I Will Fear No Evil

Psalm 23

List all your fears on a sheet of paper. Include the subtle fear of pride, of failure, of self-introspection, of death and of pain. Then over them all write these words: "I will fear no evil." Satan seeks to keep our eyes on our past failures and present inner weaknesses.

I have learned that the enemy flees in terror each time he tries to accuse me because I stand my ground in spite of all feelings of unworthiness, and with a nagging sense of unrighteousness I cry out: "I will fear no evil."

I don't know where you got your fear, but I know you didn't get it from the Lord. Why put up with it? Why be afraid? Why let evil or the thought of it frighten you?

LESSON: Don't look backward, inward, or forward. Look only upward! The fear of the Lord is only the beginning of wisdom. "Perfect love casteth out all fear."

by David Wilkerson

Source: "I'm Not Mad at God"