Our Hidden History - Good Manners

A generation ago, schools fostered harmonious relationships between children, their parents, and others. All the children were taught Good Manners and The Golden Rule as the basis of their interaction with others.

Recently we discovered one of the original Good Manners Charts, in mint condition, displayed with other memorabilia, in an old schoolhouse at the Jondaryan Woolshed complex, west of Toowoomba.

We know many of our readers will want to cut it out and use it, as a tried and tested recipe, to train their children in Human Relationships.

Parents are concerned that today's schools, with compulsory Human Relationship Education, are teaching their children to be self-centred, anti-parents, and anti-society, with heavy emphasis on sexuality (often deviant sexuality), drugs and death education.

One shocked mother reports that her daughter was expected to stand naked in front of the mirror for twenty minutes, saying "I love you. I love you..." to improve her self-esteem!

Another mother removed her child from school and commenced one of the excellent home schooling programs after a church school subjected her 12 year old son to sexuality lessons promoting promiscuity, abortion and anti-social behaviour.

Taken from "Wake Up Australia"


Based upon Rules of the Children's National Guild of Courtesy


A celebrated writer has said that a boy who is Courteous and Pure is an honour to his country.

Brave and Noble men and women are always Courteous. Three of the bravest and greatest men who ever lived - the Duke of Wellington, General Gordon and General Washington - were distinguished by their courteous behaviour. Courteous Boys and Girls will always be careful to observe the following rules:

TO THEMSELVES: Be Honest, Truthful, and Pure. Do not use bad language. Keep out of bad company. Keep your face and hands clean, and your clothes and boots brushed and neat.
AT HOME: Help your parents as much as you can, and do your best to please them. Be kind to your brothers and sisters. Do not be selfish, but share all your good things.
AT SCHOOL: Be respectful to your teachers, and help them as much as you can; their work is very difficult and trying. Observe the School Rules. Do not "copy" nor cheat in any way. Do not cut the desks, nor write in the reading books, etc. Never let another be punished in mistake for yourself, this is cowardly and mean.
AT PLAY: Do not cheat at games. Do not bully, only cowards do this. Be pleasant and not quarrelsome. Do not jeer at your schoolmates, or call them by names which they do not like.
IN THE STREET: Salute all your ministers, teachers, and acquaintances when you meet them; they will salute you in return. Do not push nor run against people. Do not chalk on doors, walls nor gates. Do not throw stones nor destroy property. Do not make slides on the pavement, nor throw orange peel or banana skins there; dangerous accidents often result from these practices. Do not make fun of old or crippled people, but be particularly polite to them, as well as to strangers and foreigners.
AT TABLE: Always wash your Hands and face before coming to the table. Do not put your knife to your mouth. Look after other people; do not help yourself only. Do not be greedy. Do not speak nor drink with food in your mouth. Turn your head away from the table and put your hand or handkerchief before your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Do not sit with your elbows on the table.
EVERYWHERE: Never be rude to anybody, whether older or younger, whether richer or poorer, than yourself. Remember to say "Please" or "Thank you"; "Yes, Sir", or "Yes Ma'am", "No Sir", or "No Ma'am". Before entering a room it is often courteous to knock at the door. Do not forget to close the door quietly after you. Always show attention to older people and strangers by opening the door for them, bringing what they require (hat, chair, etc.), giving up your seat to them if necessary, and in every possible way saving them trouble. Never interrupt when a person is speaking. Always mind your own business. Be punctual. Be tidy.
REMEMBER: All these rules respecting your conduct towards others are included in the GOLDEN RULE. "Always do to others as you would wish them to do to you if you were in their place". Wherever, therefore, you are in doubt as to how you should act towards others, ask yourself this question, "How should I like them to act towards me if I were in their place?" and then Do what your Conscience tells you is right.