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Aruna - St. Albans, England

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My name is  Aruna, I am from India, although I now live in England. I would like to share a testimony about my youngest brother with you. 

His name is Yusaf, and he is now married and 29 years old. When he was 6 or 7 years old he had a toy gun that shot plastic darts with rubber sucker heads. Once when Yusaf had finished playing, he left the toy gun unattended and my other brother came and started playing with it. He broke off the head of the dart, but put the broken dart back into the gun anyway, and left it and went away. When Yusaf came back later to play with his gun he noticed the broken dart stuck inside. As he was looking into the barrel he accidently touched the trigger and the dart was released, bursting the eyeball and draining all the fluid inside it. I heard him screaming with pain, as I was close by. As I looked into the burst eye I could only see the eye socket and fragments of the eye. I called my Mum and we immediately rushed him to a local doctor, who was only five minutes away.

..Yusaf's eye was ruined...

The doctor said that Yusaf’s eye was ruined and told my mother that he could not do anything and we should take him to the local eye hospital. So with my father, we took Yusaf to a consultant who was an eye specialist. The consultant said that he could not do anything; he would clean out the eye cavity and then put a false eye in. He also said he should not delay this procedure otherwise my brother would get an infection, or cancer.

My father was a Spirit-filled Pentecostal pastor who was mightily used by the Lord, and he told the doctor not to do anything, but wait, not even open the bandage for the moment because my father would keep keep this in prayer, as would the members of his church.  So everybody prayed for three days and nights, and many fasted.  After the praying and fasting they opened the bandage and my brother had a complete, new eyeball! This was a great miracle already, but my brother could only see shadows. The consultant was amazed, but he said my brother’s eyesight was gone. After this great miracle he said that he did not want to touch the eye and referred my brother to the main hospital; Rajindra Hospital, Patiala, for further treatment.

...my brother could see perfectly!

My Dad did not go, but stayed back and kept it before the Lord in prayer and fasting! When we went to the new consultant he did some additional tests and said that that my brother’s retina at the back of eye had been restored, but my brother had a film over the pupil of his eye that needed to be removed. When he removed this film from the eye my brother could see perfectly!

Praise the Lord! 



Hi your testimony is awesome and uplifting. Please pray for my nephew. He has a problem with his eyes. The doctors said that he needs an operation. We are believing God for total healing. He is 21 years old and cannot get his licence because he cannot see and failed the eye test. God Bless you

Dear Aruna, your testimony about your brother's healing has been an incredible source of comfort and encouragement to me. Please pray for my son Chukwuebuka who has been diagnosed with incurable cone dystrophy and is now almost totally blind.
I believe in the miraculous power of God. Please ask God to completely heal him and let him be able to get on with life. He is only 10 years old.Thank you very much and bless you abundantly as you lift up my son before God.

Hi Aruna,

My love got stroke, he is still unconscious, please pray for complete and instant healing, We will give our entire life to serve the lord for his glory and to save his people, but please pray that he receive the complete healing and serve the Lord please.

hi aruna please contact me i need someone to guide me in faith for my healing i got a incurable condition i want to be healed.

I am so touched by this testimony of your brothers healing. I underwent Lasik surgery about a month ago because I thought it would provide me with better quality of life. I feel like my doctor did not explain the risks in detail and now my vision is not what it used to be with glasses. My vision is blurry , eyes are dry and have many floaters that make it difficult to see. I blame myself for doing this to my body and greatly regret it. During the first few weeks I fell into deep depression and guilt. I've been praying to God so he can heal my eyes and comfort my soul. I have faith God will restore my vision but I just have to believe and be patient. God is merciful and loves us more than we imagine. Your testimony has brought hope to my life. Please pray for me and thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

Thanks for you email.
Keeping you in prayer. Keep your faith up and believe that Jesus can heal you and you will be healed.The Lord has every thing in control.

Psalm 40;1, I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.

Isaiah 53:5 |
But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
Love in Christ

Thank you for your sharing. It is an encouragement to me as I am praying for healing for my daughter's eyes. May God continues to bless you and your family.

hello,thank you for your testimony.I am 24 and two months ago,suddenly my vision become blur.the problem was with my retina which was going worse everyday and the treatment was not working.
one day I read your story and i understood that the problem was with my faith.so I started to make my faith stronger.I prayed and asked God to show me the way and heal me.God gave me peace and healed my eye when i believed in my heart that God is able to heal me and he wants to do that and I just have to ask him and believe that I will receive it.
praise God,he is much more kinder that we can even imagine.

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