Proverbs from the Bible Study

The born-again Christian should no longer be ruled by emotions, particularly not by anger and envy, which caused Christ to be crucified.

He who cannot tolerate argumentative sinners, and who cannot love his enemies and pray for them, has not yet received true peace.

A child of God sealed by the Holy Spirit is recognised in two ways: even the worst lie does not offend him, and he prays for his enemies just as Moses pleaded for his people.

Even a Christian who has been tested much (like the apostle Paul) is in need of prayer, for as long as we live in this mortal body we will be in danger of being spiritually proud.

A jesting spirit drives away the Holy Spirit.

The main point is to obey God's will in all things and to see His love wherever He leads us.

Nothing can happen to the children of God that they disagree with. They agree with everything as they no longer have to break their own will.

Do not merely become children who talk to the Lord, but rather, become such to whom the Lord talks to.

I do not make pleasing visits to the sick and I do not fulfil their every wish and cater to their moods for fear of upsetting them. No, if they become agitated, then I can see what is wrong with them, and I know someone who calmed the storm on the sea, who can also soothe their raging, human heart.

Without Jesus, and without taking hold of His Blood sacrifice in faith, there will be no salvation for us and eternal damnation will be our fate.

I do not desire the happiness of the world. Good and comfortable things do not attract me: what I like most is a house full of poor sinners who hunger after deliverance and redemption. For me, this is the best recreation.

If we have a new heart, our own mentality has disappeared. We no longer care whether others always treat us kindly, speak rudely to us, or carelessly pass us by. These are still signs of our old character.

As long as we are still serving ourselves and our lusts, God cannot be in us, for He certainly does not dwell in a zoo. A new heart, however, which has been transformed by the grace of God is a pleasance.

True quietness does not mean that one talks little or not at all. Rather, in a time of tribulation one does not say anything evil or unnecessary.

On family days, one should not talk about things which are eaten by moths and corrupted by rust, or what everyone is lacking. One should rather be able to say how someone has changed from a goat to a lamb here and how God has helped someone there. These would be true family days.

There is a peace that I can lose because of an injustice done to me. However, this kind of peace is worthless anyway. There is no harm done when losing it.

The one who has had a true revelation of the Saviour will surely not be anxious and will not have a lying spirit.

I cannot find a single word in the Bible that preaches damnation to those who want to be saved.

It's not the amount and severity of our sins that cause misery for us, but the fact that we do not accept the Redeemer; who has saved us from our sins, so that he can dwell in our hearts.

To be quiet means to be content with whatever God sends us.

We have to check ourselves, to see if we are reconciled to all mankind and if we love our enemies and our friends. Only then will He hear us when we call.

As long as we still harbour a lust, we do not have the Lord.

We are to be followers in deed, not in word.

It makes a difference whether Christ works in us or dwells in us.

We cannot sing a new song with an old tongue.

It is by believing His Word that we honour the Lord the most.

To sacrifice a ram means to get rid of one's own will.

The light which is in us has to shine and kindle other lights.

When you are unsaved, your thoughts can wander around the whole world while you are at work. Why then, should you not be able to be in contact with the Lord in the midst of your business affairs since you were saved? - This would make sense.

The fire of a burning love for Jesus has to consume everything.

We first have to change into lambs before we can be sent amongst the wolves.

The Spirit that shows me my mistakes also gives me the power to overcome.

Is it surprising that the glory of God cannot dwell in our unbelief?

Those who wander about in sin before revival, still wander around in spiritual matters thereafter. The one who has the spirit of God is still.

Many may pray often, but they do not let themselves be crushed until nothing remains.

The greater our faith is when we turn to the Lord, the more He will work on us.

To complain - means to deny Jesus.

God cannot work miracles among dead Nazarenes, but He can among believing Christians.

There are emotional Christians, fair-weather Christians, Christians by word, Christians by name, fantasy Christians, moody Christians, fashionable Christians, automated Christians and half Christians. However, we should be Christians of faith, Christians of the Bible, apostolic, sober, true, whole Christians.

We may dwell in darkness as long as the darkness does not dwell in us.

The world is a waiting room in which to change your garments.

The rich young man became sad because he had to lose everything. Others become glad once they have lost everything.

What do you regard as more important: the soul of the thief or what he has stolen from you?

What hurts you more: the strike on the cheek or the lost soul of the one who struck you?

Many think that a revival means their conversion, especially those who have destroyed their bodies and minds through uncleanness.

Being sealed by the Holy Spirit happens suddenly. It is the second birth, but is painless.

Do not look at the suffering, but look at the Lord, the Overcomer.

