Notes from Smith Wigglesworth

1 JOHN 5:4: How great is the position of the man who is BORN OF GOD. Born of PURITY; born of FAITH; born of LIFE; born of POWER.

Then note "whatsoever" in the EYES, EARS, LIPS of that man is OMNIPOTENCE, through FAITH. There is tremendous power for conviction in the HOLY, SANCTIFIED EYES OF THE MAN WHO IS FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST. This is the "confidence" (See 1 JOHN 5:14).

MATTHEW, chapter 5: The LAW OF DUPLICATION. The reception of ANOTHER IN PLACE OF YOURSELVES. What HE was, WE have to be. As HE is, so are WE in this world. To be POOR IN THE SPIRIT is when the human has been brought into helplessness. You are never rich to distribute until you are brought to poverty in yourselves. We are most alive when we are most dead. We know most when we know least, when just all that we would like to be is swallowed up in God. You can't inspire only as you are in helplessness. He has arms that can reach down, underneath, and round about.

HUNGER AND THIRST AFTER RIGHTEOUSNESS is when nothing in the world can fascinate us as much as being near to God.

MATTHEW, chapter 8: Here we have the GOOD and the HELPLESS, the MIGHTY and the NEEDY. So HELPLESS was this leper that he didn't know how to form the word to come to Jesus. God can't help you whilst you can help yourself. It was JESUS. Oh isn't that a Wonderful Name? How the outlook changes when Jesus comes. Jesus knew this leper would come to Him.

My Lord went at night to talk to His Father, and in communication of the night the programme of the next day was worked out between Him and the Father. Coming from the mountain, filled with Glory, every eye fixed on Him. The people had been so interested watching Jesus coming down from the Glory that the leper unknown to the people had got through and up, and when the people saw him they gave him plenty of room, and so he got to the feet of Jesus. This leper, however, like many who are in need today knew that Jesus CAN, but they doubt his Willingness. Jesus wanted to remove the 'IF' for all generations to come by the words 'I WILL'.

"Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head". Did you ever think why, with so many loving husbands and wives about, and many who would have just loved to have had Him, why Jesus was not invited? Is not the simple answer - HE WOULD SEE TOO MUCH. THOSE BURNING EYES WOULD SEE EVERYTHING. And so they were afraid to have Him.

ACTS, chapter 1: You will have to voice many things in order to bring them into being. God wants us to have GREAT FAITH. We had nine children, and it didn't matter which cried in the street, my wife knew which it was. He will come to the one that cries first. I want to help you decide that by the power of God you will not be ordinary. If you are in the same place as you were in yesterday, you are a backslider. One thing in these verses we must not forget, that is the love of Jesus that he wanted them to carry on the work exactly as He had done it. If they had awakened to the Resurrection Position, they would never have done what they did; all go fishing. And God allowed everything to fail. He wanted every one of them to be EXCELSIOR. You have to have a clothing that is not made on earth. Your whole nature has to have a clothing of ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is an insult to ask God for Power; after you have received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost you HAVE power. You have to ACT. (Tongues and Interpretation: Power from on High. It is God inserting into you Divine activity with Mightiness.) I am always on my merit. Every time I preach I preach my best. Every time I pray I pray my best. Jesus began His ministry everywhere by His Miraculous Manifestation, and then they all pressed upon Him to hear. He was the FIRST-FRUITS. We have to step into the line of the First-Fruits. God makes the opportunity. We have to take the opportunity. We can live so that the opportunity is always occurring. Unless we are ready to do the impossible, we will never come into MATERNITY (bring other souls to birth). God has said that impossibilities are with MEN, and possibilities with God. Are you living in GOD or in MAN? Opposition? It is all OPPORTUNITY. There is not a thing that is not opportunity to the man of Faith. If you can be fascinated by anything else in the world you have not got what God wants you to have. I am all Pentecost. You have to bring your mind to the Word of God, and not try to bring the Word of God to your mind.

