Emblem of the Love of God

A film strip how to put up the mastIt was a wonderful moment, as the first mast stretched itself high into the sky. The Lord had said, that "a wave of faith would roll over Africa," and now I can more than understand this.

Person Climbing tower"A bit closer to heaven!" The new "combine harvester" will be like a landmark of God's love for Africa.

Many of our black brothers and sisters had gathered to praise and worship the Lord at this "celebrational" opening. It is such a shame that you are so far away from us, as you would also be inspired by this sight.

An African brother, deeply moved in his heart, came to me and said, "I want to give 25 percent of my wages until March next year for the building of this tent. What a privilege, to be able to share in it." - Yes, it is really a very large, God-given privilege.

The building of the tent proceeds as quickly, or as slowly, as the Lord fills our hands; for I am steadfast, that the tent is built by faith and not with debts. At the moment we have reached a financial bottleneck and have had to drastically slow down the building work. Please help us with prayer, so that we can pass through this critical phase quickly.

We thank all our dear missionary partners who, up to this hour, have so faithfully helped us along. God himself will reward you.

As the last Evangelisation in Zambia demonstrated, the Lord is opening completely new areas and giving a great increase in Godly anointing. Therefore this work must go on. We are glad to know that many of you, with unselfish love and willingness to make great sacrifices, are ready to stand behind this work. May the Lord reward each one of you!

by Reinhard Bonnke

Translated from the German: "Wahrzeichen der Liebe Gottes"