Only a Thought

At the turn of the century, a young Austrian boy could be seen acting out his fantasies near his home. His neighbours could remember watching him climbing up appletrees or imitating a Boerish soldier fighting against the English.

Some people could even remember him standing on a hill near Leonding, vehemently commanding his imaginary soldiers to attack, until his father would call him to come home for dinner. The people of this town could also remember something else which was quite peculiar; he was often seen at night sitting on the graveyard wall, staring at the stars - thinking.

Millions of people died because of this young boy's thoughts. His name was Adolf Hitler. A mass destruction started with just one thought.

Bad thoughts are deadly! The Bible says, "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..." (PROVERBS 23:7).

Modern psychology has proven that thoughts which repeatedly pass through the brain in the same way, leave remaining traces. Every thought which reaches the brain leaves a small print. If you keep thinking the same thought, the small print turns into a trace and it becomes increasingly more difficult to think differently. A magazine recently published an article about a successful businessman on the East Coast. One night he had an impulse to kill somebody. Instead of bringing this idea under control, he gave in. This resulted in the thought winning more and more credibility. Finally, he became obsessed, actually going out to put the idea into practice.

The man lost control of himself. He went out in his car and started following a woman in front of him. When she arrived at her home he strangled and killed her, stabbing her 15 times. This is how a thought became reality!

Cain had the thought – "Take revenge on your brother" – and he killed Abel.

Samson had the thought – "Follow a prostitute" – and an entire people had to suffer.

Haman had the thought – "You shall hang Mordecai" – and he was hung on his own gallows.

Judas had the thought – "Betray Jesus" – and his name stands for treason to this very day.

They all had thoughts – only thoughts.

But thoughts are powerful. They command direction and movement. They either lead us to life and obedience to God, or to eternal damnation with Satan. You see, thoughts have their own rules. If a thought comes from God, it will be accompanied by God's mentality. It will be positive. It will edify, lift up and strengthen you. If the thought comes from Satan, it will include his destructive mentality. It will cause sorrow, depression, despair and fear.

Consider where many of your thoughts come from: friends, TV, radio, books you read, your family life, your up-bringing, etc... If you fill your brain with bad literature and doubtful activities, you probably won't have any healthy thoughts.

If a thought occurs to you, try to understand it's nature, and check it with the following standards from scripture:


Only eternity will reveal how strongly our lives have been manipulated by "only one thought"!

Translated from the German: "Nur ein Gedanke"