George Müller

A Life as Proof of Answered Prayer

When George Müller obeyed God's command to start a work in Bristol among the orphans, he only had 2 shillings in his pocket. He made it a principle not to let anybody know of his financial needs, but to commit them to God in prayer. God continuously showed His faithfulness to the "father of the orphans" from Bristol: More than 1.4 million pounds sterling was given over the years for the building and renovation of the orphanages...

Conditions for Prevailing Prayer

  1. Total dependence on Jesus Christ as our advocate before the Father. This is the only reason why we can expect any blessing.
  2. Separation from all known sins. If we allow evil in our hearts, the Lord will not hear us, since this would mean His approval of sin.
  3. Trust in the promises of the Lord. To mistrust would make God a liar.
  4. Knowledge of His will. Our motives have to be given by God. We cannot expect a gift from God which contradicts His will.
  5. Persistence in prayer. We are to wait for God as the farmer waits patiently for the time of harvest.

From childhood onwards, there was no indication that George Müller was destined to become the man of prayer that he is known as by many Christians today. He was born in 1805 in Prussia, the son of a tax collector. As a child he deceived his father about the way he spent his pocket money and even stole government money from him. When he was 14 years old George's mother died; he knew nothing of her death, having been playing cards, and found himself half drunk with comrades on the street the next day. In the following years lying, deceit, licentiousness and poverty were all part of his lifestyle. Once he was put into prison because of theft.

Later, he led a relatively decent life outwardly, but continued to sin in his heart. However, one day in November 1825, when he was a student, George's life changed: he met the living Christ and his lifestyle changed drastically. Soon he was winning people to Christ.

In 1829 he went to England. There, after having led a weak Christian life, he had a spiritual breakthrough. He found total fulfilment by giving his heart completely to God.

As a pastor in Devonshire he decided to renounce his salary. When he and his wife brought their needs before God, he found that his income increased! God impressed it upon him to work in Bristol and to support a friend as an associate pastor, which brought an abundance of blessings.

In 1834 George Müller founded the "Scripture Knowledge Institution" to which approximately 1.5 million pounds were donated up until his death. With this incredible sum, coming as an answer to prayer, George Müller was able to support missionaries in all corners of the world for many years; maintain schools in which over 122,000 people were taught; look after no less than 10,000 orphans; and distribute 282,000 Bibles and 1.5 million New Testaments, as well as 112 million religious books, scriptures, pamphlets and leaflets.

Of all of George Müller's achievements, his work with the orphanages should be noted above all. It started as a work of faith in 1836, and continued until his death in 1898. Six thousand pounds were needed every week to support the orphans, but God continuously answered George Müller's prayers and throughout the following 60 years the necessary donations arrived to support daily life, so that not one single meal was missed!

Naturally, many trials of faith preceded these wonderfully answered prayers. But as George Müller noted in his diary on the 28th of July, 1874, he would willingly bear these trials of faith again, if only God would be glorified and His might and power shown to the church and to the world: Throughout his life just that happened; God continuously had His hand upon it.

Translated from the German: "Ein Leben als Beweis für erhörtes Gebet"

Source: 'Der Auftrag'