Chest Healed after Prayer

Geoff - Glasgow, Scotland

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Labourer’s chest got completely healed after prayer

Back in December 2010, two friends of mine from our church and I found a job working at a demolition site in Perth after weeks of praying and looking for work.  The winter was very cold and bitter; and was the coldest I had ever experienced.

We had to demolish the inside of an old shop with sledgehammers and other hand tools.  The job was tough and demanding, I had never worked so hard in my whole life.  Throughout our work we preached to those we worked with, talking about the Bible, history, prophecy and miracles.  We had some good talks and some fun arguments. Working on the site for weeks,  we got to know most of the labourers. There was one of them, Kevin who I spoke with, who was not so talkative, and wasn’t really that interested in the Bible, or at least he didn’t seem to be to me.

Kevin, who was not open at all towards our preaching came up to me.

Towards the end of the job most of the other labourers and I were sweeping up on the top floor of the building.   Kevin, who was not open at all towards our preaching came up to me.  He’d heard us talking about healing and asked me if I would pray for his chest.  I was surprised that he came to me and asked this, but I was also happy, too.  I called over one of my friends, Sam and said that I was going to pray for the labourer.  (I did this because I wondered whether it was good to pray so openly in front of other people).  Sam indicated to go for it, and then all the other labourers started to look at me.  I put my hand on Kevin’s chest and his back and prayed for his chest, his lungs, his alveoli, that everything would be healed in Jesus’s name.

A few of those watching laughed, but others looked in interest.  We went back to sweeping, but fifteen minutes later Kevin came up to me and said “My chest is better”, he said “It’s really better!”

He was really moved by the prayer and its effect. We finished working there a couple of days later, but some months later one of my friends was in Perth, and was approached by Kevin.  He shook his hand and said how he’d been healed; he was really thankful and amazed at the healing.

MARK 16:18 ".... they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover”.

Interestingly we had prayed for something to happen before we finished the job, I believe this was God’s answer to us persevering through a tough and demanding job.

ROMANS 5:3-4   “And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope:”



Geoff that was really amazing! I really want to ask you if you could pray for me and make me feel better.

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