Which Land Was in God's Focus?

Some people have claimed that “The land of Israel in Canaan was the focus of God’s promise, not Britain."



Having “cleared” the royal daughters in the company of Jeremiah from being bad and “useless” figs - as we tried to establish - we now approach the claim that Israel in Canaan was the focus of God’s promise, rather than Britain.

 1. Jeremiah’s Commission

In JEREMIAH 24:6-7 and JEREMIAH 29:10, we read that God will bring the good figs (those of Judah taken into Babylon) back to the land of Judah and establish them again. This was indeed carried out under Nehemiah and Ezra, and continued on by Haggai and Zerubbabel. You can read all about the return of the “good figs” in the books bearing these men’s names.

However, this cannot be the fulfilment of the commission given to Jeremiah (JEREMIAH 1:10) to build and PLANT OTHER NATIONS AND KINGDOMS as Jeremiah played no part in the return of these “good figs” (which occurred some seventy years after they were taken into captivity). GOD CANNOT AND WILL NOT BREAK HIS OWN WORD. So the question still remains - “where and how did Jeremiah fulfil his own commission”?

When Nehemiah et al returned to Jerusalem, they did so without a king. Jehoiachin and his line all perished in Babylon. This line of the royal family was to remain fruitless, and God specifically said that Jehoiachin (Coniah) would remain as if childless and that no man from his seed shall sit upon David’s throne (JEREMIAH 22:24-30).

So where did Jeremiah do his share of the “planting and building”? One thing for sure is that it could not have been in Judah, Israel, Egypt or any of the surrounding nations that Jeremiah knew, as God said to Jeremiah - “The LORD said, Verily it shall be WELL WITH THY REMNANT; verily I will cause the enemy to ENTREAT THEE WELL in the time of evil and in the time of affliction... And I will make thee to pass with thine enemies INTO A LAND WHICH THOU KNOWEST NOT: for a fire is kindled in mine anger, which shall burn upon you” (JEREMIAH 15:11-14).

To quote from the book 'Jacob’s Pillar', “The Bible records Jeremiah fulfilling the first part of his commission (the rooting out and pulling down of kings and nations), but of the “building” and “planting” there is no record. That PLANTING AND BUILDING, moreover, WAS TO BE IN A DISTANT FOREIGN LAND to which God declared Jeremiah would lead his remnant. Since the commission concerned the Throne of David, and as Jeremiah was instrumental in the removal of kings who did evil in the sight of God, it follows that the “building” phase of the prophecy would ALSO BE RELATED TO THE THRONE.” (1)

 2. Where was Jeremiah to Build and Plant?

There are SEVERAL SCRIPTURES pointing to where God would fulfil this prophecy. For example:- Israel was to have a NEW HOME (see 2 SAMUEL 7:10; 1 CHRONICLES 17:9; PSALM 2:8 - all promises given while Israel was still in Canaan). This new home was to have previously been a CONTINUAL WASTE, but would foster the building of CITIES WITHOUT WALLS, BARS OR GATES (see EZEKIEL 38:8-12).

Now this hardly can be Palestine. Palestine was the land of “milk and honey” and indeed was the cradle of civilisation. Thus the description of the land that was promised to Israel as being “always waste” is much more likely to be the countries that remained untamed and wild until the Israelites came - America, Canada, Australia and the so-called Western world.

Daniel Webster described the harshness of the land to which the Anglo-Saxon Pilgrims disembarked: “We feel that we are on the spot where the first scene of our history was laid: where the hearths and altars of New England were first placed; where Christianity, and civilization, and letters made their first lodgement, in a vast extent of country, covered with a wilderness, and peopled by roving barbarism.” (2)

Again, the geographic Israel of today surely CANNOT lay claim to being a land without walls, bars and gates (see 2 CHRONICLES 8:5; 2 CHRONICLES 14:6-7). But this very promise can be found for instance in countries such as North America and Australia to this present day. Throughout countries such as America, Canada and Australia there are no cities that are surrounded by a city wall - in stark contrast to the Middle East.

Israel were also TO LIVE SECURELY (EZEKIEL 38:8). Which country meets this description best - Israel or America? Look at the continual wars waged upon the land of Israel, and compare that to the last two centuries in North America. Again, common sense will tell you which nation meets these requirements (at this point, it is interesting to note that God calls the geographical city of Jerusalem a “CUP OF TREMBLING”, ZECHARIAH 12:2).

In this new home, Israel would be FREE FROM AFFLICTION of her enemies (2 SAMUEL 7:10). In the words of Thomas Jefferson:-

“The insulated state in which nature has placed the American continent should so far avail it that no spark of war kindled in the other quarters of the globe should be wafted across the wide oceans which separate us from them.” (3)

The Bible says that Israel will be ENVIED AND FEARED BY ALL NATIONS (ISAIAH 60:12; JEREMIAH 33:9, etc). I think the geographical Israel is probably the least envied of all nations! With enemies surrounding her on all sides, continual war, an economy that cannot sustain itself without massive injections of money from America and internal divisions like no other country, it again fails to live up to the promises given by God. It is nigh impossible to ignore or deny the fact that Britain (Ephraim) and her colonies (the largest empire the world has ever seen) and the United States of America (Manasseh) have especially met these conditions and show virtually all the marks of these prophecies.

Lastly, the promises God gave to Abraham in GENESIS 17:1-6 clearly state that Abraham would be a father of NATIONS (plural). This does not refer to the children from his second marriage, to Keturah, nor does it mean the offspring of Ishmael - as Abraham passed these promises in their entirety on to Isaac (see GENESIS 25:1-5; GENESIS 26:1-5). Isaac passed them on to his son Jacob (GENESIS 28:1-4). When the time came for Jacob to pass God’s promises on to his sons he expanded on the previous prophecies and explained that while MANASSEH WOULD BE A GREAT NATION, EPHRAIM would be “GREATER THAN HE, AND HIS SEED SHALL BECOME A MULTITUDE OF NATIONS” (GENESIS 48:14-22). Where and how was this fulfilled? Where are the multitude of nations? If Jeremiah was to plant and build only in Judah, then it seems as if God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have not been kept. God forbid!

