The Origin of Man - Part III

Why it matters

Does it matter what we believe about man's origins? Does what we believe affect our lives? If so, how? Is the creation/evolution debate important? Does it affect us?

We should not think that all evolutionists are atheists. Some evolutionists do have an intellectual belief in the existence of God even though they do not know Him as their Lord and Saviour. Other evolutionists do know God as their Lord and Saviour and although they may not accept the Genesis account of the creation and the early history of the earth, they do regard God as the Creator, but they believe that He created via evolutionary processes.

Some atheistic evolutionists, however, have put forward evolutionary explanations to account for Man's belief in God. The late Sir Julian Huxley, for instance, maintained1 that God is the creation of man! He argued that as apelike animals evolved into men, their brains evolved a consciousness which in turn evolved a religion together with an associated deity or deities. Hence, for Sir Julian Huxley, God is the product of evolution! Jacques Monod, on the other hand, considers2 that the idea of God is the product of a chance mythprescribing mutation in Man’s genetic code. In other words, for such atheistic evolutionists, God does not exist He is no more than the product of man’s imagination.

It is because of ideas such as those of Huxley and Monod, that some of the dangers inherent in the ‘Theory of Evolution’ become apparent. The theory of evolution can be used to dethrone the Lord God Almighty from His glorious position as the Creator of all things. Indeed, Sir Julian Huxley is on record as saying3  that he was an atheist and that Darwin’s real achievement was to remove the whole idea of God as the Creator of organisms from the sphere of rational discussion. In other words, Sir Julian Huxley thought that when the subject of origins was considered, the Originator should not be considered, for it was his belief that the Creator was no more than the figment of the imagination.

Darwin and his theory of evolution have now taken the place of God. Everything (even God) can be explained in terms of evolution even the evidence which does not fit the theory.4 To show that Darwin and his theory are held in such high regard by so many evolutionists, allow me to quote5 Dr. Colin Patterson of the British Museum of Natural History:

"Just as preDarwinian biology was carried out by people whose faith was in the Creator and His plan; postDarwinian biology is being carried out by people whose faith is in, almost, the deity of Darwin."

Now it is this antiGod element of evolutionary teaching that should concern us. Let me stress again, I know that not all evolutionists are atheists, but taken to its logical conclusion, evolution does not require a Creator because according to evolution everything is the result of chance natural processes. What need is there then for a God if evolution is true? Surely the pronouncements of the atheistic evolutionists about God only existing in the imagination of men would gain credibility if evolution were true. The One who claims to have created all things would simply not exist. No wonder, the late Sir Cecil Wakeley, past President of the Royal College of Surgeons has said6 : "The theory of evolution is the gospel of the atheist and paves the way to the complete rejection of the Bible."

I believe that we are now reaping the consequences of teaching this gospel of atheism in our society today. Belief in God is rejected. Biblical standards are rejected. Human life is no longer considered as being sacred thousands of babies are legally murdered every year (it is called abortion). Sexual morality is no longer based on Biblical teaching premarital sex, extramarital sex, homosexuality and divorce abound; indeed such behaviour is accepted as the "norm". "Do what you like so long as no one gets hurt" seems to be the basic principle to morality. Furthermore, it is difficult, if not impossible, to expect people to be altruistic (i.e. living and acting for the interest of others as exemplified by the Good Samaritan) when they have been taught about their selfish gene and the survival of the fittest.

The creation/evolution controversy is important, for ultimately it concerns all of us and the kind of society in which we find ourselves living. As Mankind is the creation of God, men and women everywhere should not only know this, but also read and practice the Maker's instructions found written for all to see in the pages of Holy Scripture the Bible.

by Dr. A. J. Monty White

Source: 'Creation News', Issue 42, February 1982

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