It is a disgrace how one can talk about grace all day long and yet still remain in the same sins.

Everything has to be converted: the eye, ear, nose, feet, tongue, etc.

It is a sad thing to desire to lead souls to the Lord when your own soul is not saved.

The Overcomers will stand before the throne of God - not those who were overcome.

Why is there so much death and weakness in Christianity? Because there are no meetings of the saints; people only sit together and talk of spiritual things. They bring their own selves to the meeting and still remain in their own characters.

If we are only happy when others love and respect us and if we have not yet reached the point where we prefer not to be taken notice of - then we do not yet have the right attitude.

The one who still worries about what others think of him or say about him, had better not claim to be a follower of Christ.

The right attitude to have, and one which gives true freedom, is to do nothing that our Saviour should not witness.

I would not want to shake hands with a person given to prayer if he continues to blabber on or joke around after the prayer.

Conversion and an imaginative turn-around are two different things.

Many housewives water their flowers and waste a few hours every day doing so. It would truly be better for them to water the souls of their children and their servants; instead they let them die of thirst.

Nothing appears to be more ridiculous to me than believers who do not like being ridiculed and who do not like to suffer being laughed about.

The one who has an argumentative spirit, certainly does not have the Spirit of God.

To come to the meeting - and to hold on to the old man makes a person most miserable.

The only signpost found on the way to Heaven says "Onward!"

When taking up a collection, much depends on the first person committing himself to generosity, then the others feel obliged to follow him.

As long as the poison of sensitivity remains in us, the oppressor can always come back and throw us to the ground. But he can no longer dwell in a heart that is void of self; for Christ and belial do not dwell together.

We are a dead and slumbering people if the salvation of souls is not on our hearts day and night.

The one who is sensitive is ill; for a sick part of the body is sensitive.

When do the days of our suffering come to an end? On the day we stop having our own will.

The kind of godliness where one hates the evil person rather than the evil inside of him, is one the devil likes best.

If I say many words that are not full of Spirit and life, then I am serving the devil.

Is it a surprise that one cannot obtain peace without learning to overcome?

If we pray to the Lord to free us of our own ambitions, then he will surely give us humility. However, if we do not like humility, we are holding Him back from freeing us of our own ambitions and our prayer is hypocritical.

The one who still looks to receive love in return, even if for the most noble motive, does not have lasting peace; for he is never safe from the enemy who awakens souls that return his love with ingratitude and then his peace is gone.

As long as we are still smiling inwardly when we are being praised, there is not an inch of goodness in our hearts.

Judge yourselves by whether you can do even the lowliest kind of service to someone you do not like.

Do not consider someone to be humble if he stills gets offended.

These are gifts of the Devil when you give a penny in a manner that makes others think it is a pound. If you do not give a talent to the Lord then you are best to leave it altogether.

The one who has overcome the wolf and the bear in his heart, does not have a day in the week when he is grumpy.

No face that drinks from the rock of life is dark.

As long as we look at the loss it will only get bigger.

There are people who like to hear others say that they are subtle. However, it says that the serpent was subtle and this is the spirit of Satan.

When melting gold, the work is finished once the gold is so pure that the founder can see his own image clearly. Likewise, the Saviour can only stop the melting process when He can see His image in our souls.

Many of our believers like to talk about grace, but they do not want to be saints because it would mean they would have to give up all of their desires.

If you knew how blessed it is to overcome, you would not want to cease overcoming.

Weak nerves will become strong when the Saviour can dwell in the heart. The fact that the nerves are often agitated comes mostly from the old character.

There are people who moan and whine that they are damned - but they are ever so quiet when you do everything according to their will. They only kick up a fuss when you do something against their will. These are stubborn characters.

It is not the fault of the world that it has not been converted, but it is the fault of the so-called believers who do not have the faith to overcome the world.

The pious, proud saints are the most wretched pieces of furniture, they are worth absolutely nothing.

The most common cause of depression is that one does not completely free oneself from sin. One continually prays without completely putting aside all sin, without being crushed completely, and yet appearing holy.

Why do we always want to be respected even though the Saviour was so terribly disrespected?

The one who wants to obtain promises, also has to walk on the path of denial.

Hearts should not only be visiting rooms where the Lord visits from time to time; they have to be living rooms in which He lives at all times.

Many pray that the Lord should make them pillars or tools. Pray first that you become a Nobody.

The children of Pentecost are driven by God, whereas other people drive themselves.

Only the faith that trusts the power of the Blood of Jesus in all things is alive.

Much idleness is to be found in pious visits.