Jeremiah was used to link in many of the strands of Biblical prophecy. He helped David’s descendants to continue to sit on his throne, HE BUILT AND PLANTED THE TENDER TWIG, he helped establish Israel in their appointed place which in time allowed Israel to spread into the “desolate heritages” (ISAIAH 49:8) planned since the beginning of time for them.

As for the “captivity of Judah and the captivity of Israel to return” and God’s plan to “build them, as at the first” (JEREMIAH 32:41 and 33:7, as quoted in the original summary), many scriptures describe the final return of Israel to Palestine. Their route and point of departure for this return is described in no uncertain terms: “FROM AFAR” (ISAIAH 49:1-3); from the “ISLES” (ISAIAH 51:4-5); the “ISLES AFAR OFF” (JEREMIAH 31:10); from the “NORTH AND FROM THE WEST” (ISAIAH 49:12); “FROM THE LAND OF THE NORTH” (JEREMIAH 3:18); with Israel remembering God “IN FAR COUNTRIES” (ZECHARIAH 10:8-9). If anything, the whole picture confirms that ISRAEL WILL BE GATHERED FROM REMOTE COUNTRIES, COASTS AND ISLANDS, which, yet again, points to a RELOCATION OF ISRAEL INTO A NEW LAND.

 3. Which Geographical Location Did God Have in Mind?

Following are more scriptures to reflect upon, showing where the new land of Israel was to be and which geographical location God had in mind.

  • Israel was to be a multitude like “dust of the earth” and hard to be numbered (GENESIS 13:16). This was NOT FULFILLED at Jeremiah’s time - keeping in mind that God in His omnipotence looked a little further than around 600 B.C. This is explained in depth in article 9 “Were Most of the Promises to Israel Fulfilled in the OT?
  • srael’s seed is COMPARED WITH THE NUMBER OF STARS (GENESIS 15:5, 26:4, 32:12). The Jewish nation has never fulfilled this... but Israel being the British Commonwealth (Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and many others), as well as America, and Western Europe, etc. certainly comes closer! This also will be explained in more depth in article 9 “Were Most of the Promises to Israel Fulfilled in the OT?
  • Israel was to posses “THE GATES OF THY ENEMIES” (GENESIS 22:17), referring to “sea gates”, of which the Anglo-Saxon people controlled many in the course of their history.
  • Rebecca (mother of Israel) was called the “mother of thousands of millions”!!! (GENESIS 24:60) hmm... where are they? Hardly in geographical Israel!
  • Israel’s new land to have great agricultural wealth, “God give thee... the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine” (GENESIS 27:28, see also DEUTERONOMY 28:8-11 plus 33:13-16) - throughout their history, agriculture has always been the mainstay of the Anglo-Saxon people and they are blessed indeed with abundance of fertile ground.
  • Israel is to spread ABROAD to the WEST, EAST, NORTH and SOUTH... “…and in thee (Israel) and in thy seed shall ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH be blessed” (GENESIS 28:14b). Hmm... if you bent the first part you could relate it to Palestine, BUT in conjunction with the second part it’s a bit difficult! The Gospel was and is being carried throughout the world mainly by British and American missionary societies - more at least than by geographical Israel.
  • Israel is to be a “LIGHT FOR THE GENTILES” (ISAIAH 49:6). The “so-called” Western World with all its shortcomings would fit this description better than geographical Israel. (Think of “the bread basket of the World”, “aid for the third World”, “financial support and medical support to third world countries, technology, education, law, science, etc. etc.”)
  • Israel to EXPAND GEOGRAPHICALLY during the course of history: “The children which thou shalt have… shall say again in thine ears, The place is too strait for me, give place to me that I may dwell” (ISAIAH 49:20).
  • Israel will be “PLANTED AND MOVED NO MORE” (2 SAMUEL 7:10; 1 CHRONICLES 17:9). These two scriptures were given when Israel was already in Palestine = Canaan!!! This means that Israel must be at another location, other than Palestine.
  • Israel is to ALWAYS HAVE A KING ON SOME SORT OF THRONE (See the article "The Promise of David’s Enduring Throne" where this is explained extensively!).
  • Israel is also to live in some “Isles and coasts of the earth” (ISAIAH 41:1, 49:1-3; JEREMIAH 31:7-10).
  • Israel is to become a “COMPANY OR COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS” (GENESIS 17:4-6).
  • Israel was also to become a colonizing nation: “Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the UTTERMOST PARTS OF THE EARTH FOR THY POSSESSION” (PSALM 2:8).
  • Israel was to irrigate the deserts and develop the wastes (ISAIAH 27:6, 35:1, 43:19, 58:11-12). If anything, the opposite has occurred in the modern Palestine area... it has actually BECOME a desert and endures constant bombing / destruction... America, Australia, Canada, etc., however, fulfil these scriptures perfectly.


Yes, God would bring back the good figs to Judah and Jerusalem. However, His myriad promises and prophesies to Jeremiah and through Ezekiel show that Jeremiah would be instrumental in planting a kingdom in a foreign country, and that God would bring Israel to their new “appointed place” where they would have to tame the wilderness, but dwell securely in cities without walls, bars and gates. After this they would be respected and feared by all the nations. This cannot possibly refer to the geographical area of Israel, but is met in all aspects by the Celto-Anglo-Saxon people in Britain, America, Canada, Australia, etc.


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