Who Is Lord over Our Cities?

The Nuremberg Rally Area - one of the largest outdoor heathen temples? Marching ranks, a kilometre long, pay homage to the 'Führer' and celebrate the reign of an Anti-Christ ideology.   The Nuremberg Rally Area - one of the largest outdoor heathen temples? Marching ranks, a kilometre long, pay homage to the 'Führer' and celebrate the reign of an Anti-Christ ideology.

Interview with Siegfried Fritsch

In order to obtain an overview of the spiritual state of our cities, we must know about their past. We have to look at the question of who is guilty, and at the hidden and invisible power forces behind them. The following interview gives us a better understanding of the spiritual connections in the history of our cities. Dr. Siegfried Fritsch, a businessman, is an Elder in an evangelical, Free Church in Berlin. Sven Schönheit conducted this interview with him.

Siegfried, over the last few years you have been researching German history intensively, focusing on the spiritual trends which have influenced our recent past. This is also the subject of your new book 'The Spirit over Germany', which will be published this summer. What did you aim to do with this extensive research?

Firstly, it is a fact that we are connected, through our parents and our nationality, to the guilt of the past. If we want to make deep spiritual progress, it is necessary, according to Exodus 20 - idolatry will be punished "unto the 3rd and 4th generation" - to ask for forgiveness for the things that happened before we were born. The events of the 8th of May, reminds us especially of the Third Reich. It is the aim of my book to expose the background of the Third Reich, and to illustrate how the Enemy deceived our people over hundreds of years, to make way for this system of terror.

Can you briefly outline what led to these darkest times in our history? Where do you find the spiritual roots?

I can only give you a hint here. Important trends which led to the Third Reich could already be seen during the time of the 'Hohenzollern' (people from a certain area), who influenced parts of German history for over 500 years, and who were based mainly in Nuremberg and Berlin. While some of them had a quite positive and constructive influence by worldly standards, on closer inspection you can sense the undercurrent of an anti-Christian spirit. You will find that most of the 'Hohenzollern' had connections with superstition, alchemy, astrology and spiritualism.

Consecration of cities - Hitler consecrated the standards of the cities by touching them with the 'Blood Flag' from the November riot. A 'ritual offering'.Consecration of cities - Hitler consecrated the standards of the cities by touching them with the 'Blood Flag' from the November riot. A 'ritual offering'. In the cultural sphere, Goethe's 'Faust' should be mentioned, which, even though it became an essential part of German education, introduced ideas about sorcery to generations of pupils. So, through schools, universities and the theatre, the pact with darkness was made acceptable to society. Furthermore, I would mention Richard Wagner, from whose work Hitler received vital inspiration for his idea of National Socialism. Looking at philosophy, I would mention Nietzche's impression of the "super-being" which was reflected in Hitler's ideology of racism. But these are only some trends. On top of this, you can see the hidden, and sometimes even open Anti-Semitism in the history of theology.

It would be interesting for our readers to know which of the German cities were of most spiritual importance during the time of the 'Third Reich'?

I must elaborate on this point. Spiritual power within a nation develops mainly on three levels: the prophetic, the royal, and the theological. As National Socialism is actually a heathen religion, it is not surprising that Hitler fulfilled all criteria, step by step. At the beginning of his career, he appeared in Munich like a false prophet: with false revelations inspired by demons, he twisted the mind of the population and interpreted history according to his own ideals. With the 'take-over' in 1933 and his coming to power the jump to the 'royal' level succeeded. Berlin became a 'palace' to central political and military actions.

...with dreadful consequences: In the bombardments these cities were actually claimed as offerings.

Using the Nuremberg Rally (1933-1938), Hitler also reached for the 'priestly' level. With regards to the 'sacrifices' which he allowed to be presented: people, especially the youth, had to parade and compete in sporting events; the labour service; the "Wehrmacht" (German armed forces); weapon demonstrations; kilometre-long marching columns six rows wide, paying homage to the Fuhrer like only Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon before him. On the Rally day in 1937 a gigantic photo of Hitler was seen with the title 'In the beginning was the Word!' Hitler was transfigured from being a priest to being God. Cities were directly consecrated to Hitler through the consecration of their standards. There was a Rally Day when 400 cities were consecrated. Hitler went along the people-lined streets, and consecrated the standards by touching them with the 'Blood Flag' from the November riot. He took these cities as living sacrifices. The Nuremberger Square could surely be classed as the largest outdoor heathen temple in the world.

