Teens' Testimonies



Trials and Sunflowers

Photo of Hannah

Hannah - Cumbria, England

Hi Teens around the world

I would like to share a testimony about trials and sunflowers.

True Friends

Photo of Sophie

Sophie - Glasgow, Scotland

Who are your true friends? Far too many times we consider a friend just a person to hang out with and get into mischief with, but that is not God’s idea of a proper friend! While it is just fine to have a wee giggle here and there, friendship goes a whole lot deeper than that.

Healed From A Bagpipe Accident

Photo of Tim

Tim - Perth, Scotland

How a five-year olds enthusiasm for the bagpipes took a serious turn!

Teen Picks Up Her Cross

Photo of Virginia

Virginia - Vienna, Austria

I was thinking of what it really means to pick up my cross and what I have to do. So I thought about it and had a look at my life. I realized that I spend so much time doing things I like; such as listening to music, watching TV, surfing the Internet, watching videos on YouTube, but not on the things that God wants me to do.

I Knew That I Was A Sinner

Photo of Virginia

Virginia - Vienna, Austria

I quietly asked the Lord to forgive me and I told GOD everything and confessed a lot. I also prayed about other things I had on my heart. After that meeting my dad and a deacon took me to a separate room and after my dad showed me in the Bible about salvation through Jesus Christ, we prayed for a short while. During that prayer time I felt completely warm inside my body and I could feel the power of God. I was so happy I knew that God had forgiven me and I knew that I had received the Holy Spirit when I started to pray in a new language which I did not know. It was just so cool!

Exam Panic, But God Brought Me Through!

Photo of Joana

Joana - Hatfield, England

On the night before one of my biggest exams, I started to panic, as I could no longer remember any of the material I had been learning that I needed for the next day. I could not sleep or think clearly, and slept less than 2 hours trying to cram in last minute revision for the 8 essays I had to write in 3 hours. From a worldly point of view, to pass this exam was almost impossible due to my lack of sleep and revision. At 3am I could not take it any longer and broke down. Suddenly I had a strong urge to pick up the book ‘What you say is what you get!’ by Don Gossett, which I had been putting off reading. The minute I began to read I felt a strong sense of peace flooding over my body.

Confessing God's Word Brings Healing To Ingrown Toenail

Photo of Miriam

Miriam - Hatfield, England

I would like to recommend a fantastic book that really helped me with faith and believing, and also with healing! Recently I got an ingrown toenail that caused me a lot of pain, it got infected and pus started coming out; the skin around my toe was red and swollen. One night my sister came into my room, and gave me a book that she said really helped her! The book is called ‘What You Say is What You Get’ by the author Don Gossett. As I started reading it, I found it captivating! The book contains an incredible amount of testimonies and scriptures! Every scriptural point Don Gosset makes he backs up with many scriptures. I confessed that it wouldn’t be painful anymore and started to do sports again, then my foot got much better! First, the lump of skin fell off.......... What you confess, you possess!

Bullied At School, But God Brought Me Through It All!

Photo of Caroline

Caroline - Canberra, Australia

I was bullied all the time, at school, on the bus, my hair was set on fire, I hated school, but God brought me through it all and now I understand why!

Teen Controlled by Fear Sought God!

Photo of Joana

Joana - Hatfield, England

For a long time I was scared of everything, literally. I terrified that my family would die and that I would be left alone, or that I would die, or even that God would forget all about me and that I would go to Hell. I was so scared that I often cried myself to sleep at night, but sometimes was even scared to fall asleep. Everyday Satan gave me new fears and I started believing them, but I couldn’t stop the fear. I prayed everyday day, every minute, trying to block out the new fears that played in my mind...

Boring Christian Teenager Life

Photo of Martin

Martin - Abernethy, Scotland

I grew up in Switzerland in a Christian home and went to church twice a week. But life was boring and I was just very lazy; I lost my apprenticeship and things were going downhill, until I came to Scotland with a few unpleasant surprises on the way...

My Journey From a Life of Drugs and Sin back to God

Photo of Dominik

Dominik - Vienna, Austria

At the age of sixteen I tried magic mushrooms and took drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine. Another year later I also ended up using heroin and speed. One day on my way home I suddenly realised that an evil spirit was attacking me and wanted to kill me. In this same moment God gave me the choice to either follow Him or not. I knew that I had no chance to conquer this demon on my own...

How I Got Saved

Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan - Perth, Scotland

I was seeking the Lord about receiving the Holy Spirit and my Dad came up with something that helped me a lot:

How the Lord Opened my Eyes to His Word

Photo of Claudia

Claudia - Vienna, Austria

Later, when I became a teenager life wasn’t that easy. I looked at my friends at school who had boyfriends and did a lot of other things like smoking and drinking alcohol and I started to desire to be like them. At this time I had stopped reading the Bible and praying, which are essential to being a Christian. After deciding to follow God’s ways again things changed...

Being a Teenager Today

Photo of Stephanie

Stephanie - Canberra, Australia

Being a teenager these days is not as easy as it looks. Many temptations are thrown our way, mainly in the form of alcohol, drugs and sex. That’s why I base my life on the Bible, as He shows us how we can live without such evils… and still be “cool”.

Why I Do Not Believe in Premarital Sex, Alcohol and Parties

Photo of Anh Dao

Anh Dao - Perth, Scotland

I was 14 when I got saved and I am really grateful that God saved me before my "teenage life" had begun, I assume that my teenage life would have been quite different as I am a chirpy and extravert person...

Leg Grows after Prayer

Photo of Joana

Joana - Hatfield, England

I have always loved running and take part in sprinting competitions, but I started to get pains which slowed me down, so I called upon the Lord my healer!

