Terrorists Storm Church:

Bloodbath During Evening Prayer

The 60 believers in the small Protestant church near Darkley, Northern Ireland, had just begun the first chorus of their evening worship when machine-gun-fire was suddenly heard ripping through the building.

Two masked terrorists shot three members of the church who were standing at the door greeting visitors. Dying, one of them staggered to the pulpit - where he collapsed, covered in blood.

The terrorists ran after him - firing haphazardly into the congregation. Seven people in the path of the gunmen were shot, and fell to the ground injured. Bibles and hymn books were spattered with blood.

A witness said, "In panic, the people threw themselves under the church benches. Parents protected their children with their own bodies."

The police stated that it was probably an attack of the INLA, a marxist splinter group of the IRA.

Translated from the German: “Terroristen stürmen Kirche: Blutbad beim Abendgebet”

Source: Newspaper report from 22nd November, 1983