Texas Baptists to Distribute a Bible Full of Holes

The following four paragraphs appeared in the July 25, 1968, columns of the 'Religious News Service' from New York City:

DALLAS (RNS) - The Baptist General Convention of Texas is asking its 4,000 churches to buy and distribute more than 1 million copies of the New Testament - in English and Spanish translations - during a six-week period next Spring.

The copies of 'Good News for Modern Man' and 'Dios Llega Al Hombre' are published by the American Bible Society.

Dr. T. A. Patterson, executive secretary of the 1.8 million member Baptist convention, said the churches are being given the opportunity to purchase the copies at greatly reduced cost.

The distribution plan was part of the Texas Baptists' participation in the 'Crusade of the Americas', massive hemispheric evangelism campaign.

We feel that these facts are pertinent to our readers because there are always people who claim they cannot see any of the trends of modernism that are fast creeping into the Southern Baptist Convention. It is our feeling that the devil is using many of these modernistic translations to deceive people and lead them from the Truth. Mr. Julius C. Taylor of 100 Cardinal Drive, Taylors, South Carolina, has done some research for the 'WESTERN VOICE' on this particular translation for which the Southern Baptist are urging their people to spend God's money. Read the following facts and see if you still believe it is worthy of your support:

'Good News for Modern Man' is a 1966 published translation of the New Testament, by the American Bible Society, New York. The chief translator was Dr. Robert G. Bratcher, Southern Baptist Theologian. Some drastic errors have been introduced, especially regarding the Blood of Christ, His virgin birth, and His being the only begotten Son of God.

MATTHEW 27:4 - Blood - left out. 1 PETER 1:19 - Blood - left out.
MATTHEW 27:24 - Blood - left out. REVELATION 1:5 - Blood - left out.
MATTHEW 27:25 - Blood - left out. REVELATION 5:9 - Blood - left out.
ACTS 5:28 - Blood - left out. JOHN 1:14 - Begotten - left out.
ACTS 20:28 - Blood - left out. JOHN 1:18 - Begotten - left out.
ROMANS 3:25 - Blood - left out. JOHN 3:16 - Begotten - left out.
ROMANS 5:9 - Blood - left out. JOHN 3:18 - Begotten - left out.
EPHESIANS 1:7 - Blood - left out. ACTS 13:33 - Begotten - left out.
EPHESIANS 2:13 - Blood - left out. HEBREWS 1:5 - Begotten - left out.
EPHESIANS 1:14 - Blood - left out. HEBREWS 5:5 - Begotten - left out.
COLOSSIANS 1:20 - Blood - left out. 1 JOHN 4:9 - Begotten - left out.
HEBREWS 10:19 - Blood - left out. LUKE 1:27 - Virgin - left out.

The February 22, 1968, issue of 'THE BAPTIST COURIER' quotes Dr. Robert G. Bratcher thus: "The New Testament writers probably never intended their work to be Gospel record for the future - so there is not a sterile order to the scriptures."

The above statement by D. Bratcher reminds me of something the late Billy Sunday said: "The church, in her endeavours to serve God and mammon, is growing cross-eyed."

C. H. Spurgeon once said: "The craving to alter the Word of God is ACCURSED. This is the crime of the present day. The Lord preserve us from it."

by Dr. Victor Sears

Source: 'The Western Voice', Ft. Worth, Texas