Jigsaw Humans

Artificial Fertilisation

In a move that is long overdue, the British Government's watchdog body over in vitro fertilisation (IVF) has condemned practices which have become common in some infertility clinics. The voluntary licensing authority has told clinics to comply with its new guidelines or lose their licences.

The authority's hit-list includes the practice of introducing four or more embryos into a woman's womb. Clinics later abort some of the foetuses to reduce numbers. In a report on this in New Scientist (14 May, 1987, page 22), John Loudon, chairman of the ethical committee of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, is quoted as saying, 'To create only to destroy is unethical.'

But even while these words were going to press, other attempts at creation and destruction were being revealed. The day before the New Scientist article appeared, Reuter's news service reported an Italian anthropologist as saying experiments have been carried out to try to produce hybrid 'ape-men'. Professor Brunetto Chiarelli, of the University of Florence, says that by fertilising in a laboratory female chimpanzees with human semen, hybrid 'ape-men slaves' could be bred for menial tasks and could even provide organs for transplants.

Ideas such as these are horrifying. But they are entering the minds of experimenters world-wide. This edition of Creation Ex-Nihilo contains a revealing article by Dr. Carl Wieland which tells of other disturbing animal and human genetics experiments. In both the United Kingdom and the United States, cow ova have been impregnated with human sperm. In Canberra, Australia, scientists have tried to fertilise a hamster egg with human sperm. In West Germany, in vitro fertilisation is said to have been used to implant twins in a man. Researchers also claim that animals could now be implanted with human babies.

And the horror doesn't end there. In the scientific journal Nature (18 June, 1987, page 547), we read that two British medical teams are now able to identify the sex of newly fertilised embryos. This technique could lead to prenatal diagnosis of sex-linked genetic disorders. But it could also change the population by allowing parents to choose the sex of their test-tube babies. If the baby is not of the sex the parents want, the embryo could be discarded in favour of one that is. And New Scientist also reveals that at the Wellington Hospital in London, three women have given birth to babies grown from eggs donated by their sisters. This practice has also been condemned by Britain's licensing authority - but not necessarily for moral reasons.

This new game of jigsaw humans is not depicting a pretty scene from God's creation. It is taking part of God's creation, severing it from its natural niche, and playing with the pieces. The results are grotesquely jumbled scenes - creations far worse than what may have been intended.

As modern technology rockets ahead, many people can too quickly hail its benefits while failing to see the harms prowling behind. Jigsaw human experiments must sound a warning bell to alert minds. They have no place in God's world.* Jigsaw humans are a concoction of new science-fiction coupled with the old evolutionary belief that people are simply a few branches higher up the evolutionary tree than their slow-climbing animal ancestors.

Cow-humans, hamster-humans, chimp-humans, 'borrowed' eggs and sperm, pregnant men and the like were not part of God's originally created world. Nor will they ever be. The Book of Genesis tells us our Creator made living things to reproduce 'after their kind'. And while genetic constraints hopefully are too strong to obtain viable offspring from creatures as different as a cow and a human, some scientists may want to try harder.

This prompts the obvious questions: where will such experiments lead? And whose morals will ultimately seal the test-tubes when things are out of control? While ever the theory of evolution is accepted as scientific fact, our Creator's purpose for mankind will be ignored or seen as irrelevant. Scientists in particular must realise that God's creation must not be reshaped into pieces like a jigsaw - pieces that could be shuffled ultimately to reveal a picture of terrifying destruction.

All thinking people must work hard to see God's Word restored as the basis for modern science. The only belief that provides an ethical safeguard in such medical research is the one that accepts that man was created in the image of the infinite, personal, Creator God of the Scriptures. This is the stopper that will seal those potentially explosive test-tubes.

* (See LEVITICUS 18:23 concerning sexual mixing, which is forbidden; it is confusion - from a Hebrew root, meaning, 'to overflow' or 'mingle'.)

Source: 'Creation Ex-Nihilo', Vol.9, No.4