Fleecing God



JOHN 20:29 & JUDGES 6:37-40 

"Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed." JOHN 20:29

At an earlier stage of my ministry I was always "fleecing" God. Like Gideon, I wanted to feel the wet fleece. My faith was propped up by "evidences" and "happenings". This kind of faith is important to the weak, but it is imperfect! It is always looking for signs and tokens. God cannot disappoint the hope which He Himself has begotten in us.

If He causes us to hope in a promise, we are to believe it with nothing more than hope. No signs, no evidence, no happenings, no circumstantial proofs. Just commit it and come away with our minds no more sad.

LESSON: A fleece is an immature maneuver of imperfect faith. Faith must depend on The Word - not on the "wool" (= fleece).

by David Wilkerson

Source: "I'm Not Mad at God"