Allergies and Eczema Healed through Prayer and Healthy Eating

Kate - St. Albans, England

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Miriam was born in 2000 and at first it seemed that she was a perfectly healthy baby. After 2-3 weeks she developed bad eczema, which started on her face, but then spread over her whole body. It became worse every week and our paediatrician did not know what it was. When Miriam was 4-5 months old, even the folds of her skin were raw and you could see her flesh. She was a very restless baby, was obviously in pain and she would scratch herself until she bled.

We went to different doctors, but they didn’t know what was causing the eczema and gave us cortisone to treat Miriam with. My paediatrician was not satisfied with this treatment and did various blood tests. He found out that Miriam was allergic to chicken protein (and other fowl like turkey etc.), dairy protein, wheat protein and nuts. From a scale of 0 to 6, the doctor could not give us a result, because it was so high! This information was devastating, because we had to change our whole diet and I had to stop breast-feeding immediately. The following six months were really difficult. Miriam needed a special diet and a lot of extra care and attention. Her skin was so itchy that she could not sleep through a single night. I couldn’t even change her nappy without her screaming and scratching. We prayed for her healing everyday and even Joana, Miriam’s three year-old sister, prayed for her healing every day. We changed our food to an organic diet which excluded all dairy, chicken, wheat and nut products and were very careful with what we ate.

In January 2001 I went to Scotland with the girls for 4 weeks. Miriam ate a piece of bread containing wheat and nuts, which should have caused a bad allergic reaction. I prayed for her healing immediately and it was amazing to see that her body did not react negatively to the bread.

After this evening she still could not eat any dairy or chicken products, but she could eat wheat and nuts! Her skin was still cracked and itchy, but we knew that she would be fully healed one day and we remained in prayer every day for her complete healing. When Miriam was one year old, I had to take her for a health check-up. Our doctor, who had known Miriam since she was born, recognised that her skin was much better. He took a new blood test, which he asked to have repeated twice as he could not believe the result, which was that Miriam had been completely healed of all allergies! She has been a healthy little girl, with beautiful skin, since that day, and can eat anything!

We are very grateful for this healing and give God the glory for it. We are still keeping to an organic diet, as we know the impact food can have on our lives.


Please pray for my daughter. She has suffered from allergic dermatitis since 6month n she is now 1year . I have tried treatment and am praying. May the Blood of Jesus Christ set her free. Amen

Hi please pray for my son. At six months he had an anaphylactic reaction to some cereal he ate. After blood tests, it revealed allergies to wheat, nuts, egg, soy, dairy and fish. It has changed the way we eat but it's also very draining. We do not sleep and he is so sensitive to everything in my breast milk. He is 10 months old now. He first started reacting to things in my milk from just a few weeks old. I am praying very hard but I am so exhausted. We need a miracle.


Hi can you please pray for me, I have this skin allergy for the past 7years. I get red spots and swelling all over my body almost everyday. I have tried all form of medication but nothing seems to be working. I have also been praying but can you also please advice what more I can pray before I eat and before i sleep.

Hi,can you pray for me. I have a few allergies which affect my weight. I notice when I eat sugary things i itch, loose weight. I have had blood tests and everything is fine, I am not diabetic. Everything is fine. Its really annoying me. I am not a big person anyway and people think I am sick. I am praying. Would like to know should I pray beforeI eat the things I can't eat. I am inspired by the testimony of your baby who had skin allergies. How did you get the faith to let her eat the things she couldn't.


Dear Angel, many greetings from me and thank you for reading our testimony. I know what you mean feeling burned out and not knowing what to do. Miriam was still so little when the allergies started and we had another toddler at home, being pregnant with our third child I knew I only could get the strength and wisdom (to know what to feed her) from God! We prayed every day and night for Miriam and really had to trust God that she would be healed one day. After reading the book "There is a miracle in your mouth" from John Osteen we started to confess that she will be healed and told other people too! I know from my experience that sometimes you don't know what to do anymore, but I found that God always had the answer. We will keep you and you little one in fervent prayer and hope to hear from you again! Greetings in Christ, Kate P.S. Miriam is now 11 years old, completely healed and she did not only catch up in her development, but is doing extremely well. Never give up as we do not know God's plan, but we do know that He is always there for us! X

My child also has so many allergies. She is allergic to dairy, egg, beef, wheat, yeast, nuts, barley all leguems and lentils, peas green beans, carrots, cucumber, cantalope, and the food she can eat we have a hard time getting her to eat. We have been praying and have seen result with her behavior improving, but she so needs prayer and so do I. I don't know what to feed this child and I feel burned out. Angie

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