Throwing Light on Lying Spirits

"The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment" (PROVERBS 12:19).

When a lie is removed, the enemy has no place, so it behoves us to guard the truth and remove the lies. A lie does not grow by itself. It uses the soil of the human heart. Lies, like weeds, grow amidst the legitimate plants of the garden, stealing resources, draining lives, and choking out the good growth. Also, like weeds, a good gardener will pull them out as quickly as they're spotted. We must learn to discern a lie quickly.

Truth has a context, and that context is the Bible. Perhaps that is the first and easiest contrast to draw between truth and lies. No liar would want you to go to the original source! Anyone can quote a fragment of Scripture here and there to prove almost any point. The “father of lies” (JOHN 8:44) attempted to deceive Christ by pulling truth out of context (MATTHEW 4:1-11). Satan ruined mankind with a lie to begin with, and he still tries today. Only the Truth brings a true faith.

Lies are counterfeits for a real faith. Faith comes from hearing; lies also come from words, but not from God's Word. Sadly, like faith, lies inspire actions. Like faith, a lie requires that you give up other options. People sacrifice for faith, because they know that they are choosing well. A sacrifice for a lie is a blind assumption. A lie, when believed, looks like a right choice. The difference comes in harvest. Faith produces something good, while a lie betrays and bears nothing. Again, the quicker the lie is removed, the less damage it can cause.

Liars (those given over to falsehood), lie because they are without a real hope. To lie is to admit you're not hearing God, or worse, you won't obey Him. Falsehood, presumption, assumption, logical reasoning, anything that deceives a person into believing an unbelief, is a lie. Those who live in the light have a hope built upon real and honest expectation with roots in a reality to come. Liars have reservations for the lake of fire (REVELATION 21:8). In those who receive them, lies bring judgment as they fill the mind with folly and enable the devil to stop the truth before it can start, much less finish. A lie fills the place where truth belongs.

The pantry of a life filled with spiritual starvation has set in. To open up a can of lies is to stare into an empty box. In the very moment a spiritual hunger ought to be fed, there is nothing. Unrepentant liars deceive themselves into believing everyone is like them. Many liars don't find out how bad lying is until they are judged for it. Lies are radioactive in a sense, as they infest the mind and body of those who handle them. The more you sleep with a lie, the more diseased your soul becomes. Some can't tell the difference between a lie and a truth, even when confronted face-toface with both.

Lies are the opium of poverty. Lies numb us from an awareness of weakness or lack. Lies are empty bricks upon the foundation. So are those who live by them. When pressure is placed upon these hollow blocks, they will crumble. Build upon lies and the structure falls. While attempting to create something from nothing, you will find rubble. Now, instead of nothing, you have rubbish and trash to clear to just get back to nothing. To those who have not, even what they seem to have will be taken away (LUKE 8:18).

Lying is an expense we can't afford. You can't go further with God or man by lies. You can with honesty and humility. Accountability is a proving ground for promotion. It is not the exercise of ability as much as it is the capacity to handle responsibility that determines your future. Your gift may make room for you and bring you before kings (PROVERBS 21:6), but to stay in that room, put lying behind you. Find a way to tell the truth. If you lie, then find a way to tell on yourself. Otherwise, no one will trust you, not even yourself.

The liar trusts in outward appearances because it's all the reality they possess. They pose and pretend, seeking approval from those of legitimate substance. Remember, deceivers are hungry, but empty. Liars seek the face of the virtuous like a moth to a flame. Liars admire those who are nothing like them, just as Judas Iscariot followed the Lord. For a liar, to be in a church is to be righteous. It is as though being in a hangar makes one an airplane. As silly as it sounds, it is true for a liar, for appearances are the only truths the liar has as they are the most deceived of all. Satan enters into liars, and it takes the eyes of Christ to see it happen, as Jesus saw it happen in Judas at the Passover (JOHN 13:27-28).

Unrepentant liars won't tell the truth. They scam. They con. When caught, they do not change inside, but switch exteriors outside. When exposed, unrepentant liars attempt to find a place where they again freely lie. Perpetual liars must be rejected. They must be sent out as Judas was from the first communion. We should distance ourselves from those who won't distance themselves from lying. Nothing can be done to help someone who refuses to admit their own problem.

Be careful not to classify the weak with the liar. No matter how many times they fall, if they ask forgiveness, they can get right back up. In the love of God embrace the weak. Sinners have fallen short of the glory of God, usually know it, and are often the first to admit it. In disobedience they have injured themselves and usually others. Transgression may have strong consequences and a lasting impact, but this does not make the transgressor a reprobate liar. Again, the weak may be forgiven, worked with, and restored. Who are we to deny grace? Consider yourself and your own fragility outside of the Holy Spirit (GALATIANS 6:1).

Leave hardened liars to themselves. A bleeding-heart facilitates liars by ignoring their lies. Lying can't be overlooked or explained away. It is a root of self-deception in the soul that entertains a lying spirit. That path guarantees a broken heart. Pray for them, confront them, be there when they fall, but do not participate with liars through silence. Passively associating with liars is debilitating and vexing to the soul of someone who wants to go forward in Christ. You will not influence them through your visible integrity. ON THE CONTRARY, a liar will draw security from your honesty. Liars feel okay about themselves BECAUSE someone like you hangs around them. You are doing neither the liar nor yourself any good by hanging around with them.

Honesty is the beginning of recovery. Humbling oneself breaks the power of a lie. The preacher needs to get free from his own sin. The boss needs to stop robbing his employees. The husband needs to deal faithfully with his wife. Some can never stomach honesty, because they wait too long to try it. It's a hard pill to swallow that only grows with time. A lie enables us to avoid our responsibilities now, which is when we must face them. A lie may make a moment easier, but it fills your future and eternity with hell. Deception leaves a soul visionless, without legitimate authority or courage, immature in stature with undeveloped abilities, with no place to stand. A lie is a thief, which betrays its source.

We must all throw light upon lies, if they are to be removed ... especially if those lies are our own (JOHN 3:19-21). Honesty is not enough. We must sell out to truth (PROVERBS 23:23). To transition to a principled lifestyle, a person has to do more than proclaim righteous behaviour. Honesty without truth is a self-righteous pit of pride that can derail the penitent soul (ROMANS 10:3-4). Being constantly self-critical may for a season keep you from lying again, but it will still keep that spirit in front of your face (COLOSSIANS 2:23). Repentance is to turn to the Lord as well as away from sin (JAMES 4:7-8). Repentant liars are suddenly transparent in relationships (2 CORINTHIANS 7:10-11). They stay and build, commit and follow through for something other than themselves. They are free to grow in Christ having overcome the spirit of the world (1 JOHN 4:4).

This is a call for all followers of Christ, especially His leaders, to abandon deception and lying in all forms. We must thoroughly renounce and reject a lying spirit. We must handle the things of God in an open and honourable manner (2 CORINTHIANS 4:2). Removing a lying lifestyle involves prayer, discipline, and accountability. Be far more deliberate before you speak, and be extremely intolerant of the temptation to lie. Lies are lazy and this is work, so it won't be easy.

You love God more than idolatrous lies! You are motivated to be clean in the eyes of God and walk that way before men! In the fear of the Lord yield your tongue to the Holy Spirit! If you want to be rid of false protection and false peace, then submit to the One Who truly gives a peace the world can't take from you. Any other way is, well, a lie.

"Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight" (PROVERBS 12:22).

by Jim Pelletier

Source: “Church Growth International” (Autumn 2004)