HEBREWS 11:1-10: There are wonderful things right in the very midst of us when we are ready to receive them. Without Faith you have nothing. You cannot be saved without it. You cannot be healed without it. If you make a stop between Calvary and the Glory, you miss a great deal. Always have something which is better. You say, "What makes you so full of inspiration and Faith." The answer, "Because it is from Faith to Faith." After you have once laid hold of the plan on the lines of Faith, the simplicity of Faith, you will be in a new world. There is such a thing as talking about Faith without using it as an inheritance. (At this juncture he told us about a woman who wrote to him in great distress, saying "Can you help me?") Her letter was full of scripture and wonderful truth, Brother Wigglesworth sent her the letter back and wrote underneath, "Believe your own letter." She did and was wonderfully delivered.

You have to examine yourself tonight to see whether you are in the Faith, or you are only talking Faith. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost has brought us to the fact of a remarkable personality dwelling within us which is ALL FAITH. The New Birth is GOD IN THE LIFE. God's Word lives. It is the only Book that has Eternal Power in every line. You will lose out if you put aside this Book for any other book. You must have the Word of God abiding in you if you want Faith to be in evidence. Faith doesn't take any strength to carry but it carries you. It doesn't matter how you are clothed as a believer if you haven't got the Word of God in your pocket you are not properly dressed. You are BORN AGAIN OF THE INCORRUPTIBLE WORD. THEN THERE IS WITHIN YOU THE WORD THAT CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING THAT IS IN THE WORLD. BUT NOT IF YOU WAVER.

JAMES 1:6-7: If anybody was with me for six months he would have a fresh Bible because the Word of God is always in evidence. The resources of God are waiting for the man who will not seek his own. You can so live in the presence of God, that immediately Satan's powers present themselves we shall discern them. We must take charge of every affair for God. Faith is such a Divine establishment of courage in you that courage sweeps you through every condition. You cannot come into the Divine order, except on the line of being soaked in the Word of God. Before a man can bind the enemy, he must know that there is nothing that is binding him.

MARK 11:24-25: If there is anything in your heart which is in the way of condemnation you cannot pray the prayer of Faith. Purity is vital to Faith. The most staggering condition of helplessness which could ever be brought before you is your chance for God to use you. How is Faith received? By the act with what you have. If you ACT with what you have your Faith will be increased. YOU NEVER CAN INCREASE FAITH UNTIL YOU ACT.

LUKE, chapter 4: If you want to increase in the Life of God, then you must settle it in your heart that you will not at any time resist the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost and Fire. The Fire burning up everything that would impoverish and destroy you. Oh, to be so laid hold of by the Holy Ghost that you have no choice. You HAVE your choice, but you WON'T CHOOSE. God must choose for you. When Jesus contested the Devil in the Wilderness, all the demon powers, the wild beasts, and all that was in the Wilderness, had the vision of the most beautiful man that ever lived. The Devil always comes to try you in your weakness, but we should not forget that we are stronger in our weakness than in our strength if we dare believe.

I don't come on to this platform with an arrangement of what I have got to say, because I have an arrangement with the Father to say what He wants me to say. There are 'thoughts of evil' and 'evil thoughts'. Spirit and Flesh never unite. Holiness and sin never touch each other. The man that hates sin is always in power. Jesus had so much better than the Devil could offer Him. Love not the world. If you find your mind once diverted from the Mind of Christ - Repent. It is a clear principle that if you FALL down the Angel will lift you up. If you THROW YOURSELF DOWN he won't. We have always to have the Devil in check. The best thing that you ever could have is a great trial. It is your ROBING TIME. It is your coming into inheritance. Voice your position in God and you will be surrounded by all the resources of God in the time of trial. SHOUT - "Get thee behind me Satan", and you will have the best time on earth. WHISPER IT and you won't.

