoulders, and hips. They replaced one hip almost two years ago. I still walk with a cane and have a limp. They say I need two new knees and another hip. I don't get to or sick leave. It really put me behind financially. I have been faithful with my tithe and try to pray for others. Just need more faith. Thanks

May you Pray for the pain in my lower left stomach is DISTRACTING me prayf or that it is not caused from any diseases illness and cancer and the itch in "Private areas" and the discomfort in stomach for my sis.I prayed for you!

I prayed for you and may Jesus heal you and give you Hiis peace.(John 16:31)

Dear friend,

I have prayed for you and hope for the best for you. Please keep your eyes on the Lord and His Word, the Bible, as in it are the answers for all our problems. With Christ's love, Jason

Ok Thank You Jason for your support!

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