The Religion of Evolution

The Religion of Evolution is Dangerous to the Christian Faith!

“Materials to De-Program Our Children”

A series of information-packed reference volumes of ‘Our Science Readers Books' have been prepared with single-minded dedication to the Word of God. Working from the information sources of the Bible-Science Association, one of the world's largest sources of up-to-date scientific information supporting creation, experienced educators offer these topical supplements for the Christian schoolroom, and church, and for home use.

No matter which science curriculum materials your children are using, 'Our Science Readers Books' offer them that crucial additional information they need in a society which assumes evolution has proven the Bible outdated. Written by educators who are experienced in the grades for which they write, 'Our Science Readers Books' provide the child with information not even available in the best creation curriculums offered by Christian publishers.

Christian children (who will still watch television and read magazines), as well as young people in public school, need to see that the Bible does indeed offer an intelligent alternative to "the fact of evolution".

'Our Science Readers Books' are a needed supplement to non-Christian science texts as well as an in-depth compliment to even the best creationist curriculum available.

Field-Tested Material - The selection of topics and material in these volumes is based on the comments and recommendations of Christian educators working in classrooms across the country.

Versatile - Topics are cross-referenced (beginning with grade five) so that students may research a topic as widely or as narrowly as desired. For example, the subject of fossils may be studied alone, in the context of the Flood, or in the context of fossil creatures such as dinosaurs and Archaeopteryx. Teachers, students and parents can tailor the use of this material to their needs.

Authored by Experienced Educators - Topics in 'Our Science Readers Books' have been authored for the various levels by experienced educators who know how to communicate ideas to their age-groups.

Up-to-date - Our editors keep up with the latest scientific work done by both evolutionists and creationists. The Bible-Science Association specialises in presenting science which supports the Scriptures and refutes evolution.

Relevant - Many years of experience in teaching creationism have taught us exactly which questions about creation and evolution young people ask at each age. The answers to these questions are our first priority in each volume. 'Our Science Readers Books' will be your resident expert on creation in your school, church and home.

Christ-Centred - The scientific information offered in 'Our Science Readers Books' has the ultimate goal of proclaiming and glorifying our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. There is no part of life in which Jesus Christ does not belong. The best way to show a young person how to integrate God's love and will into every part of life is to show how He is truly Lord; yes, even in science!

by Paul A. Bartz

Source: 'Bible-Science Newsletter', July 1986