History of the Christian Church - Luther Prayed in Tongues


c h r i s t l i c h e n K i r c h e
Schule und Haus
Dr. ph. Theodor Sauer,
Prediger und Katechet am Ehrlich'schen Gestift zu Dresden
Rudolf Kuntze's Verlagsbuchhandlung.

"This was how God's weapon was buried, but the victories gained by him remain in eternity. Luther was easily the greatest evangelist after the Apostles: As full of deep love for the Lord as John; as quick in deed as Peter; as deep in thought as Paul; as keen and strong in word as Elias; as restless against God's enemies as David. Prophet and Evangelist, both speaker in tongues and interpreter in one person, having all the gifts of grace, and being a light and pillar of the church. Displaying a good example of German manner and Christian behaviour in his house; a master of the German language; in all things as simple as a child and yet deeply taught; working and labouring tirelessly, yet giving honour to God and his Saviour alone. Often in distress, persecuted and mocked at and yet always joyful; poor but bringing abundant riches. Oh, that the memory of this righteous man may remain blessed!"

Source: 'Geschichte der christlichen Kirche' ('History of the Christian Church') (p.400)