We miss the grandeur because we lack audacity. Greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world. If you will voice GOD at any time you will find that He will be greater than any power that is round about you. In regard to reading the Scriptures. When you read a scripture that doesn't fit into the atmosphere and you don't understand it, pass on to others that are there that are in accord with the atmosphere that you find yourself in. If you want a great blessing always pray first in every meeting. What has that got to do with it? Everything. If you pray first, you may have a chance to pray again. If you see anybody discouraged, get to know the reason of that discouragement, and help that person out. Wise believers always pray short prayers in a public meeting, and a long time at home. When the Church of God is alive in prayer and alive in testimony, the people will come a long way to hear that.

ROMANS, chapter 8: Every meeting provides an advantage, an open door for us to come deeper into the life of God. But it is possible to be in a wonderful meeting and miss God's purpose through inactivity of Faith, or lack of submission to the Divine Will. Perfect Peace is God's Gift, but Our Minds stayed on Him is our responsibility. Always have within you the knowledge that you are acting on the Word of God. You cannot depend on feelings, or on what you see, or on anything else. Have no confidence in anything which is on a natural plane. This Eighth of Romans is a great summit of Divine Truth. If you can only get into this chapter you will be sin-proof, and devil-proof. "Christ in you". There is a greater power within you than anything that is in the world. You must claim the position that your whole body be kept in the place of purity. Christ within you is greater than any carnal power. If you will use your voice, you have a right to rebuke carnality. Exactly as Christ was created in Mary, so in us.

The seed has to produce the manifestation of the SONS OF GOD. There is a LIFE within your life, a MIND within your mind, a LAW OF GOD ruling within your mortal body. You must never give way because you are tempted and tested, because God chastens His own. If He did not chasten us it would indicate that we were bastards and not sons, but He chastens you that you shall share His Holiness. God has clothed us with the Spirit of Revelation that we may know we are BORN - OUT OF - INTO - IN DUE TIME. What is Heaven below but a condescension of Jesus in the human flesh. I want to move you to a greater hunger for Holiness and Purity. The moment you look up when you are in the place of affection with the Lord Jesus, the Heavens are opened. Whatever has happened in my life up to this moment is of no importance, what matters is, What is God to me now. We have power to put into a helpless place the deeds of the body, and by this means we begin to live in the Spirit. All the Glory is centred in that lovely Jesus because of a yielded Will.

PHILIPPIANS, chapter 2: When you are willing to throw your whole heart into the plan of God. When you long to be holy, when you long to be pure, then there is the Law of the Spirit of life working in you that will make you free from the Law of Sin and Death. When things are not going right, there are satanic forces in operation. What is my solution? To rebuke the condition of sin, death, disease, or whatever it is. I can pray in the Holy Ghost, and that prayer is effectual to bring down every stronghold of the enemy.

2 PETER 1:1-11: You cannot have a holy thought from the human nature. God's plan for you is to forget the past in every way, because the future is so amazingly wonderful. Oh, the Word of God is so wonderful. This Word so eats me up, that I have no place but in God's Word: 'Like Precious Faith'; 'The righteousness of God'; 'His Divine Power hath given to us all things that pertain to LIFE and GODLINESS'; 'Exceeding GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES'; 'Escape the corruption that is in the world'; 'Giving diligence ADD to your Faith'; 'Entrance into the Kingdom.' This is the LIFE OF GOD in us. What it means to be partakers of the Divine Nature.

JOHN 3:7 ... EPHESIANS 2:1 ... 1 PETER 1:23: "Born again" ... "Quickened" ... "Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever". And the Word of God is the living food upon which this life has to feed. You have got Divine personality but you will never know the mightiness of its workings, only as you venture. You cannot be with me at anytime, anywhere, when I am not after God. If you fail in adversity your strength is small. Everything has to be changed by us through Faith, weariness with rest, weakness with strength. If ever you lose out in this Divine personality or righteousness you will be defeated. This does not become yours because you are special, but because you are yielded and obedient. The pure in heart shall see God. God is greater and can manifest Himself in the weakness. The only impediment is when we intrude our own strength.

