God Healed my Tooth Miraculously

Mandy, BEd - Coffs Harbour, Australia

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My name is Mandy and I live in Coffs Harbour, Australia with my husband and three sons. I would like to tell you about a great miracle that happened in my life, when the Lord healed my decayed tooth.

It happened while my husband and I were on holiday together, where one of my fillings fell out and I was in terrible pain. The hole was so big that I could put the tip of my tongue into it. I didn’t want to go to the dentist, as I had already experienced so many healing miracles in my life and wanted to give God the glory for this healing. I knew that God is our healer and you just have to ask Him in Jesus’ name for the healing, or command the healing in Jesus’ name. In accordance with this my husband then laid his hands on me and asked for the tooth to be filled up with new and healthy tooth material.  We both said Amen, but didn’t feel any special power like sometimes before.

The very next day I tried putting my tongue into the hole, but couldn’t put it in anymore. When checking in the mirror I realized that God had indeed filled up the tooth with natural tooth material and the pain was gone. Praise the Lord for this. It was such a relief and great testimony that God is the same “Yesterday, today and forever” and that His healing power is still present today if we ask for it.


My teeth either side of my front teeth were crowned, unnecessarily. It has ruined my smile, and caused gum inflamation, and I regret taking that dentists advise. I have lost my confidence to smile. Please pray for me, that our Lord God blesses me with a dental miracle and restores my natural teeth.
Thank you

Please pray for a miracle for me. I suffer for bulimia and my teeh are sensitive and don't look good. I really neglect God and I would love to start a new relationship with him again. Can you please pray for healing, both emotionally and fiscally, especially for my teeh. Amen!

Thank you for your prayer request. We commanded your body to be completely healed from bulimia in Jesus‘ name! Amen! We also prayed for your teeth and your general physical and emotional health. Confess your healing and thank God for everything He has done already. Speak to Him as you speak to me and seek Him in his word. He loves you more than anybody can ever love you and wants you to have a close relationship with Him. I pray that you will find peace and that God can use you to help many other people in need. God bless you.

I'm just requesting prayers for healing, I believe that if God heals a person, that person can now pray for others to be healed in that area. I've been experiencing some teeth pain due to teeth grinding/clenching. It's cause my teeth to get weak. I had a root canal about 4 months ago and it didn't help. The area still hurts. So I ask for prayer over my teeth, that God CAN and WILl restore them and they will be STRONG again. Thank you for your story. It's very uplifting to hear other testimonies. God Bless you and your family.

Thank you for your lines. I prayed for your teeth and in Jesus’ name you have been healed. Keep confessing and thanking Jesus for what He has done for us 2000 years ago where he took all our pain on the cross. I’m looking forward to hearing from you again. God bless you and your family.

I need healing from tremendous and constant teeth pain going on for a couple years now after a dental implant. I have had unnecessary root canals and extractions that have not helped, but made the pain much worse. It may be trigeminal neuralgia, but I know God can heal that too. Please pray for me and my husband to be healed from depression. I am praying for others who posted their requests.

In Jesus’ Name I commanded healing into your teeth and also prayed for your husband and your marriage and family to be healthy and healed from any depression and evil influence in your life. God bless you and your family.

I pray for you. That the Lord will heal you completely from teeth pain. I also ask my Lord Jesus to heal your husband from depression. I also have been having pain in my teeth I'm asking for prayer too. I believe our Lord Jesus and Father God wants us to be healed and he will heal us. Thank you Father God. Thank you Jesus for taking the pain on the Cross. Amen

Hi, I pray for you, Let the Lord God Almighty heal you completely from all the pain, and restore the tooth back to its good health. Please pray for me too, I have pain in my tooth for the past one month. I too want to experience the healing of My Saviour. Thanks.

Dear God, please send me a miracle to restore my teeth and gums to full health and glory, because I'm in dental pain and suffering with little options.
Please grant me this miracle, AMEN!

I've had ongoing tooth pain in lower left jaw. Two root canels have not helped. We cannot get to bottom of cause of pain. My only hope now is a miracle. Please ask the Lord to take away my pain. Next option is extraction which I want to avoid as not sure exactly which tooth is the problem.

Pleaae pray for my teerh

A few hours ago I noticed a hole in one of my molars. I’m terrified of dentists and want God to heal me by restoring healthy tooth and root. Please pray for me.

Lord please bless their health especially the health of their teeth, gums, and mouth. Bless them Lord in the name of Jesus we ask and pray Lord! Amen!

The pain I have now is so excruciating and is keeping me awake at 5am . Please help to pray for a miracle for my tooth to heal -‘maybe it’s cavity, and gum infection . The pain is piercing and I can’t take pain killers due to allergies . Help Lord Jesus. Scott from Singapore

Lord! Please bless Scott's teeth. Heal his disease whatever it is and take away all his pain! We ask in Jesus name Lord and command all pain and disease to leave him immediately. We thank you for your healing and miracles Lord! In Jesus name amen!

please agree with me for total healing of my teeth and also a persistent cough.
declaring my "God is a healere

In Jesus’ name I prayed for your cough to go and your teeth to be whole. Through his stripes we have been healed already and I
thank God for your healing. Stay strong and keep your eyes on the Lord.

