Why the "Banker of God" Had to be Made Silent

Mysterious case of death obscures the secret
surrounding the death of Pope John Paul I

The death of Pope John Paul I on the 28th September, 1978, after only 33 days in office, shook the whole world. Until now, the detailed circumstances of the death of this gracious, eversmiling, Holy Father have not yet been revealed. One of the men who would have been able to testify, died recently - on a tenth of a gram of cyanide.   

Michele Sindona Sidona`s widow

Michele Sindona (66), the most important economist and banking expert of the 70's in Italy, died in the high security Voghera prison in Italy - after eating his dinner.

After the collapse of Sindona's 'Banca Privata Unione' in Milan and the 'Franklin National Bank' in New York, the financier was arrested in America and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. Even though he strongly contested it, Sindona was extradited to Italy. "I am not going to survive there for long," he said. "It was murder," his lawyers now claim. In their opinion, suicide was ruled out.

Ruled Finances in Vatican: Paul C. Marcinkus

The circumstances surrounding the death of Pope John Paul I remain unsolved to this day. 

Secret Lodge Boss Licio Gelli controlled the financial and political worlds of Italy for a long time. He was able to escape from prison. Roberto Calvi was involved in the Sindona affair. His death in London was mysterious. His secretary also died in strange circumstances.

Yet, Michele Sindona had top class contacts. Not only was the Mafia and the illegal secret lodge P2 under his influence, but Sindona also made big business with the Vatican. His friendship with Bishop Paul Marcinkus, who controls the considerable finances of the Vatican, was a thorn in the side of Pope John Paul I. The Pope had emphasised several times that the profiteering of the Vatican bank was not according to the will of Christ, and that the money belonged to the whole church. After the Pope's mysterious death, the rumours that the high banking circles like the Mafia or P2 had had a hand in the affair, increased and are still circulating. Michele Sindona belonged to this inner circle.

After being sentenced to life, Sindona prepared for his appeal in which he finally wanted to disclose everything. This would have been disastrous for 500 international personalities - for those who made quite a profit from Michele Sindona's banking exploits ...

Translated from the German: "Darum sollte der 'Bankier Gottes' zum Schweigen gebracht werden"

Source: 'Church Growth'