Divine Intervention


As the result of this day of prayer formally led by King George V, with both Houses of Parliament, at St. Margaret's Church of England, Westminster, being joined by praying people throughout the whole of the British Empire, something happened on the battlefield which can only be explained by one who has read the Old Testament: God intervened in the affairs of men in answer to prayer, and as in the past, by a miracle.

The following is an extract from an official statement from 1st Corps intelligence, First British Army Headquarters, 1916-18, describing how the German advance was checked. The article from the journal of the Brigade of Guards states: "At the focal point of the enemy's advance, Béthune, the German's concentrated high explosive and machine-gun fire, preparatory to bayonet attack in mass formation. Suddenly the enemy shellfire lifted and concentrated on a slight rise beyond the town. The ground here was absolutely bare - yet enemy machine-guns and shells raked it from end to end with a hail of lead. As suddenly as it started, the enemy's fire ceased, and in the complete silence there rose a lark's trill­ing song of thankfulness. The dense line of German troops, which had started to move forward to vic­tory in mass formation halted dead.”

As the British watched, they saw it break! The Germans threw down everything they had - and fled in frantic panic. And here is the statement of a senior German officer who was taken prisoner immedi­ately afterwards:

“The order had been given to advance in mass formation, and our troops were marching behind us singing their way to victory when Fritz, my lieutenant here, said: “Herr Kapitan, just look at that open ground behind Béthune - there is a Brigade of Cavalry coming up through the smoke drifting across it. They must be mad, these English, to advance against such a force as ours in the open. I suppose they must be cavalry of one of their Colonial Forces, for, see, they are all in white uniform and are mounted on white horses... See, our guns have got their range now; they will be blown to pieces in no time.”

We saw the shells bursting among the horsemen and their riders, all of whom came forward at a quiet walk-trot in parade-ground formation, each man and horse in his exact place. Shortly afterwards our machine-guns opened a heavy fire, raking the advancing cavalry with a hail of lead; but on they came and not a single man or horse fell. Steadily they advanced, clear in the shining sunlight; and a few paces in front of them rode their leader, a fine figure of a man, whose hair, like spun gold, shone in an aura around his head. By his side was a great sword, but his hands lay quietly holding the reins, as his huge white charger bore him proudly forward.

In spite of heavy shell and concentrated machine-gun fire the White Cavalry advanced, remorseless as fate... Then a great fear fell on me, and I turned to flee; yes, I, an officer of the Prussian Guard, fled, panic stricken, and around me were hundreds of terrified men, whimpering like children, throwing away their arms and accoutrements in order not to have their movements impeded - all running. Their one desire was to get away from the advancing White Cavalry; above all from their awe-inspiring leader, whose hair shone like a golden aureole. That is all I have to tell you. We are beaten. The German Army is broken... I cannot understand... I cannot understand."

During the days that followed, many German prisoners were examined and their accounts tallied in substance with the one given here!

Source: ‘We Have A Guardian' by W. B. Grant