Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Love

Twelve years ago, as the work began here in Europe, all the "oldies" (those first saved), were warned that after ca. 10 years they would be "sifted out" as Satan would destroy those who had simply gained "knowledge" over the years and failed in 3 other life-giving necessities to walk in Christ. Those altogether are = KNOWLEDGE; UNDERSTANDING; WISDOM AND LOVE!!! ***

Without these 4 attributes from the Lord working in your Christian life, you will "fall"!... or at the worst - you won't be used or led by the Holy Spirit. Everyone gains:

  1. Knowledge after being saved! (Some who do not, are those who do not even want to seek the Lord and become stunted and warped very quickly!) Knowledge is gained from reading The Bible; the Christian books and hungering to "know" what God says in His Word about yourself and His purpose in the world.
  2. Understanding - is the application of this knowledge!. Some fail to go on to this stage because it requires "faith"... i.e. putting into practice the knowledge you have gained and stepping out and doing what you have learned! This is why we have several older brethren in our Assemblies who are not in senior offices - they stopped at Stage (1), and have not gone on to gain understanding. Some pump their head full of knowledge and yet do not "understand" God's Ways. They satisfy themselves with "knowing" all the answers... yet cannot step out in faith because they do not "trust" what they have learned... they want to remain "master of their mind"!
  3. Wisdom is gained and comes directly from God, once a person has learned to "use" the knowledge he has achieved and hungered for from God, Who is the Source of ALL understanding. Wisdom is the ability to "use the knowledge with understanding in a practical way" - whether for spiritual situations or those actual fleshly decisions which occur when dealing with matters relating to the world and the unsaved! Wisdom is the principal point to achieve when being led by the Holy Spirit. God commands strongly that all go on and gain wisdom. Without wisdom your purposes will be foiled and destroyed by Satan. This is one of the reasons many of you have so many troubles in converting the lost; being blessed by God and walking in His Ways. The knowledge and understanding must be gained early in your walk so that God can impart the wisdom - showing you HOW to put these two related gifts into practice.
  4. Love is then necessary to "guide" everything. Anything not led by God's «agapé» love is futile and will not last. You might be able to "kill" an ant with your Bible... but you cannot lead a person's soul into Eternity unless you are led by God's knowledge; understanding; wisdom and love. Your own «philia» love will collapse under the pressures; trials and storms which you encounter on your Journey to the Kingdom.

In these Assemblies we have seen certain brethren used mightily by God. Why? - they do not have the knowledge of the Old Testament as other "intellectuals" in our Assemblies... they wouldn't be able to quote what was Nebuchadnezzar's great grandmother's maiden name and birthdate!... but they are able to "guide you spiritually; fleshly and with love" according to what has just been written aforehand. They know their Saviour! Others simply "know about" Him as an object they have studied in their Bibles!


This is why we have a situation at the moment, with a few brethren who "think they know God", but who have never even passed the first (1) stage. They have remained "stunted" spiritually - like children who are undernourished and are weak.

Taken from HQL-9620, p. 11-12