Fossils - A Story of Death!

Dinosaur fossilDinosaur fossil MANY people believe that fossils show us the story of life on earth and how things have slowly evolved from tiny creatures in the sea to human beings. This is not true because the fossils are not really found in that kind of order in the rocks under our feet. Also there are no fossil 'links' showing one kind of creature changing into another - which fits the Bible's record of creation.

Fossils are really a story of death! They show how living things have died and been quickly buried in mud or sand before they had time to rot away. There are many fossil 'graveyards' in the world where millions of fossils are found buried together. Something must have happened suddenly to preserve them all. Can you imagine a giant dinosaur being fossilised if mud or sand took thousands of years to cover it? It would have to be buried fast! (see picture).

Most of the world's fossils were probably formed during the Great Flood which swept over the whole world in Noah's time. The Bible says that, "Every living thing that moved on earth perished" (GENESIS 7:21). The Flood was God's judgment for people's sin. Only those inside Noah's ark were saved. God has promised never to flood the world again, but one day God's Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, is coming back to judge the world. We are all sinners and deserve God's punishment, but Jesus, who never sinned, died on the Cross for us. He took our punishment, and rose from the dead so that we could live for ever with Him.

Source: 'Creation Ex-Nihilo: Our World'