ROMANS, chapter 4:1: What had God for that flesh? Abraham as good as dead. Sarah about the same. What has God for that flesh? The answer is EVERYTHING. We are natural, and very much so, but God has everything for that flesh. What had God? The answer is - QUICKENING, ISAAC, RESURRECTION. I never seek what to say on the platform because when the Holy Ghost has come we have to be prophetic. I believe in being absorbed by the Power of the Holy Ghost. I am on the plan of daring, acting in the Holy Ghost. This meeting was arranged before the world began, and we are in the design of God. The plan of God for your life is that you should be held captive by His Power, doing that which, you in the natural, would never do, but that which you are forced to do by the Power of the Holy Ghost moving through you. Everyone in this place who is saved has a million times more than they know. All things are possible. Only believe. That is all. I reckon that the moment you believe, grace is multiplied because you act in Faith. You want Peace. But God's plan is not to give you Peace, but He multiplies Peace. "Grace unto you, and peace, be MULTIPLIED" (1 PETER 1:2). Peace like a river. Undisturbed by anything. This is your inheritance. If you had £10,000,000 at your disposal you could not buy it. It comes to the broken and contrite heart that says an inward AMEN to God, and that will not withdraw that Amen for anything. I want you to promise the Lord that from tonight you will NOT THINK BACK, LOOK BACK, or ACT BACK.

1 CORINTHIANS 1:30: Every believer has four things: Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption. WISDOM: The more of the Fear of the Lord we have, the more Wisdom we have. When a man moves out of the Will of God, he begins to be a fool. Every child of God when he receives the Holy Ghost gets a revelation of the majesty of that which in the New Birth is already within his nature. CHRIST IN YOU: In the baptism in the Holy Ghost He is Crowned. It is a crowning with majesty. You cannot buy, you cannot wear, you cannot sell except that which is pleasing to the Lord. Jesus becomes Lord over your wants and desires. You love that which God loves, and hate that which God hates. All the gifts are to be operative in every one of us, but then we have to be careful that we operate them only as we are moved by the Holy Ghost. The Word of God cannot be changed which says that you are to covet earnestly the best gifts. God wants His people to be ablaze with Holy Ghost activity. There are nine gifts, nine kinds of fruits, and nine beatitudes, so there is a beautiful clothing for the people of God. It is a great delicacy for the body to be the Temple of the Holy Ghost. I am glad the Word of God has revealed to me that in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit Himself indwells me. He has more power to illuminate to me the Lord Jesus. When we receive of the Holy Ghost, we receive not the gift, but the Giver of Gifts.

I refuse to use a gift unless the Holy Ghost manifests His power to bring the gift through. If the people of God would only believe that they were to help one another, they would never take advantage of these for one minute. You would COVET EVERY MINUTE FOR GOD. When is prophecy spoiled? When you go on when you are finished. When is prayer spoiled? When you begin in the Spirit, and then when you have finished you still go on in the flesh. When is preaching spoiled? When you go on after you are finished. Faith is the audacity that rejoices in the fact that God cannot break His own Word. Faith is not agitation, it is quiet confidence that God means what He says and we act on His Word. A word about discernment. If you would only practice the discernment you think you have upon yourself, you would have such a revelation of your own selfishness and inability, that you would never practice on another the longest day you live. Guard your own spirit. You can lose more in ten minutes than you have gained in a whole year in the Assembly. Always keep in a place of gentleness and love with each other.

You cannot bind an evil power if there is any evil in you. Unless everything is cast out of you, you cannot cast out evil. You cannot bind the power of casualty in others, if you yourself are causal. I always know that I cannot be anything for God; only when I am nothing. I can only assist another when the principle of death is working in my own life: "So then death worketh in us, but life in you" (2 CORINTHIANS 4:12). Never cast out an evil spirit twice. If you do the Devil will laugh at you. He will know that you have no power. You say, 'In the Name of Jesus I command you to leave this body'. Then you thank God. But don't command the spirit twice. We never could do anything, except in the Name of Jesus. Our Holiness could not do it. But the Righteousness of Christ, and the Power of God flowing through us brings omnipotence into action, and all things are possible.