The Name of Jesus

"The Name of Jesus in the Book of Acts" by E.W. Kenyon

Jesus gave to the church the power of attorney to use His Name. In the Gospel of John we have record of this legal act: JOHN 15:16.

The disciples are commissioned to go and bear fruit; and they are given a legal right to use the Name of Jesus and to have the same authority that Jesus exercised in His earthly walk: JOHN 16:23-24,26.

First, the Master says that we are not to pray to Him. He is the Mediator between us and the Father. He is our Advocate and our Intercessor; but whatsoever we ask of the Father in His Name, the Father will give to us. Jesus says that up to this time we have never asked anything in His Name, but that now He is giving His disciples the right to use His Name. He uses this strange expression, "that your joy may be full".

Happiness comes from circumstances. Joy alone comes from the Lord.

In JOHN 14:13-15 - we see the Name introduced. This is not prayer; it is something different. The word "ask", here, can be translated "demand". See: ACTS 16:18 and ACTS 3:1-16 ... "And His Name through faith in His Name hath made this man strong..."

Peter is using his legal right to use the Name of Jesus. JOHN 14:13-14 - The Father is going to get glory from our use of the Name of Jesus, to heal the sick and cast out demons, and in the working of miracles.

MARK 16:17-20 - Here is the place of the Name of Jesus in the daily ministry of the Church. MATTHEW 28:18-19 - Jesus is going to accompany the Church in its earthly walk in the power and might of His Name. You mark that Jesus has all authority given to Him in Heaven and on earth. The authority is in His Name.

N.B. PHILIPPIANS 2:5-11 - Jesus is given the highest position in the universe. That Name has been given to us common folks, to use. In that Name we are masters over demons; against their works.

EPHESIANS 1:18-23 (paraphrased) - Here is Paul's prayer for us... "that the eyes of our hearts may be opened, that we may know the exceeding greatness of His ability on our behalf..."

ACTS 2:38 - 3,000 people responded to this call! N.B. ACTS 3:16 ... Study ACTS chapters 3 & 4 especially concerning "The Name of Jesus"!

N.B. ACTS 4:17-19 ... The Name of Jesus had created greater consternation in the city than Jesus had in His earthly walk. The disciples went to the room where the others were gathered and had a prayer meeting - ACTS 4:29-31,33.

You must read this Book of the Acts with great care. Begin with the first chapter and read it through, marking every place where The Name is used; and mark how it was used and the circumstances surrounding it.

N.B. ACTS 5:27-28 - They were combatting a "force" that they had never met before. Jesus, they had crucified, but His Name was more powerful!

ACTS 5:40 & ACTS 8:12-16 - The church has rarely been persecuted since then for The Name of Jesus... and Philip not only preached Jesus as Saviour, but he also preached about "The Name"!

ACTS 9:14-16 - especially verse 16! Jesus is talking to Ananias. Paul is to suffer for The Name. N.B. verses 21 & 27!

Read & study carefully: ACTS 10:43-48; ACTS 15:25-26; ACTS 16:18; ACTS 19:5,17; ACTS 21:13; ACTS 22:16 and ACTS 26:9.

by E. W. Kenyon

Source: 'Kenyon (Lesson 26)' & HQL-9424 (Page 10)