This consecration of cities is an important description of the actual sacrifices made later, in, that Satan also claimed the cities' populations as an offering during the bombardment. For example, think about the destruction of the city of Dresden 50 years ago. This paints a horrible picture, making these spiritual connections very clear: After the heavy bombing of Dresden, corpses were piled up to be burned in front of an unharmed 'Germania' statue... Here we see the full circle closes in an absolutely dark mastery of corruption, lies and death.

The 'Day of Atonement', which takes place on the 15th September this year in Nuremberg, should be an answer to this burdened inheritance. This date is exactly 50 years since the decree of the momentous Nuremberg Law, through which the Jews became outlawed, second class citizens.

We see that God returns to the place of shame to manifest His Glory. The idea goes back to Arie Ben Israel, a Jew who believed in Jesus, who for months addressed churches, Christian organisations and prayer groups, and tried to convince them to meet the burden of the past in a spiritual way, and to turn the curses into blessings for the Germans as well as the Jews.

We know from the Scriptures that the worst Jewish persecutions were always instituted through laws: Pharaoh enacted a law to kill all Jewish male babies; by law, Nebuchadnezzar ordered all to worship his statue. In the book of Esther, Haman tried to carry out the "final solution" to the Jewish Question, with a law. In Rome, there was a law to worship the emperor as God. However, none of these anti-Semitic laws which we know from Scripture and history, had such a horrific effect as the Nuremberg Decree. This decree prepared the way for the 'Final Solution' which was resolved in 1942 at the 'Wannsee Conference' in Berlin.Separation and paralysis of a city: Building the Berlin wall in August 1961.Separation and paralysis of a city: Building the Berlin wall in

As Christians how can we deal with the burden of past inheritance, which you have made clear in your examples from Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin?

We as Christians have to humble ourselves, but in a manner which allows us to stand up again and go on. The faithful man bows down before God and seeks for a new beginning through repentance. Think about PSALM 51 where David sought the Lord over his disgraceful deeds of adultery and murder, and through it obtained forgiveness and freedom. This principle is made clear in the well-known passage 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 - this deals with guilt which is not caused by one's own human judgement. "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 'My people' - today means the Israelites and especially the Christians - the true Israel.

We read here about 'their land'. Now we all know that in our land there are only a few people who live according to Biblical standards, and who are really Christians. But this is why the promise is so challenging, because these relatively few people have the ability, through prayer to cause the whole land to be healed by the power of God. This seems to me to be strongly motivating to confront this guilt with a biblical attitude. In other words, we acknowledge it as our own guilt and we bow down for the sins of our people, and then God will confirm His Word and heal our land. Therefore, the guilt from the past is ultimately a great challenge for Christians and a reason to wait for miracles from God.

Does this mean definite intercession and repentance, especially for certain cities?

Now we all know that the course of a country is determined by its respective capital city. So it is clear that national intercession must begin with intercession for the cities which determine the course of the country. In 1 TIMOTHY 2:1-4 we read that we should intercede "for kings and for all that are in authority." A definite order to pray for all cities can be derived from this. After all, in the year 2000, approximately 80% of all people will live in large cities. We take a further summons for intercession for our cities from JEREMIAH 29:7: "And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it...". When we want to change the visible world; the living conditions which we face, we must firstly change the invisible world. This only happens through faithful and biblically-grounded prayer. Fundamentally, we have here the best means of city politics and urban renewal!

The last question concerns the old (Reich's Capital) Berlin, which you previously mentioned as Hitler's political power centre. Is the separation of Germany and Berlin as a consequence of our arrogance, something we should investigate?

It is obvious that mainly through Hitler's Reign, the German nation completely turned away from God - although there were many martyrs during the Third Reich, and many people who rejected Hitler. From this we have to realise, that God deals with nations individually. In the Bible He speaks to them as people, and He judges them according to their Government and Legislation. The German nation has effectively completely turned from God in their attitude. This turning away, this separation from God is now seen practically through the separated city of Berlin. It is a consequence of God's judgment, a paralysis, that this spiritually sunken city is at present no longer able to do any damage. We also have to see the grace of God, for we know that the American atom bomb was first built to be used against Berlin.

Now the separation is a postponement of judgment. Through this, Berlin has another chance to change its mind and turn away from its dream to be a world power. Through this, we Germans have the possibility to turn back to the Lord. Only when the spirit over Germany and in the German people has changed totally will it be possible that the Lord gives such grace that He returns the sovereignty and once again unites those people.

Many thanks for the interview.

Translated from the German: 'Wer ist Herr über unsere Städte?'

Source: 'Der Auftrag'