Let No Man Despise Thy Youth

Photo of Andrea

Andrea - Toronto, Canada

Read what happened to a young girl, who was shot at the Columbine High School shooting...

How God Blessed My High School Exams

Photo of Susy

Susy, BBus - Sydney, Australia

It was my final year at high school. My trial exams were just around the corner, but I had all these major school projects to finish beforehand. Naturally, I began to worry and panic because I felt I did not have enough time to study for the exams. But I know that God hears my prayers; I know He blesses me when I put Him first and trust Him in every area of my life.

A Piano Received for Free After Prayer

Photo of Hannah

Hannah - Vienna, Austria

When my family and I moved to England I had to leave behind my piano. After prayer the Lord miraculously provided an instrument for me.

God Does Use Teens for Miracles!

Photo of Toby

Toby - St. Albans, United Kingdom

One night after we had a Christian meeting, I doubted that kids or younger people could perform miracles, because of their age!

God Answers my Desire to Learn Piano

Photo of Miriam

Miriam - Hatfield, England

There was nothing that I wanted more than to learn how to play the piano properly - God saw my desire and provided a keyboard and lessons!

Financial Blessings

Photo of Stephanie

Stephanie - Canberra, Australia

After looking over my budget I figured out that I would still be about $200 short each month and would therefore not even have the minimum amount of money needed to survive. This all seemed like a huge mountain which just rose out of no where for me, because I could just simply not see a way to earn enough money since I was also going to studying full time. I decided to put the whole situation into the hands of the Lord...

Creation in the Classroom

Photo of Andrea

Andrea - Toronto, Canada

The debate over creation vs. evolution was an exciting one for me. So when I found that we would spend a whole unit on evolution, I was excited. This would be an amazing opportunity to tell others about God through creation. I asked my teacher right away if I could do a presentation on creationism.

God Knows Better

Photo of Josephine

Josephine - Lyon, France

Read how God supplied me with an internship placement in the last minute.

How I Got Saved

Photo of Hannah

Hannah - Vienna, Austria

As far back as I can remember, my mother has raised me in a Christian home. My mother took my sister, brother and I along to Christian meetings. A while ago I realised that I had to decide if I wanted to follow God. I understood that it is not enough just to visit a Christian Church with my family and friends. I wanted to be a child of God and not only a “grandchild”.

How I Got Saved

Photo of Daniel

Daniel - Szczecin, Poland

Read how Daniel got saved and used for healing shortly after his conversion...

Healed From Addictive Music

Photo of Anh Dao

Anh Dao - Perth, Scotland

So when I came home I spent my time filling myself with more of his music. The situation got worse and once I was sitting in front of the PC until four in the morning. As you can see I brought myself into a very dangerous state. I felt my hunger for God, but could not pray because I my thoughts were on my “new idol”: David Garrett. It had sort of got out of control…

The Lord Answers Prayer

Photo of Lukas

Lukas - St. Albans, United Kingdom

I was able to get my own Apple iMac computer for free! All I had to do was pray and believe!

The Power of God’s Promises

Photo of Julia

Julia - Perth, Scotland

God gives us ways of overcoming many things. In my case I had to speak out a biblical promise. If I hadn’t, God wouldn’t have helped me. The phrase ‘you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’ suddenly became a real and meaningful saying!

How I Got Saved - Baptised in the Atlantic Ocean

Photo of Karin

Karin - Toronto, Canada

As my parents are Christians in this assembly, I had been brought up believing the Bible and knowing it was the Truth. Many of my friends started to get involved in alcohol and drugs as well as sex. I realised how selfish this lifestyle was and that it would lead me away from God. One day at a Christian meeting in England something very stirry happened that changed my life.

The Lord Provides

Photo of Felix

Felix - Brunswick, Germany

Read how the Lord provides the desired classical guitar and a teacher on top of that...

My Dream of Heaven

Photo of Cecile

Cecile - Biberach, Germany

In my dream, I was sitting in my room when suddenly a very bright shining angel was standing in front of me. He was reaching out his hands towards me and said, “Come with me!“ I took his hand and we flew directly through the wall of my room, straight out towards the clouds and into the universe.

From the Head to the Heart

Photo of Judith

Judith - Paris, France

I would like to share with you how I became a Christian when I was 9 years old after understanding in my heart that I was a sinner.

How I Could Preach to All my Friends

Photo of Toby

Toby - Christchurch, New Zealand

It started in science class, where we were learning about evolution. At home I had been doing a lot of research about things that proved that the theory of evolution is false. During every science lesson, I made short comments that contradicted evolution. I prayed that my friends would realise that I believed God had created the world, and believed evolution to be wrong, but I felt unsure about how to start preaching to people.

Christianity Today

Photo of Johnny

Johnny - Melbourne, Australia

Read what a young teenager thinks about being a true Christian...

What Teenagers are Missing: Lessons for Life

Photo of Clemens

Clemens - Wellington, New Zealand

Read how the Bible helps our teenagers to cope with worries about their future...

Our Time in Idaho

Photo of Andrea and Karin

Andrea and Karin - Toronto, Canada

A brief report about the amazing time at the summer camp in Idaho...

I have received the Holy Spirit

Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth - Glasgow, Scotland

The LORD has done so many things for me, what did I do for him?

My Salvation, A Teen's Story

Photo of Daniela

Daniela - Sydney, Australia

How I got Saved. There is more to getting 'saved' than just growing-up in a Christian home…

Teenager Healed from Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs

Photo of Chris

Chris - Frankfurt, Germany

Often I would take alcohol, marijuana and speed all in one evening. And I was smoking at least one pack of cigarettes each day. To finance it all I would sell some drugs. After a while I felt really empty, as if I didn’t have a heart anymore; it was terrible. I couldn’t stand being alone because of this feeling so I would meet up with my friends every day till late...