God arranged meeting and Thyroid gland healed

Dirk - Frankfurt, Germay

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Hello, my name is Dirk and I live in Marburg. I would like to tell you how God led me to salvation.

One afternoon in the autumn of 1997 my boss and I were travelling home from work by car. It was during rush hour and suddenly the car stopped on the main road. The dashboard computer of the car showed that we still had enough fuel for another 60km. So we got out and checked the engine - no success. My boss got back in the car and phoned the breakdown company. I stood outside frustrated and watched the slow traffic passing by.

"Either he is a crazy guy behaving pompously... or what he says is the truth."

Suddenly a young man came up to us asking, "Hello, what’s up? Can I help you?" I told him of our misfortune and he helped us to push the car into a side road. We started to talk and he told me that he was a Christian and gave me a leaflet. We spoke about God and he told me about miracles that he had experienced. What he told me was so amazing I thought, "Either he is a crazy guy behaving pompously... or what he says is the truth."

For some reason I knew for certain that he was not lying to me but was telling the truth. He invited me to a meeting and we exchanged phone numbers. Then he left on his bike.

I was very much moved. I asked myself, "Was this a sign from God?"  Suddenly I remembered that a year ago I had been in hospital and one of the other patients had preached the gospel to me.  She told me that God had sent her into the hospital to speak to three certain people about the Word of God, and I was one of them. I heard a lot about God from her back then but I had decided then not to be converted.

Soon the breakdown guy came and diagnosed the problem as lack of fuel. That amazed me! God had stopped the car in exactly that spot. He knew that a Spirit-filled Christian would pass by and preach to me. The young man worked in a company right there where the car had stopped.

The next evening I attended a meeting for the first time. I liked it so much that I came again and again. I realised that every time I was with these born-again Christians I felt better. For example, God took my desire for beer and cigarettes away completely. A few weeks later I decided to follow Jesus Christ. Someone from the church laid hands on me and prayed for me, and I received the Holy Spirit and started to speak in new tongues. After this I was baptised according to the Word of God.

Soon after my salvation our assembly group visited the group in Hamburg. At that time I was suffering from a malfunction of the thyroid gland, and when we got to Hamburg I realised that I had forgotten my medicine. On the second day of the visit I felt very ill. So two of the men from the church laid hands on me hand prayed for me (see Mark 16:18). Immediately the feeling of sickness departed and I felt absolutely fine. I stopped taking the medicine altogether and when I was back home I went to the doctor for a check-up.  The result was that everything was OK and I’ve had no more problems since!! So I praise the LORD that he has saved me and healed me.



Please pray for me. I have severe thyroid problems. I had thyroiditis which is an inflammation of the thyroid. I have three kids and am feeling so out of it. Lots of health issues and memory is foggy and depression and anxiety. I’m hopeful for healing. God bless!

I believe in total healing and I’m asking for some people to be in agreement that my thyroid is healed completely in Jesus Name Amen

Bible verse for healing hyper thyroid

I got my thyroid removed out of Fear that the Doctor/ enemy put in my mind. Since then I've been battling health issues because my body hasn't responded to the medication they had given me so i taken myself off of them and believe in God for my healing. Please pray that God will give me a new thyroid and a healing in my body right now ...in Jesus christ name amen

Healing of my (Kim) hyperthyroidism (Thyroid disease)

Please pray for my sister, Rebecca Ferma…She is diagnose with Thyromegaly and is advised by doctors for biopsy and to undergo an operation…She also has a lump in her right arm near her armpit…She sometimes has a headache…We don’t have a big amount of money for her operation…We are seeking prayer partners for God’s divine intervention, that these lumps are not malignant and by HIS miracle healing, the lump in her thyroid gland and in her arm shrink and totally healed in Jesus Mighty Name even without operation!

Please pray for me. I'm suffering from swollen gland which are very painful.
It have affected me so much and I'm always sad and miserable. I declare my healing in Jesus name.

This is an amazing testimony. I am currently battling hyperthyroidism after a few years of battling hypothyroidism and having a baby my thyroid went to hyper. Now they say I may have an autoimmune disease with 106 antibodies in my blood. The doctor I had wanted to take my thyroid ofut completely but I know God has the final say and I know he is able to heal me! I will not need surgery in Jesus name! I’m praying my thyroid will be healed and I’m praying that the next time we check my levels God will have leveled it out. I know we will go through trials and tribulations but we are to take heart for He has overcome the world.

I pray / ask for healing for my left shoulder, blood, eyesight, hearing, immune system, Vitamin D, my finances

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