The Life of a Soldier is Never Easy

There are many similarities between serving in the Lord's Army and the normal army. The reason being that there is no room for weakness in either.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the young Timothy: "Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ..." (2 TIMOTHY 2:3-12); and he continues by reporting the difficulties which he suffered for the sake of Christ. It is not easy to overcome the enemy of the human soul.

The way to glory is never straight and easy. The Lord gave us a remarkable example in nature through the Red or White Admiral. Such pretty wings, so strong and big, yet they do not develop easily or by chance. The pocket-like cocoon, from whence a butterfly emerges has a particular construction. In the neck of the cocoon is a small hole through which the butterfly has to fight its way out. It is almost unbelievable, that such an insect can fight and struggle its way through such a small gap, but that is just the way the Lord intended it to be. It is the Creator's method of strengthening those beautiful wings, through the pressure they are subject to when forced through the small opening. The pressure causes certain chemicals to be released in the wings which strengthens them.

If you happen to notice a butterfly trying to break free from its cocoon and you think, "poor thing, it's already been struggling for half a day, it needs some help. I will cut the cocoon open to help the butterfly get out." Do you know what will happen? The butterfly will come out, but it will have a swollen body and small wrinkled wings. Through your apparent good will the butterfly will be deformed. The butterfly was planned by the Creator to have rainbow-coloured wings and to fly through the air, but thanks to your help the small creature will spend its life crawling around.

If you see that your brother in Christ has problems, and if he is struggling in sorrow and need, you need not feel sorry for him, nor should you point the finger at the Lord because of his predicament. God's love is greater than ours. He does not want to grieve us; He is only teaching us to be good soldiers. The Lord loves us too much to let us be spoilt through weakness. He wants to bring many people to eternal glory and that can only happen through trials and tribulations. Some try to find ways of avoiding trials, but soon learn that they can come through these trials when they serve the Lord. You only have to read HEBREWS 11 to see that trials are part of a God-fearing life. Many of God's most faithful servants also endured some of the hardest trials.

Even Moses suffered. Others also suffered trials; they were enslaved, stoned, imprisoned, torn to pieces and even beaten to death.

Those who stay with the Lord during all these trials learn what the "hardness of God's love" means.

David discovered this. It was a very hard way which led him to the throne, but when he reached it he looked back on those hard times and rejoiced.

"As for God, his way is perfect."

Translated from the German Original: 'Das Leben eines Soldaten ist niemals einfach'

Source: 'Pentecostal Evangel' June 27th, 1982