If I Was Ill and Wanted to Be Healed

1. I would strongly imprint it on my mind that God is there to heal. The mission of Jesus shows this. He healed people because He had compassion.

2. I would judge myself in my heart to be sure that I am not living in conscious disobedience. Repentance is always the shortest path to God. The only place where forgiveness is to be found is with God and I have to accept this in pure faith. Never look at your sin without looking to the cross.

3. I would try to find out the meaning and the reason for my illness. God often uses such situations to tell us something. Something in my life could possibly be out of balance. Maybe I shut myself off from people. I might have emotional problems to overcome. I could be using the illness as an excuse to go my own ways. Maybe I have not learnt to live each day to the full. Maybe I eat too much.

Who knows what God could tell us if we would only quieten down enough to listen?

4. I would ask for prayer to be healed. It is not necessary to travel thousands of miles for this. I can do this in my own assembly as God has set officers there for healing. There is a special power in united prayer.

5. I would believe in healing from God, unless the Lord is to show me a reason for not getting healed. I would adopt a positive attitude unless the Lord showed me that this was my time to die, or that I am being chastised. I would write health on the shield of my mind. I would not make a public announcement of my healing while I am still ill, but I would thank the Lord after the prayer that He heals me. If people say - yes, but you are still ill - then I would tell them that I have received prayer for the illness and that the Bible says that my healing is in progress.

6. I would love to be healed, no matter how the Lord does it. An immediate miracle would be the best, but I would also be happy with a gradual healing.

7. I would hold on to my attitude about healing. I would not portray my illness as a tragedy. I would not dwell on the illness, think about it, talk about it or get others to take notice of it. I would think of healing, health and strength. I would not continually say, "Why me?". This is the worst question of all - a terrible enemy to spiritual life. Faith lives without reasoning. Faith never questions God's love.

8. I would live confidently. I would not wait until I am perfectly healed to serve God. I would worship, give, pray, help, serve, praise and visit others with the strength that I have. Instead of thinking about why I have lost something, I would be full of ideas with what I still have.

There is still life in me. There are still people to be loved, and things to enjoy. God is good and I want my attitude to show this!

Translated from the German: “Wenn ich krank wäre und geheilt werden wollte”

Source: ‘Pentecostal Evangel’