Prayer Power

In 1904, a group of missionaries became deeply concerned that the church had not been established in their land in the way they knew God longed for it to be. Korea had been known as the "Hermit Kingdom", literally folding her mountains about herself and warding off any infiltration of Western ideas or religions. Only in subtle ways, such as through medicine or schools, could the Gospel be preached. Consequently, there began noonday prayer meetings. Missionaries of every mission station in Korea, by common consent, knelt for one hour to pray for victory in that land.

After a couple of months, a missionary at one of the stations spoke up. We will call him an efficiency expert ... and we have plenty of them. He said, "We have been praying for a long time, but have seen nothing radical happen. I would suggest that to save time we dispense with these noon meetings and pray privately at our own devotions for revival in Korea."

But another missionary gave a quick response, "I believe God has not answered our prayers because we are not praying enough. I recommend we continue these noon meetings and spend an hour in the evening as well." The plan was adopted unanimously. Word got around to the other mission stations and soon every mission group in Korea was spending two hours a day in prayer for revival in that land. In a matter of weeks a lightning bolt of revival struck, and like a rolling prairie fire went the length and breadth of Korea.

More than 50,000 converts were added to the Korean church. In the 25 years following the Korean revival, statistics show that the nation increased around 250 percent in population, but the church of Jesus Christ increased 2,600 percent - 10 times the growth of the nation.

The glow of that revival lit up the horizon in such a manner that Jonathan Goforth came from North China to see what it was all about. Upon his return, the great North China Revival began. It can happen to any country in the world, provided the conditions are met.

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