Standing Room Only

We went to the theatre, but the sign said S.R.O. I couldn't see myself standing for two hours to watch a play, but wondered how it might work in church to keep some people awake.

Standing Room Only was the scare tactic used in many schools to discourage young people from even thinking of raising large families with the earth so over-populated. There was hardly enough fresh air, clean water and available food supplies for the people who already populated the planet, they claimed.

Yet God told Adam and Eve and later Mr. and Mrs. Noah to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. Is the world too small for more people? Does this justify zero population growth?

Let's be realistic about such vital human limitations while we are deploring the depletion of wetlands, rain forests, and grazing areas. The world population on November 17, 1996 was 5,858,420,044, and if we had to provide a plot of land with a three bedroom house for every single person on the globe, say 1,200 square feet each, the entire population of China, India, all of Europe and the Americas, and all the continents could be placed within the state of Texas, which contains 7,304,614,732,800 square feet. This is all confirmed in records of the U.S. Census Bureau, The World Almanac, and an article by Morris K. Udall in the Arizona Republic. (Equivalent to 3.5 people per quarter acre, with the world's population all living in Queensland.)

With living room only in Texas, the rest of the world could be used for food production and commercial industries. But what if the world increases by five billion every year? They could still all be placed in the United States and there wouldn't be standing room only for another 30,000 years yet, even if no one died!

The World needs God now more than ever. Without following His righteous laws for nature and morals and government, we are in terrible trouble. When nations lived by Biblical standards of ethics, they grew and prospered.

But nations have now sunk down into pits they have made, snared in the nets they have laid. The wicked have made it hell because nations forget God. But God will judge the nations until they realise their error and peril (PSALM 9:15-20). Read all about it in the Bible. It beats the stuff promoted by university mentors or suicidal comet cults.

By Robert T. Woodworth

Source: Christ & Country Courier, Box 8504, Baltimore, MD 21234, U.S.A.