Mighty Move of the Spirit Seizes Zambia

A look behind the scenes: much work until the tent and "caravan city" is set up. Betty Lou-Lore reports

LUSAKA. Even on the first evening of the mass evangelisation in Zambia the ground shook under the feet of the Africans. God's power was so mighty that native spectators reported: "We have never had such a movement of the Holy Spirit within our country before."


The newspapers reported this with major headlines. Never before have so many photographs of our work been published at once - four columns on the front page and one double page inside. Below the main headline was, "Faith healer takes Lusaka BY STORM" (We don't like the expression "Faith Healer" at all, but the 'worldly' newspaper didn't know any better - Editor). In the editorial of the day the author even quoted scriptures like MARK 16, verses 15-18.


In some cities it took us several days to break through spiritually, however it was different in Lusaka.

From the first evening onwards Heaven was opened and the tent was packed full.

Enthusiastic singing could be heard far above the Matero stadium in which our tent was built, and thousands were attracted as if by magnet.

By the afternoon, keen visitors already occupied their places for the evening meeting, since they did not want to miss anything. In the evening the side flaps of the tent had to be rolled up so that the crowd outside had a chance to see inside.

Brother Kolisang with a healed woman


One evening Reinhard Bonnke, the evangelist, preached about the parable of the "Prodigal son". The gospel was preached with full authority and finished as always with a call to the altar. A stream of people came forward. They identified themselves with the "prodigal son" and wanted "to return home - back to the Father."

They stood crowded around the big platform; they even filled the aisles. There was hardly any room to breathe and one quickly gave up any attempt to count the people.

The supernatural power of God had the same effect as an electrical shock and many could not stand on their feet anymore. The Zambian people had never experienced this before and for a few seconds they were speechless with astonishment. Then they burst out with fervent rejoicing and the joy of the Lord filled the tent; they sang and danced to God's glory.


Where light meets with darkness, the battle is unavoidable. It became too much for the powers of darkness and their victims screamed loudly, arms flailing
while thrown to the ground. However, Praise the Lord, the power of the Holy Spirit was stronger and the Devil had to release his victims. How precious it is when such tortured people are set free and can depart happily.

People of every class were gripped by the Gospel. They escaped from the iron clutches of Satan and experienced deliverance from sin and guilt. A new life with Jesus started for them. One day a troop of young soldiers visited us in their green uniforms. They sat with us and wanted to know more about the saving love of Jesus which had changed one of their comrades so emphatically.


Nurses came and asked for Christian literature. They wanted their patients to experience Jesus. Government officials, business men, fathers and mothers with their children - they all came to receive with open hearts. Nobody was rejected by our Lord and Saviour.

LUSAKA was the beginning of a mighty movement of the Spirit in this country and we are looking forward expectantly to the coming missions in Zambia, which will continue until November this year.

AFRICA IS READY FOR THE HARVEST! Lusaka confirmed this once again. We thank the Lord for every one of our missionary partners, who lift up holy hands for us, and who share with us the vision of a continent which is washed by the blood of Jesus.


Map of Zambia

Translated from the German: "Mächtige Geistesbewegung erfaßt Sambia"