Glory to Yeshua and blessings of His joy precious family for sharing such amazing encouragement. May He multiply your joy in seeing healings multiply from being His grateful witness like the ones that came back to thank Him and the woman at the well who went to share what He did for her. I would be so humbly grateful for prayer to remove pain and save my teeth as i wont have any root canals and dont want to lose any but pray for brand new natural teeth as described in Song of Solomon like sheep up from washing as a precious blessing from our Abba YHWH for the glory of our beloved bridegroom.I especially would love my dentist who is jewish to see a true miracle so he can believe in his living messiah! Amen

Glory! God is the same yesterday, today and forever! He desires for all to be healed and walking in perfect health proclaiming the goodness of the Lord! Remember for GOD ALL things ARE POSSIBLE. He takes great delight in healing individuals. My prayer for all who seek dental healing and restoration. Greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world Therefore,since HE resides within your body within your body there can be NO sickness or decay. Infirmity must bow to the King of Kings. Every cell within your body must and shall align with the WORD of GOD. It is written your teeth are like sheep home from the wash, which means, ALL of your teeth are there, in your mouth without spot or blemish! Praise the Lord! Your teeth are perfectly formed by the hands of the Lord God Almighty! Your teeth are strong. Your teeth are white as snow! Give God a shout of praise!!! Share and proclaim the mighty works He has done for you! Your teeth are like sheep home from the wash! Clean, without spot, without blemish. You are fearfully and wonderfully created by GOD! Thank you JESUS! Amen!

Hi there,

I'm so glad that god was able to heal you like this. I would be very much appreciate it if you could offer healing prayer for us in the same vein that it helped you. Pray god heal my teeth with new and healthy material.

God bless,

Hi Mark, I prayed for your teeth and that God would restore them the way He created them. I thank Jesus that He has healed us already 2000 years ago on when he went to the cross. Keep up the good fight, God bless, Mandy

I need new kidneys, teeth, gums, eyes, pancreas, in need of a miracle
My second son suffers from Crohn’s disease from childhood, was close to death many times, had many operations and pain and bleeding for over 30 years. My second daughter suffers from Asthma and allergies for more then 20 years
My children need salvation
My niece and nephew have mental problems and need deliverance and salvation
Thank you. Rachel

Dear Rachel, I have prayed for you and your family, for your son, your daughter, your niece and your nephew that God brings healing and leads them to salvation. Stay strong and thank God for all His mighty promises. Keep up the vision to see your family healed and saved. God bless you, Mandy

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a root canal and am supposed to get 2 teeth extractions after that and the dentist say perhaps another root canal... I believe in God and I believe he does Big and Glorious miracles! I'm in a lot of pain and it costs thousands of dollars for me to get the work done. I know God can heal me please help me pray for this

Thanks for your lines. I prayed that all your teeth and nerves will be restored and healed. We have the best dentist of all who knows what we need and has healed us already. Stay strong and thank God for your healing. Much love in Christ, Mandy

Need Molar tooth healed. They want to extract it in 4 days. Have Gum issues. I am trying to stay strong & believe in my 11:59 miracle.

Stay strong and keep the vision to keep your tooth. I prayed for you and thanked God for the healing of your tooth. God bless you, Mandy

I’m praying that 3 of my teeth will be healed and restored. I’m also praying that the growth in my upper lip will be gone, in Jesus name. Amen. Can you kindly agree with me in Jesus name, please?

Thanks for your lines. I prayed for your three teeth and also for your upper lip. Thank God that he has healed you already 2000 years ago when Jesus took all our sicknesses with him on the cross. Looking forward to hearing from you again, God bless, Mandy

I also am praying for healthy teeth and gums. I will be thrilled to be gone of these symptoms.

Can some one pray for me my frount tooth is very sharp and I am in pain I fell it going to break

I found your testimony online and I need my tooth healed. Please pray with me for my healing. Thank you for sharing your testimony! I have prayed for my tooth and am waiting for the pain to stop.

Hi my name is David Choi.i need new neeth and gum restored. Please pray for me.

Please pray for me to receive miracle for very decayed wisdom tooth that the roots are close to nerve so it will require oral surgeon to remove it. It will cost hundreds of dollars that i will have to use credit card for plus i dont want to be sedated. Thank you

Pray that God gives me twins and heals me from a lot of pain and repair my teeth. Thank you Jesus Amen

I pray that God grant you the desire of your heart for twins if it be His will. I lost a baby and was so sad for about a year. The following year I conceived twins. They are a great blessing. I was older when the chance of twins is higher. Praying for your teeth to heal along with my daughter's. She was in a tragic accident and will need two implants and had one root canal. Praying God bring healing for all!

Today jesus has done a miracle for me i am a widow for manys years with 1 son my husband was murdered many years ago jesus has done many miracle today my tooth that was suffering for year disappered when i look in the mirror corner tooth was gone and jesus bless me with 3000 in my account

I have a 'dead' tooth according to my dentist. An appointment has been made for 3 weeks from now to treat it by root canal or extraction. By the Grace of God, and my receiving it by faith the procedure will not be necessary. I call this my Lazarus tooth because I am believing God to restore life to it, in Jesus' name, Amen!

I wish God granted you the best! I love that Lazarus name!!! Blessings

Woooow we indeed serve a living God. New tooth. That's incredible but that is the work of our God

I have 3 teeth that are very sensitive when I eat or drink cold things (including some hot things). Sometimes they are very painful and I am really scared. I have prayed many times and Jesus does not heal my teeth Can you please help me, please? Thank you.

praise God, sister. This is exactly what I need. Please pray that I too get the same answer. I too am a believer.

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