The Moving Breath of the Spirit

An address given almost sixty years ago at the Annual Wales and Mon. Convention at Llanelly.

Picture of Smith WigglesworthThe Word is God Himself (JOHN 1:1). "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Here is our attitude of rest - all our hope is in the Word of the living God. The Word of God abideth forever. Oh, the glorious truth found therein. Never compare this Book with other books, this is from Heaven; it does not contain the Word of God, it IS the Word of God. Supernatural in origin, eternal in duration, infinite in scope, and divine in authorship. Read it through; pray it in; write it down. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

The knowledge of our weakness brought the greatness of redemption. You cannot have the knowledge of the Word without joy; joy in the knowledge of Him, and not in long petitions. Where faith is undisturbed it is peace, eternal faith, and daring to believe what God has said. If I dare trust Him it always comes to pass. No wavering; "For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord" (JAMES 1:6-7). In LUKE chapter 4, "Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan". Jesus, I'll go through with Thee. What did it really mean when we were filled with the Holy Ghost? Oh, the difference when we understood ACTS 2, and knew the Life of the Spirit, and how the Word was illumined. We leapt for joy, and with holy laughter, at the bringing out of the shadow, and the reality of the substance; that which was promised had come. He, our glorious Lord, Who can speak as no other, had come to help the oppressed.

Message in Tongues: "The King unfolds His will, covering His child, flooding the soul with open vision, untiring zeal. Fire! Fire! Fire! Burning intently in the human soul, until he becomes an expression of the King."

This wonder-working Jesus, is He King? He must reign. Oh, to yield so that He always has the first place. Glory be to God, He has come to abide for ever, flooding our souls. For Jesus said: "When I go I will send Him unto you."

Has He come to you?

Has He come to You?

Has the Comforter come to you?

The Lord will reprove the world of sin.

When the Comforter comes to you.


In Him, God has given us an enrichment, a perfection of revelation. He came to fill the body and bring forth that which all the prophets spoke of; taking the things of Jesus and showing them unto us. The woman had a well, but after the Holy Ghost had come it was a river; rivers of living water, giving prophetic utterance, a divine incoming, filled into all the fullness of God. Like a flash of lightning opening up divine revelation, that we can dance and sing in the Spirit, enjoying sweeter music, and rarity of character. Christ in you, the Hope of Glory, a vision of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ; this the baptism of the Holy Spirit brings to us.

Message in Tongues: "He is the Spirit of truth, unveiling, making manifest, breathing through in such a way, till men cry, ‘What must we do to be saved?' The Breath of Life burning with intensity until the world feels the warmth."

Oh, the joy of being filled with the Holy Ghost, with the divine purpose. Activity in season and out of season with the sense of the Divine approval. As the Apostles were in their day, we are to be in ours, filled, filled unto all the fullness of God. This same Holy Ghost, this same life, this same warmth of heaven in our soul. The Holy Ghost brings heaven to us as He reveals Jesus, The King of Heaven. Oh, the perfection of belonging to Him; a preparation for every need. He has us in the divine moment. No need to groan, travail, or sigh. The Spirit of the Lord is upon us; the knowledge of His power; the sweetness of His experience; the wonder of His breath, lifting the Word, making all new, meeting the present need. These are the last days, very wonderful are they and blessed, with mighty signs, and the Breath of the Spirit. I believe in the Holy Ghost. God gave us Him for true Son-likeness, Son-expressiveness, with enforcements of expression.

In a park in Sweden a large platform was erected for meetings on condition that the Englishman did not put his hands on people. I said, “Lord, You know all about this, You can work.” And He revealed His presence and healed and saved the people. I said, “Who here is in need? Put your hands up.” Hands went up all over. I saw a large woman. I said, “Tell your trouble.” She said pains were all over her body; she was in terrible distress. I said, “Lift up your hands in Jesus Name.” He came to heal the sick, and to set free. He said Greater works shall ye do, he that believeth in Me. I said, “I set you free in the Name of Jesus. Are you free?” She replied, “Yes, perfectly free.” God put His hands on the people. He has wonderful ways of meeting the need. I believe to see the glory of God, setting free from all weakness.

In New Zealand, when I first preached this glorious truth I saw hundreds baptised.

In Sweden, the Lutheran Church was not pleased. A woman in the king's household was healed, but I had to leave the country. On one occasion there I stayed in a side street. When I came in, the street was full from end to end with wheelchairs and cars filled with needy ones. I said, “The Holy Ghost came to abide, to reign in supreme royal dignity. Live in unction, freedom, and inspiration, like a river flowing, that God may be glorified.” God loosed the people and brought deliverance to the captives. Was that all? No, only the beginning, the house was packed too. Oh, the joy of being ready. God must set us all on fire; there is much land to be possessed and the fields are white unto harvest. Oh, the joy of weeping. Awful place when you cannot weep with the Breath of God upon you. God spoke to me as clearly as possible, “Ask Me, I'll give you all in the place.” I thought it was too big. I said, “Oh, my God, say it again.” He whispered again, “Ask Me, I will give you all in the house.” I said, “I ask, I ask in faith! I believe it!” The Breath of heaven filled the place, the people continued to fall down weeping, crying, repenting. There is something wonderful in this Breath. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me Jesus said, and it is upon me, upon me. May God move on our hearts to act in it.

Do you want God to have you in His palace splendid? Is it the longing cry of your heart to come to this place? God can only choose those filled to the uttermost; how many long to step into line? Filled to the uttermost, hungering and thirsting after God's fullness, standing in a living experience, saying as Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me“. God grant it to everyone of you. Amen.

by Smith Wigglesworth

Source: ‘Redemption Tidings'