A Happy Christian / An Unhappy Christian



lives in "assurance of salvation", knows that he is (JOHN 3:3) is without assurance of forgiveness of sin and salvation
knows God as his Father, and that he is His child and His heir (proper understanding of his relationship with God) (1 JOHN 3:1-2) does not know God as his Father, he considers Him a "hard man" and feels like a slave (LUKE 19:21)
knows that God has a plan for his life; is ready to accept God's ways (EPHESIANS 2:10) plans and leads his life according to his own intentions and views
believes and trusts in God (HEBREWS 11:1,6) (1 PETER 5:7) doubts, is of little faith, does not trust God, carries his cares by himself
prays regularly, (COLOSSIANS 4:2), even when not in the "mood" prays little - only according to his moods and feelings
considers Jesus as his Lord, seeks and does God's will; (MATTHEW 6:33) regards Jesus only as "saviour"; cherishes self-love, self-will, his own interests and hobbies
resists impure and negative thoughts, fantasies, literature, pictures and shows (JAMES 4:7) gives room to impure thoughts, fantasies, literature, pictures and performances (1 JOHN 2:16)
feeds regularly on the Word of God (MATTHEW 4:4) reads little and inconsistently in the Word of God
follows the leading of the Holy Spirit, is obedient towards the Word of God grieves the Holy Spirit (EPHESIANS 4:30), does not obey the scriptures
receives from the hand of God (ROMANS 8:28), gives thanks in all things (1 THESSALONIANS 5:18), full of praise and worship (PSALM 34:1-3) does not see God's hand in every-day situations, lives without thankfulness, praise and worship
takes part in the assembly life and meetings, does not (HEBREWS 10:25) is only occasionally with the assembly and in the meetings
confesses Jesus in public, uses opportunities to witness (MATTHEW 10:32) hides his faith, does not speak about Jesus, does not witness (MARK 16:15)
is silent before God; waits for His voice (PSALM 37:7) does not give God the chance to talk to him
respects authority and is willing to submit himself (HEBREWS 13:17) resists authority, submits himself only outwardly
fears God, pleases God, seeks God's honour (GALATIANS 1:10) lives with fear of men, pleases men, seeks his own honour
has forgiven and lives in forgiveness (MATTHEW 6:14,15) does not want to be reconciled, does not forgive, lives with anger, bitterness, not in peace (EPHESIANS 4:31)
is honest, exact, careful with money, gives willingly, gives tithe (LUKE 6:38) is slothful in financial matters, does not give willingly, is covetous, (MATTHEW 6:19)
is faithful in little things, reliable, careful, punctual, keeps order (LUKE 16:10) is unfaithful in little things, slothful at work, is not disciplined (2 THESSALONIANS 3:11)
lives openly, transparently, confesses before others (1 JOHN 1:7) no openness, hides things, has secrets, does not confess
exercises freedom in the spirit, lives by grace and power of God, rests in God (ROMANS 3:28; HEBREWS 4:10) is under the law, lives by his own strength; lives for work and success, is under pressure of performance (GALATIANS 5:1)
confesses failures and defeats before God, receives forgiveness (1 JOHN 1:9) remains in the state of defeat, drags failures with him, does not come before God
strives for restoration of his injustices, sets mistakes aright (LUKE 19:8) lives without restoration for injustice, theft, etc.
has committed himself, without compromise, to God; separates himself from bad relations, books, records, "idols", etc. (2 CORINTHIANS 6:14) lives a life without obligations; loves the world, "halts between two opinions", "tolerating" sin, "idols", etc. (1 KINGS 18:21)
can be taught, takes advice, willing to learn, is "transformed in his mind" (ROMANS 12:2) cannot be taught, stubborn, keeps to his own opinion, prejudices, fleshly dogmas
shares his rights, is understanding, patient, merciful; does not judge (COLOSSIANS 3:12) claims his "rights"; is sensitive, resentful, strict, bad tempered, easily offended, judges (ROMANS 2:1)
knows that he is loved and made worthy by God, has accepted himself, has God's perspective (1 JOHN 4:10) is not capable of accepting himself, feels unloved, inferior, only sees others' talents and not his own, has a fleshly perspective
keeps his tongue under control, speaks in a friendly manner, encouraging (PROVERBS 16:24) speaks thoughtlessly, murmurs, criticises, is sarcastic and backbiting (PROVERBS 18:20-21)
is disciplined, hard working, moderate, ready to do without, determined goes according to his feelings and lusts, materialistic, lazy, without moderation, inconsistent (ROMANS 13:13)
shows pity, helpful, open, ready to talk, loves fellowship (JOHN 13:34) is self-centred, a loner, withdrawn, indifferent towards fellowship and relationships (PROVERBS 18:1)
breaks with known sins, resists, turns around (PROVERBS 28:13) is not seriously prepared to break with wrong habits and lusts
takes responsibility, is ready to help and serve (MATTHEW 20:26) fears responsibility, avoids effort and serving
seeks God also in fasting, especially before making decisions, important talks and messages (LUKE 5:33) does not fast, not even when spiritually lukewarm, dull, confused, powerless and too tired to pray

(Note: 'Happiness' for a Christian is not the fulfilling of one's own pleasure and it is not his final aim. It is not a superficial feeling - but a deep inner joy and assurance which gives him credibility when witnessing, and shows him as one who is "redeemed". It also enables him to judge his present spiritual state. However, there are temporary spiritual droughts which seem to have no reason, but which serve to change us from "Christians based on emotions" to "Christians based on faith.")

Source: "Der Auftrag"
Translated from the German original "Ein Glücklicher Christ... Ein Unglücklicher Christ..."