In the Old Covenant, the face of Moses shone from his dealings with God. Should we then in the New Covenant still have gloomy faces? No! We should become glorious. It should be seen on our faces that we have a living Saviour.

The power of prayer is the key to a child's education.

True Christians have not only received the baptism in water, but also the baptism by fire in the Holy Ghost.

With a new tongue, you do not deny anyone; you also do not complain about people or pain.

The mountains of sin in the heart are to be cleared away and turned into a valley of humility.

A coin bears the image of the person who had it minted and to whom it belongs. If we belong to Jesus, we have to bear His image, otherwise we are forgeries.

They are unskilful beggars who go home with empty pockets on a Saturday night. Have you begged much from the throne of grace by the end of each week?

The suffering of Jesus is glorious; the suffering of sin causes pain.

Tears shed for injustice or persecution are the devil's tears; they cause a headache and dim eyes. Tears shed for souls are tears of love; they make the eyes sparkle.

If we are true lambs, the wolves can do us no harm; the one who dwells in us is stronger than the strong one.

Those who are without Christ are like drunkards.

It is much worse for the saints to talk of useless things and of the faults of others, than for people in the world to go to the theatre.

When the saints come together, they should only talk of what God has wrought in them and intercede together for souls.

Unless we live according to the Bible, unbelievers are justified in thinking that it (the Bible) is only a fairy tale; for they should see in us that the Word is the truth, that God is the same God that can be witnessed in us, just as in our fore-fathers.

Mankind is so inventive that they overcome everything for the sake of worldly treasures. Why not for the eternal, most high treasure?

Many false saints have more idols than the heathens.

We have to be empty vessels so that God can fill us with Himself.

The dowry of grace, of the Holy Spirit, is the best. This jewellery alone should adorn us so that the Lord always shines in our eyes.

If the Bible contained the glories of the world, you would all know it by heart; even ten-year-old children!

One is only entirely happy when one is completely set free with nothing to cling to.

Soul, if the love does not dwell in you and does not drive you to help other souls, that they may be pulled out of the mire of sin, then your Christianity is worth nothing. If you see something in the person next to you that is not right, take it to the Lord and tell Him as if you had done it yourself. This is much better than going to others and blabbering first. By the time you have finished blabbering about it, you could have already asked the Lord.

The best mountain air is that which blows from the cross on Mount Calvary.

We should only see the world as being a school of training for Heaven.

It is no good for the thief to moan and whine for twenty years because he has stolen. "To stop stealing" is the kind of repentance that will help him. Likewise, it is no good for an unclean person to complain, rather, he should become disgusted with himself, and stay unclean no longer. To recognise, confess and refrain from sin is true repentance.

One has to be equipped with the character of the Lamb and the Spirit of love, which will not get irritated by any kind of injustice. We should be ashamed to be called brothers and sisters of Jesus if we cannot forget about ourselves for the benefit of others.

First of all, one has to become a Nobody; then the Lord can use us.

It is essential for our development, that others have been trained before us.

I have seen pious households that can only keep the peace by not telling each other the truth. When your nerves are shattered, it has to be somebody else's fault, whereas it is really the fault of your old character.

Become like the dust - as dust does not get hurt.

The Godly noble is the servant of all servants. The one who puts himself below Judas does not require to be a servant.

Scorn for the Saviour's sake should be the greatest joy for us, for Christ always loved His enemies. The true love for your enemies is the only thing that can make the soul completely happy. Where there is love for your enemies, the enemy cannot succeed in disturbing our peace.

A true follower cannot be gentle with himself.

Nothing is more despicable in my eyes than a wife that rules over the husband. Should the wife be more intelligent than the man, she has to behave in such a way that no-one will notice.

If you have not yet reached the point where you are chastised about every unnecessary word, then you are not yet on the right way.

Even if one is bound to one single sin, he is still in bondage. Nowadays, the saints only speak of weakness which is supposedly sent for their humiliation.

The one who thinks it is his duty to pray is a poor wretch. But the one who is driven to prayer through the love of Christ knows what it means to pray.

If we say we are sinners, worthy of damnation, but are unhappy when God chastises us, we are hypocrites.

All true children of God are bound closer to the Saviour through every tribulation; they are not crushed to the ground.

Believing and not seeing

is the fate of this day;
Completely trusting in the Word
makes great in a childlike way;
If God alone is your Father,
Christ your brother;
You can be still,
even when darkness shall cover.
Keep your eyes on God,
towards the Lamb of God above,
Who was sacrificed for you,
on the cross for love.

by Dorothea Trudell

Translated from the German: "Einige Brosamen aus den Bibel Stunden"

Source unknown.