Specific Information about Alberto

This is a translation of a letter written to German Christians

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!

Those of you who have read the English crusader comics "Alberto" and "Double-Cross", most likely do not think it strange that the Roman clergy produced an extensive smear campaign in America against Brother Alberto Rivera and his story. They tried to distract attention from the Babylonian origins, the false doctrine and atrocities (past and present) of the Roman Religion. They tried to blow the facts about Alberto's past sins out of proportion; which had, however, been redeemed long ago by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

All in all, Rome used a primitive smoke-screen tactic which can be easily seen through by anyone informed of the ways in which the Vatican, the most prosperous institution in the world, handles critics. However, the actual reason for this letter is, that Rome & Co. have now started to bring this filth into our country.

We want to try to do justice to the truth in the following 4 pages: Here you will find an article written in the style of the 'Bild' newspaper, taken from the weekly Catholic magazine, 'Bildpost' (05/09/82). It is filled with false accusations. These pages also contain our corrections to those articles; copies of several church papers from Alberto, proving his authenticity; and some confessions from former members of the Roman Catholic clergy. In addition to this we have included some testimonies that were sent to Chick publications by American citizens after having read the controversial magazines.

This is also a notice to those who expected the publication of one more German crusader comic in Spring 1983. At the moment it looks as if it is not the Lord's will to publish another German magazine. Firstly, there are almost no large orders for the previous magazines, and secondly, we have received no clear sign from God which we could rely upon. That is why in the future we just want to be open to God's Word and hope that He, with His Spirit, remains with us.

Kindest regards 

Dr. Rivera (former Jesuit priest)Dr. Rivera (former Jesuit priest) Does Dr. Alberto tell the truth?

He was maliciously attacked recently by different news agencies and by some "Christian" publications. They published false information, which had its origin in the Vatican, and left no stone unturned to prevent Dr. Rivera's books from being distributed. In the following article you can read what former members of the Roman Catholic clergy have to say about Dr. Rivera. 

Donna Eubanks (ex-Mother Superior)

I was a nun with the sisters of St. Joseph for twenty-three years, with whom I served as a Mother Superior for the last five years. I left the Roman Catholic institution in 1968. I am now a true Christian, by the grace of God. Through studying history and checking scriptures from Catholicism itself, I finally came to realise the truth about this system that I was subjected to. Therefore, I can confirm all the things that Dr. Alberto Rivera says about the Roman Catholic institution: What Dr. Rivera says is true and absolutely correct.

Clark Butterfield (ex-priest) I used to be a Roman Catholic priest just like Dr. Rivera. I received my ordination in 1965. For reasons of conscience, I distanced myself from Catholicism and my priesthood without sensation or scandal. I was born-again in Jesus Christ in 1978. When reading 'Alberto' I realised that I was not alone in my desire, as a former priest, to bring salvation to the millions of captives of the Roman Catholic system. So it is an honour for me to help Dr. Rivera's work in every possible way. Dr. Rivera's service surely is a thing of God. The devil is trying to destroy him (1 PETER 5:8), but the Spirit of God supports and confirms him, and shows that he is preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Robert V. Julien (ex-Maryknoll Missionary) I consider it an honour and a pleasure, through the spilled Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, to be connected with Dr. Rivera and I love him as a precious brother in Christ. After reading 'Alberto' and 'Double-Cross' I was convinced that this statement was true and that he genuinely loves all Catholics. He is not too timid to tell the whole truth and, because of this, to risk his life. Let them know that even though his statements hurt and anger them, he does not wish for anything more than their eternal salvation. "Faithful are the wounds of a friend" (PROVERBS 27:6).


 Dear Brother Alberto:

"Your life story was used by God as a tool for my prayers, those I brought daily before God for almost 3 years. In these prayers I asked God to save my mother-in-law. Four weeks ago she accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and Redeemer. Praise His Holy Name! The miraculous thing is that she is already 79 years old. She has now really woken up, which I never thought was possible because of her Roman Catholic past. But with God all things are possible." A.W., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I used to be a Roman Catholic - until I read Alberto. That really opened my eyes." S.K., Minot, ND

"I have two friends who have read 'Alberto'. After reading it one of them got very angry, but today, both are redeemed and belong to a Bible-believing Assembly. Both were Roman Catholics." F.E., Rock Hill, SC

"I have sent my brother 'Alberto' and 'Double Cross'. For a few weeks he had deep doubts, but finally, after he read the instructions on the last page of the magazine thoroughly, he recognised his sin and asked Christ to redeem him. He was Catholic just like I used to be - but now he is a child of God." W.S., Robbinsville, NC

"There are 10 children in our family and we were brought up as very strict Catholics. Some time ago, 7 of us were born again and now live for the Lord. Our family reacted unpleasantly and showed annoyance towards our new belief. But on the other hand, the respective marriage partners of some of us were brought closer to the Lord.

Our family is very close knit and because of this, we always feel a responsibility for the souls of our parents. After we had preached to them for a long time we reaped only criticism and contempt, and then God at last worked a miracle. We got to know Alberto one evening in a meeting and in high spirits my brother passed on a magazine to my mother, although I was against it because I thought it would annoy and upset her...

