"Pope Was Poisoned After 33 Days"

Book reveals background to death of John Paul I

London (ap/dpa) Pope John Paul I, who was head of the Catholic Church for only 33 days in 1978, was murdered, claims the British author David Yallop in his book "In God's Name", which was published in 1984. After 3 years of investigation he has come to this conclusion, having found out that members of the forbidden Italian secret lodge "P2" allowed the pope to be poisoned.

John Paul IMysterious death 33 days after election: John Paul I John Paul I was found dead in his bed by his private secretary on the morning of 29th September 1978. The official cause of death: heart attack.

Yallop, however, says it was murder. He is relying on interviews with "highly positioned sources within the Vatican" and states as evidence a series of inexplicable occurrences which accompanied the pope's death.

There was no post-mortem, according to Yallop, although the 65-year-old church leader had never had any heart problems before his death. All his personal belongings, including his last will, were removed from his room and were never seen again. There are conflicting opinions about the exact time of his death, and it was officially stated that the deceased was holding a book in his hand, although it was actually documents, said Yallop.

He sees the motive of the murder as being due to the intention of John Paul I to bring an end to the ecclesiastical prohibition of artificial birth control. But most of all he wanted to relieve a few high dignitaries of their offices and to substantiate the finances of the Vatican.

Yallop also names suspicious members of the secret union "P2". For instance, the founder of the fascist-orientated Free Mason Lodge, Licio Gelli; or Jean Villot (at that time cardinal-state secretary); or bishop Paul Marcinkus who, as governing head of the Vatican Bank, did fraudulent business with the "Ambrosia" (private bank); or their director Roberto Calvi, who himself lost his life in mysterious circumstances.

Translated from the German: "Papst wurde nach 33 Tagen vergiftet"

Source: Newspaper article - Munich TZ (12.06.84)