The Trip to Europe

Pastor Bill Lloyd and wife Brenda, London Revival CentrePastor Bill Lloyd and wife Brenda, London Revival Centre

Between September 13 and October 12 I visited a number of the Revival Centres in Britain and Germany. The principal purpose of the trip was to visit a plastics machinery exhibition in Birmingham, England, however I had plenty of opportunity to meet with the saints in the major cities of activity.

My overall impression was that all the groups are stable and evangelical.

The first meeting was on Sunday, September 15 with the London Revival Centre at Bromley. They rent a small hall, twelve km south of London, and about 40 people were present. Pastor Bill Lloyd lives close by and works full time in London. People came from as far as Oxford, and apart from Sundays, they hold two mid-week meetings as well as outreaches on a regular basis. I was present again on Sunday September 29, and was asked to speak again. Mrs Heavey, who is the mother of Sarah Comans in the Sydney assembly, was present and I was able to visit her family during the following week.

I visited Pastor Scott Williams in Edinburgh and attended one of their first Sunday meetings at his house on September 22. Scott and a number of men from the German centres had renovated a house in Edinburgh over 2 months and his wife Maree had only come to join him 3 days before I arrived. They took me to Perth on Saturday 21 to visit a small castle once owned by my family's ancestors and then Edinburgh Castle which is old and huge and is a big tourist attraction, as well as housing the Scots Guards Regiments. There are four young German folk living now in Scotland and about four Scots people have been baptised and filled with the Spirit. Scott is in contact with the German centres by phone and tape and intends to visit each centre about twice yearly.

He was advised to move out of Germany because of difficulties with authorities associated with preaching the gospel and also being an alien. There are over 120 Spirit-filled people in the German Revival Centres.

Over the weekend of 4 to 6 October I was with the saints in Munich. Pastor Wolfgang Frantz, his wife Isolde and brother Günther exercised hospitality to the limit. I was given a tour of Munich, including Olympic park, then a journey to the Chalet in Reutte, Austria, where they all gather several times a year.

Scottish saints at Edinburgh Castle. Pastor Scott Williams (right)

Scottish saints at Edinburgh Castle. Pastor Scott Williams (right)

The chalet is only about one and a half hours drive from Munich, and is being extended by the owner for Revival Centre use, with a view to later being a free gift. It must be valued at $1m!

A combined meeting of central and southern German cell (house) groups culminated the visit. About 60 people attended this special meeting and the enthusiasm of all was clearly evidenced. On my departure nearly all came to the airport, many tears being evident (including mine).

Pastor Scott Williams on top of Hunting Tower Castle, Perth, Scotland A large number of the young German saints are planning to visit Australia in December 1987 and will be in Sydney about the middle of the month for one week. To show our hospitality, we will house them and plan outings and meetings during their stay. The plan is that after this, they will attend various Christmas camps. Both Pastors Wolfgang and Scott will be visiting Australia early next year.

Pastor Scott has asked that the German folk not be inundated with tourists just yet, and in fact anyone contemplating visiting Europe should first check with me. The general rule, even for visiting English assemblies, is that people should always make accommodation and transport arrangements beforehand.

I was impressed with the powerful evidence of the turbulent and tragic history of Europe, particularly with regard to the persecution and intolerance toward believers. In Oxford there is a monument to Bishops Latimer, Cranmer and Ridley, who were burnt at the stake in the 16th Century.

In various parts of Germany, there are statues of John Hus, who was also burnt at the stake.

There are remains of Roman invasions, and the 1,000 year Third Reich. Life goes on, but most people are blissfully unaware that the end is fast approaching, as we understand the prophecies of scripture and the world signs.

All of the Revival Centres in Europe are thriving, however we will all do well to uphold them in prayer and also consider that there is a population of over 300 million people in Western Europe who have yet to hear the gospel.

by Pastor Bob Caldwell

Günther says goodbye

About seven years ago, an Australian foreigner (Pastor Scott) came to Deutschland to preach the Word of God.

My brother and myself were using the army swimming pool regularly where we met Scott and he began to tell us about the truth.

Pastor Wolfgang Frantz, Günther and his fiancée Elfriede.

Pastor Wolfgang Frantz, Günther and his fiancée Elfriede. After much hard searching and checking what had been said, we took the final step and were baptised and we received the Holy Spirit.

Since then in Germany and in other European countries people have come to the Lord according to Acts 2:38-39.

Also in the last five years cell-groups have started up in cities around Europe.

Within this time I was mainly responsible for the organisation in the assembly and also looking after parts of Austria.

After Scott had found he had to leave Germany, it was decided that I would leave for Australia to learn English, administration and other things.

In the last ten months I have been travelling around Aussie land and New Zealand and have been learning many helpful things for our European work.

And from my heart in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I would like to thank all who have openly welcomed me into their hearts and homes.

by Günther

Source: 'Voice of Revival'