The Kingdom is in Eclipse

But the Light of Truth Will Return

The historic decision by a majority of those who voted at the referendum in favour of Britain remaining a member of the European Economic Community had tremendous implications for the United Kingdom, with its spiritual responsibility to maintain its sovereign independence. The people who voted "Yes" on 5th June, 1975 - who were a minority of the electorate - were blinded by the propaganda blitz, having no conception as to the real nature of the spiritual conflict being waged for the domination of their historic monarchy and government. Only now is the light of truth beginning to dawn on the nation.

There was a spiritual rejection of the Divine Will for the British nation that took place 16 years ago. The people chose Mammon rather than God by their vote in expression of the shallow thinking of the times. This was evidenced at its very worst in the highest religious circles of the nation which was, and still is, bereft of spiritual leadership in truth.

Five Church of England bishops sent out letters urging the clergy in general to take a pro-Europe line before the referendum vote took place, including the Bishop of Manchester, who said in his Diocesan Letter, "For myself I find it hard to understand how any sane person could vote for Britain's withdrawal from the EEC." What basis of Scriptural authority was offered to support this extreme statement? There was none at all, for this prelate knew not the Word of God to his nation when it needed spiritual guidance as never before in its history.

The new master, Mammon, has proven to be cruel as the cost has come home to the nation over the years. The Treaty of Rome, which was ratified without the alteration of one dot or comma, displaced allegiance for the Crown in Parliament under God. The United Kingdom entered into a shadow and state of eclipse as a sovereign nation. It became as is now increasingly evident, no longer a State, but the province of a system, alien to the very foundations of the heritage and nationhood of this great people.

Britain is a World Power

In no sense does the Treaty of Rome draw anything from the constitutional experience of the United Kingdom, nor does it reflect the national aspirations of the country which are global. This Island people, a maritime and mercantile race, have looked to the sea and to kith and kin spread to all corners of the globe; to the great continents of discovery in North America, Southern Africa, Australasia as well as thirty Crown colonies.

As a result, the British people, the progenitors of stable parliamentary government, are now seeing their very freedoms and ancient laws being submerged by an oncoming tide of arrogant and bureaucratic rule. The tragic and intolerable aspect of it all is, that most of the other countries of the Twelve have had new constitutions within the past fifty years, whereas, British parliamentary government is over 700 years old!

The great struggles for faith and freedom in the British nation have been wrought out of terrific conflicts - spiritual conflicts - which have been expressed in the struggles for the liberation of men's minds. They have ranged from the times of persecution and martyrdom within their own land, to the great battles between Britain and the Continent. English Common Law going back to Magna Carta and in origin to B.C. times has, until now, survived against Roman Civil Law. Religious liberty after the Reformation ended the tyranny of pagan superstition over the life of the nation.

Many today will say that the conflicts of history are best forgotten. In point of fact it is never more relevant than now to state that those who forget history, are condemned to repeat it. The person who takes no real account of British history, can have no sense of destiny in his life and in effect, makes himself irrelevant to the nation. Particularly is this true of the Protestant Christian today, for he cannot perceive the depth of God's workings in the life of his fellow citizens and in the nation at large. He is therefore open to deception at all levels which, when multiplied in thousands and even millions of lives, has a most disastrous effect upon the entire nation.

When they went to the polls in 1975, there was one fundamental aspect of political influence in the European Economic Community of which the electorate had little or no knowledge. This is the politico-religious dimension of Roman Catholicism. It was Mrs Shirley Williams, a Roman Catholic Cabinet Minister in the Wilson Administration at the time of the referendum campaign, who, when addressing a Catholic Guild meeting in London said:

"We will be joined to a Europe in which the Catholic religion will be the dominant faith and in which the application of the Catholic Social Doctrine will be a major factor in everyday political and economic life."

The political influence of the Roman Catholic Church within the EEC countries and within the governing structure of the Community institutions, is without doubt considerable and it is a sad reflection on Britain's spiritual leadership at this time, that an almost total lack of discernment is displayed. There is no one to expose the spiritual folly of the British nation in its submission to the Treaty of Rome (see the supplement to this issue).

As a result of the new Ecumenical Instruments now in force in the nation, British Reformation faith is speeding down a one-way street into the embrace of the Roman system, which can offer only spiritual death to the nation once delivered from bondage. An end of the Reformation witness on this basis really means an end of the Reformation truth for which there is no substitute other than a descent into darkness and defeat. Without truth there can be no victorious civilisation and certainly no freedom - as the Redeemer of the servant people declared: "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." (JOHN 8:32).

Faith and freedom, truth and liberty, are inseparable. The course of events since the referendum 16 years ago have been educational to a degree, but as yet the present generation cannot realise how hopelessly weak our ideology and faith has become. Few today understand, that in the context of the unique national destiny of Britain, Protestantism stands for civil and religious liberty and a Christian heritage that was established in the British Isles nearly six centuries before the Roman Catholic Italian mission to England arrived at Canterbury.

This is a supremely important fact for those leaders in the Anglican Church to be made aware of - for they seem only to consider that Protestantism is about protesting and being negative. It is the exact opposite, being for the testament of covenant of Scripture in which "the just shall live by faith".

At the very heart of the present-day moves towards unity and union with European political and religious systems, there is a continuous battle by spiritual forces for control of the sovereign authority of the Protestant Royal Throne and Parliament in the United Kingdom. It is a battle which has extended over the centuries, but which in our day has become far more subtle and powerful by economic conspiracy in high places.

The present state of eclipse, however, will not continue forever. As with the darkness at the point of totality at the eclipse of the sun, light is soon restored. The light of truth will return. ISAIASH 13:10 and MATTHEW 24:29 are being fulfilled in our time. The darkness covering British freedoms can continue only so long as the people remain unaware of the great national covenants of the Bible, made between Almighty God and the forebears of the British and their kindred peoples spread forth in the world.

Deep within the national subconscious these people are aware that all is not well with the European adventure. And when the light returns in the not too distant future, the hearts of the servant people will rejoice and be glad.

by Michael A. Clark

Source: 'Wake up!' magazine, July/August 1991