Did Fish Grow Legs?

Fish designed to live in waterCould a fish, which is designed for living in the water, really change into an animal that could walk and live on the land? People who believe in evolution tell us that is what happened. They say that life began in the sea millions of years ago, and that, after a time, some fish grew legs and turned into amphibians. From these first amphibians, they say, all land animals have evolved. Is this true?

Did It Really Happen?

We know that fish are not turning into land animals now, but did they ever? There would have to be big changes in a fish's skeleton to change it into a land animal. It would have to turn its fins into legs with wrists and elbows, and the bones would have to join themselves to the backbone. (And what would have happened to the fins on the top of its back?) It would also need to evolve a neck. The only way we can find out what happened long ago is by looking at fossils. If fish really changed into land animals, we would expect to find fossils showing these changes. But we don't. Millions of fish fossils have been discovered but never one showing them changing into land animals.An amphibian: no one has ever found anything that is half fish - half amphibian.

Other changes would have been needed, which fossils cannot give us any clues about. Gills would have had to turn into lungs - before the fish left the water. But why would a fish evolve lungs when it was living happily in the water and breathing through gills?

A fish coming on to the land would also need new eyes or it would not be able to see! Land animals need tears to stop their eyes drying up. Tears come from special tear glands, which fish don't have because they don't need them, so where did land animals get theirs? The eyes of land animals are also specially protected to stop them being blinded by harmful rays from the sun. Fish, being under the water most of the time, don't need this protection.

When a fish 'drowns'

IF you catch a fish, and take it out of the water it will 'drown' and die. Why? Because a fish breathes through gills which take oxygen from the water into the fish's bloodstream. (All living things need oxygen to survive). A fish taken out of the water simply cannot breathe. Land animals, have lungs - organs which take oxygen from the air into the blood stream. Also, fish have fins, which are designed for swimming through the water. They are not at all like legs, as they do not have bones joining them to the skeleton. Most land animals have legs, with bones joined to the body skeleton, so that they can carry the animal's weight.

Cartoon fish walking on landThere is no evidence at all that land animals evolved from fish, and it seems impossible that they could have done. It makes much more sense to believe what the Bible says: that God made fish to swim in the water and land animals to live on the land.






Source: ‘Creation Ex-Nihilo: Our World', No.17