But it led her to Golgotha! Now she serves the Lord Jesus and in less than 4 weeks she has read her Bible from the first to the last chapter and testifies to all her friends about the Lord. And all this at the age of 51." O.Z., Laredo, TX

"A catholic woman, although it angered her, read 'Alberto' over and over again. Every time she read it through she would throw it into the corner with full contempt. I visited her with our Pastor after she had just read the magazine for the 4th time. At this visit we were able to lead her and her husband to the Lord. Now she says that Alberto was a large part in inspiring her, in her search for Christ." G.S., Newport, PA

"My catholic neighbours examined the truth in 'Alberto' and 'Double-Cross' from scriptural material on hand from their own church library. They already left the Church a few weeks ago and they told us: We are not Catholics anymore." M., Albany, GA 

The following article was published on 5th of September 1982 on the front page of the weekly 25p newspaper "Neue Bildpost", which calls itself 'The biggest weekly Christian magazine'. It is a publication similar to the "Sun" newspaper which advocates an increase in Catholicism and is infiltrated by the occult.

This re-occurs:

The Jesuit that does not exist...

Father Pittau, leader of the Jesuit order: The Father under discussion, Alberto Rivera, does not exist in his Congregation. News about two comics titled "Alberto" and "Double-Cross" - these two volumes in a series were not given import approval in Canada. The reason: they deal with anti-Catholic hate literature.

Through a hint from a private source this import of slanderous writings was brought into the open. The Justice Department in Ottawa inspected the contents of the magazines and classed them as slanderous material on immoral grounds.

All customs points received an order to refuse their import.

The 'Catholic League for Religious and Citizens' Rights', Milwaukee, asked the Justice Department to take steps against the publisher of the comic series, Jack T. Chick, Chono., California.

 The magazine "Alberto" pretends to be a confession from an ex-Jesuit. In this magazine they explain how the Jesuits are trained to infiltrate and destroy the Protestant Church and that 70% of the congregation are homosexuals. All information about the ex-Spanish Jesuit priest, whose name was Alberto Rivera, was proven by the Church Authorities in Rome and Madrid to be fabricated. Father Pittau, leader of the Jesuit Order, described how Father Alberto Rivera, does not exist in his congregation.

The reply:

The Jesuit did exist...

It's true that the 'Catholic League for Religious Rights' tried to persuade the Californian Justice Department against Jack T. Chick, but the Californian Justice Minister simply refused the request to take steps against Mr. Chick.

In reality, the magazines "Alberto" and "Double-Cross" were never really forbidden in Canada at any time; this is only something that the Catholic officers would have liked to see. The officer, who jumped to conclusions and imposed a ban on imports of his own accord, lost his job because the Protestant League filed a court case against the aforementioned justice officer and won the trial. Thanks to the judges decision, there are no more import restrictions, and the accusations of anti-Catholic hate literature and slanderous material on immoral grounds vanished into thin air.

All the above-mentioned facts were already known at the publication of the 'BILDPOST' article. If Father Pittau is saying now that there is no Father Alberto Rivera in his congregation, in this respect it is true, because Alberto has not held this office for years. Alberto in the meantime has been saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and thanks God for his redemption.

Maybe, by a more careful examination of the personal documents of the Archbishopric of Madrid-Alcala, Spain, they would have come to a positive result concerning the question of Alberto's existence. Or did they consciously and carefully not take the exact truth in this case. The documents printed overleaf prove to the observant reader that the existence of the Jesuit priest Alberto is definite.

Translated from the German: 'Sonder Information - Alberto'

Because there is still some space left, here is the reason for our suspicion of occult infiltration.

It is written a few lines further on in the same 'Bildpost' magazine, "You always wanted to go to Fatima?" Subtitle - "Where the mother of God announced her message of peace" - following text: "The Pope himself was at the peace pilgrimage at Fatima. The Mother of God gave her peace message there. Those who let themselves be moved in Fatima most likely never forget the prayer for peace..."

After that follows an invitation to participate in a Fatima pilgimage. Therefore, we unequivocally explain that this peace message is a dangerous occult deceit, because there is no indication in the Bible that the mother of Jesus has superhuman or supernatural abilities. LEVITICUS 19:31 talks about the issue of communicating with the dead: "Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God." And in LEVITICUS 20.27: "A man also or a woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them." 

ID Card Alberto RiveraThis ID Card was issued by the Spanish Government in Spain in 1967, under the rule of the Spanish dictator Franco. His security forces were equally as strict as the Gestapo had been in Germany. To obtain this document, Alberto had to supply birth certificate, identification papers and positive proof from his Archdiocese of being a priest. Several security organisations were involved, similar to the CIA and FBI. The priest, Alberto Rivera, had to be approved by all of these organisations to receive this document. There was no way it could have been a forgery. There is no question he was a priest. What you see here is positive proof. This document was granted by a government that had pledged absolute submission to the Pope through the Concordat signed by the Government of Spain and the Vatican.

Last official certification given to Alberto from the clerical office in Mardrid just before he left Spain, with a rough English translation of the same official document