"... and say, The sword of the Lord and of Gideon" JUDGES 7:18

When the Scripture tells of ten men putting thousands to flight, I am sure it is a lesson on the power of loyalty and unity. Gideon's small army heard its leader cry boldly: "Look on me, and do likewise ... as I do, so shall ye do ... blow when I tell you and say, The Lord's sword and of Gideon."

Both the Lord's Name and Gideon's name rang over the battlefields that night! No church, no missions program, no organization can function successfully unless every worker is willing to come under both banners - the Lord's and the leader's!

Let every disloyal soldier depart to his home. Cut him off quickly. Give no post to those who are not really in the camp. The weakness of many Christian endeavours is half-hearted devotion to causes and disloyalty to leadership.

LESSON: Gideon did not earn respect from his recruits - he demanded it. A man called to do a great work can not indulge in the luxury of "winning workers and influencing associates."

He must gather to his side men bold and loyal. Loyalty is the foundation upon which all great works are built!

by David Wilkerson

Source: "I'm Not Mad at God"