Why Pig Meat Should be Banned

It is with a sense of relief that the scripturally-orientated Christian reacts to the knowledge that the United Kingdom government and the governments of many Common Market countries suddenly have become so nervous about the eating of pig meat. The official reason given is that pigs from certain areas might have contracted what is called "blue ear" disease and that if humans eat the meat of infected pigs they could die or be made seriously ill.

The pig was obviously created specifically as a scavenger; his body is equipped with an elaborate sewage system with additional outlets in the feet. The flesh of the pig is known to be parasitic, the meat being highly indigestible. It has expressly been forbidden as food by Almighty God (LEVITICUS 11:7).

The eating of pig meat is known to cause a frightening list of human diseases. The list is growing as medical research widens our knowledge of causation. The latest discovery was made in Ottawa where pork has been discovered as a cause of liver cirrhosis.

Coming back to "blue ear" disease, would it not be good sense as well as good politics to ban pig meat as human food?

Source: ‘Wake Up!’ magazine, July/Aug 1991