German Expedition Finds Proof: On Board the Ark

For twenty years no foreigner has ever walked on the peak of Mount Ararat. However, a German film crew recently received permission - and made an interesting discovery.

Ark researcher Ferdinand Navarra with a 5000 year old piece of wood found on Mount Aarat In late summer of last year a film team from Mainz started their journey to the east of Turkey. It wasn't the first time that a "Noah's Ark" expedition had been launched on Mount Ararat.

Only under the protection of a military escort could the Expeditionary team, climb Mount Ararat (in the background) After the group from Mainz were forced to postpone their first expedition due to attacks by Kurdish separatists, the film crew made a second attempt to climb the mountain. Protected by a military escort consisting of 20 soldiers, the expedition reached the top of the 5,165 metre high ice-covered mountain. For twenty years no foreigner had been allowed to enter this prohibited military zone. From the top of Mount Ararat, the highest mountain in Turkey, it is possible to look far into the neighbouring countries of the former Soviet Union and Iran.

The German group were unsuccessful in finding anything at the top of the mountain, however, they did make a successful discovery at the bottom of Mount Ararat. Two Americans pointed out a previous finding, i.e. an outline similar to that of a ship on one of the surrounding peaks. This outline was originally seen from an aeroplane several years ago. The American researchers also discovered a metal trestle under the earth, 137 metres long and 23 metres wide, which corresponds exactly to the dimensions of the Ark given to Noah in the Bible.

These outlines of the body of a ship will be scientifically examined In the late sixties wooden boards were found on Mount Ararat which, according to radio-carbon dating-methods, date back 5000 years. It is a known fact that very few trees grow in this particular area.

Since then Turkish officials have confirmed that the ark of Noah is there. Official excavations will begin on Mount Ararat next year, and for this reason the area has been closed off again.

The Armenians and Moslems will no doubt observe all these efforts in unbelief, for they are sure that the archaeologists are looking in the wrong place. The Christian Armenians are convinced that Noah's Ark is stranded on Mount Süphan which is a volcano near the Van lake.

The Koran, however, states a third version: They believe the Ark is stranded on the mountain of Cudi-Dagi which lies at the border of Iran. The "Noah-Research" there is well advanced: believing Shiites, Sunnites, Jezites and Christians can visit Noah's "first house", "second house", "church", "mosque", "well" and, a bit further, Noah's "grave".

The Mount Ararat "fraction" is well behind. Many open questions need to be answered before Bible-tourism will start on the 5,000 metre high mountain. Whatever the outcome, the German film crew will undoubtedly be part of the next excavations.

by Monika Nadler

Photos: Montana-Film

Translated from the German original.

Source: 'Weltbild' magazine